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Mar 19, 2020 at 8:30
by Ryan Leech  
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I have made my 30 Day Wheelie Challenge online course completely free to encourage social distancing and to help spread some wheelie joy around the globe - instead of COVID-19.

Come play - click the link below to get free access. Our coach team is on-board and ready to support your learning journey with our 24/7 Q&A and video review service - all complimentary to you for 30 days.

Who do you know that can’t wheelie?

Start the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge



Update April 2, 2020: For our collective efforts and the goal of getting more people enjoying themselves (safely) on bikes, PEARL iZUMi will be donating $1 for every rider enrolled to Trips for Kids, which provides bikes and cycling experiences through local chapters for communities in need.


I'm a pro mountain biker specializing in trials, sponsored by @shimano @norcobicycles @MarzocchiMTB and I run an online MTB skills coaching website called Ryan Leech Connection which offers hundreds of step-by-step video progressions with personalised coach feedback. Come play!

***As the world struggles to suppress the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines of your local health authorities. Even if you don’t have the virus, bike-related hospital visits put additional stress on your medical systems; do not undertake any activities that put you or others at risk.

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 This is wheelie helpful.
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 It'd be better if it came with a manual.
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 @metaam: It may be the social isolation and beer speaking. But this could possibly be the smartest person alive.
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 This is awesome of Ryan to do! Thank you for helping spread good vibes to others!!
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 You're welcome Smile
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 @RyanLeech: I'm having trouble trying to access the course. I am already a member of your site, but the free "30 day wheelie challenge" can't be accessed being an actual member.

The pop up in the course page states to sign up.

Any other way to access this important information for keeping my sanity?? Smile
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 @downhiller900sl: We'll get you sorted out! Send us an email with the email address that you used to create your account with. Ride ON!
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 This a great fit - when I attempt to wheelie you want to maintain your distance...
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 This is really uplifting.
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 Front wheel uplifting indeed!
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 @RyanLeech: Yay, I'm starstruck Smile
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 I signed up for this program last year and now I can wheelie like a boss! It took me about 60 hours of practicing but I followed Ryan's program exactly, gave it 100% effort, and it worked! It's so much fun to wheelie and it has made me much more confident and comfortable on my bike. It's also improved my technical riding skills, especially climbing technical sections of trail. Thanks @RyanLeech !!!
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 You're welcome - stoked to read this - and way to go with your dedication! Happy wheelie'ing my friend!
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 Great gift from a great person. Thanks Ryan!
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 You're welcome!
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 Nice! I purchased this a while back, didn't finish. Guess now is the perfect time to start it back up.
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 Thanks Ryan. My son and I used to go to the Toronto bike show when Ryan was a part of it. He would put on a trials show throughout the day and then spend time signing posters and talking with the kids. He was a true class act and made both my son and I feel as if we were making his day better by being there and not the other way around. Stay healthy everyone!
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 So many great memories from those Toronto shows - amazing time in the MTB world - things have changed, and I'm stoked. Stay healthy, smiles to you and your family...
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 This is amazing. Through the madness its great to see so many leaders in the industry step up and take a negative and turn it around into something positive.
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 I just signed up and even though I'm fairly decent I can certainly learn something.
What I'm really wondering is which bike to use? Short chainstays?

99 Rocky blizzard?
Banshee rune V2?

I won't ask about my other bikes cuz the DH is too heavy and my Turner is in pieces.
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 Shorter CS is helpful as is a slightly lowered seat. My 26 cotic bfe with 425 lifts snappy and responds noticeably faster to weight shift, 29 phantom with 442 CS is trucklike while lifting and steering. Both work fairly ok once airborne
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 Do it on the rune. I’ve gotten it down on my darkside. Take a while but so forgiving in the sweet spot. Longest I’ve done on it is 1/2 mile.
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 Doesn't matter, you can learn to do it on any bike. Then those skills will translate across all your other bikes. I did the course and was pretty good, then did it again and solidified everything. Thanks for doing this Ryan!
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 Now i have something to do whilst "working" from home, THANKS! Wink :p
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 well... Europe can't leave even home now... probably for at least a month ...
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 So wild - time for practicing trackstands, hopping and nose pivots in the living room! Sending the best of vibes from BC to you...
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 At RLC We have folks training balance skills in garages and in their backyards Smile
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 I'm so pleased to have about 20m of flat garden, this will be great while I'm working from home.
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 @Braindrain: You now have time to take the flat out of that garden and make a proper British trail.
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 What a balancing act of social responsibility and fun.
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 Well have been meaning to learn how to wheelie, so have a few ideas that have meant to try,
But never seem to get round to it!
The most important thing is practice a lot & YOU WILL GET BETTER!
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 Thanks Ryan. Can't wait to tell my kids about this!
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 Who do you know that can’t wheelie?
Strangely, most pro mountain bikers.
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 Rad!- will give this a go for sure
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 My son taught me how to wheelie when he was 10 haha.
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 Yes Ryan
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 @sweetdaddycool you Wheelie should sign up
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 You the man Ryan Leech! Thank you!
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 What a wheelie nice guy you are Ryan!
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 Stoked to become a wheelie master @RyanLeech Mucho Gracias amigo!
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 Very cool, thanks!
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 Pray for wheelies.
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 Can i use a fat bike
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