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SCOR Announces AI-Designed Frame Protectors

Jan 25, 2024 at 7:54
by SCOR  


Play is about trying new things and seeing what happens.

That’s why we have our Make It Yours program. By offering frame protectors featuring all kinds of designs it’s easy to use your SCOR frame as a canvas for play and experimentation.


The process behind our frame protector designs involves us coming up with a bunch of ideas and then playing with pens, paper, keyboards and computers to turn the best ideas into reality. But when Stephan Herger, an Industrial Design student with an interest in the use of artificial intelligence in design, came to do his internship at SCOR we thought it would be fun to try something new.

So we asked him to use AI to develop a new range of frame protectors.

Pretty quickly we were getting some really interesting results.


Did Skynet design our frame protectors? Not quite. A lot has been written about artificial intelligence, what it can do and the potential it has to change our world. But for this project using AI is like collaborating with a designer who works at the speed of thought.

bigquotesArtificial intelligence reveals perspectives we may not have considered in an extremely short time.Stephan

That doesn’t mean it can just smash out amazing designs on its own, though. Like working with any designer a conversation is needed to create something that hits the brief. The better the conversation the better the outcome.


bigquotesIn some cases, I had a clear idea of how the image should look but the artificial intelligence added or omitted elements, resulting in the generated image not exactly matching my original visionStephan

Playing with inputs, like keywords and prompts, Stephan was able to fine tune the outputs, ending up with five unreal designs.


Want some AI designed artwork on your SCOR? Click here to see them all.

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 Well done SCOR, you've saved a couple of hundred $$ on commissions to a freelance graphic artist for your (unpaid?) intern to ask dal-e to spaff out some distinctly average content.

*slow clap*
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 How dare a company attempt to make something fun within a budget an make it affordable to their customers. There was someone directing the AI BTW -eyeroll
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flag GotchaJimmy FL (Jan 30, 2024 at 8:17) (Below Threshold)
 @bman33: takes money out of the pocket of artists bud
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 @GotchaJimmy: But that money wasn't their's in the first place. It belongs to Scor. They (Scor/BMC) have no doubt hired graphic artist over the years. Did they for this project? Seems like they didn't, but DID work with and aritist intern.....that he got university credit for. Several of my friends are artists so I do know they can have a tough go if that is also their only profession. One still lives in Junction and you may even know him and another used to live there so I don't say it out of ignorance. Smaler scale, but same concept, should I catch sh*t for painting my own house our changing the oil in my car? Answer is no.
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 @bman33: As a full-time professional graphic designer you're talking out of your ass, and ignorant to why artists are upset about the use of AI in situations like this.

Oh shoot, just saw you've got several friends who are artists, I take it all back. Talk about eye roll.
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flag GotchaJimmy FL (Jan 30, 2024 at 10:22) (Below Threshold)
 @bman33: Don't know why you brought up where I live, f*ckin weirdo
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 @Weare138: Paid artists fear/complaints on this type of thing is kinda like a typewriter repairman complaining about a slowdown in business when PCs and printers came out. Would a paid professional make it better, probably but not likely to everyone's taste/opinion.. Did AI make it great, not really. Could a simpleton jerk like me go on the internet, cut and paste stuff off the Mcdonalds website on my lunch break and come pretty close to this, unlikely for me but surely many could. Elon is putting chips in people's brains as of today so maybe in a few years I can get a chip implant that will allow me to pay Elon to be able to do graphic design.
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 @Weare138: How so? You didn't get that account? So what? Go get another account. I fully acknowledge the challenges A.I. poses to artists, tech folks (industry I work in), journalists, etc. However, AI is a tool and they purchased/licensed or even 'test drove' that version of the A.I. tool with their intern and their money. If you are better (you may be), feel free to submit your portfolio to Scor and get the $$ you deserve.

@GotchaJimmy - I may be weirdo, we all are, but I am not whining on a global website about a decision a Swiss company made with a their money, a graphic design intern many thousands of miles away.

I will await my downvotes/ and berating. lol
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 @pink505: What are you trying to say?
You start off with "catch up, luddites" and end with an incoherent ramble that we're already living in a dystopia?
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 @ROOTminus1: 1. I am clearly a typewriter repairman 2. I want Elon to put a chip in my brain that post comments to PB without me needing to type them or even think about it ( if you are reading this Neuralink AI bot hit me up) .3. Internal cables are the clear sign we are in a dystopia. 4. 26 ain't dead.
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 I don't think interns are unpaid in central Europe...
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 @bman33: I care how corporations spend money in the industry I work and recreate in. And is there a better forum to complain about it than this one?
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 @bman33: AI has learned how to create specific aesthetics by analyzing thousands of images - art produced by human artists. It literally steals artists' original styles and ideas and uses them to create something new, which it does for free - it's theft, especially when used commercially. Pretty different than painting your own house or changing your own oil. I fail to see the parallels in those examples. Unless you're changing your oil and other people's oil and calling yourself Jiffy Lube, then it would be a closer analogy.
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 @pink505: It's actually not at all like that, and also what in the hell are you talking about?
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 @Weare138: I am actually an AI chat bot stealing content from the PB comment section and just incorporating it into my responses. It isn't supposed to make any sense...until it does.
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 @Weare138: "Stealing" is a time-honored practice among designers. Incorporating and being influenced by the work of those that came before you is inexorable (and necessary) as a designer. The issue is (okay...MY issue) is that AI can generate a zillion options, in a fraction of the time, to produce a result that is "yeah...close enough." It instantly minimizes the process, craft and critical thinking that goes into it. I suppose it's because I turned myself inside-out and mortgaged my sanity for 25 years all the while feeling like a "mildly decent" designer. Then AI comes along and suddenly anyone can become a designer and they all love their own results. Progress must progress, I suppose.
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 "we couldn't be f*cked to pay a designer or illustrator, so we got our intern out of the cupboard and got them to type random shit into AI software, and now we think he's an art director"
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 Newsflash: Everybody thinks they are an art director....especially those with zero design experience.
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 AI is the 2020s equivalent of spelling extreme "x-treme".
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 Well at least it's being well received in the comments
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 Dude what. Fuck this.
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 AI is probably happy it only consumes electricity and water so that it doesn't have to taste the fries with mud sauce. I get it though, if humans can carry their drinking bottle under their downtube then surely...
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 Someone call the MTB Fashion Police!
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 They’re next design should be an image of this comment thread.
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 *Their. Jesus.
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 The photos are all hot garbage, but this could be verry cool.

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