Brendog Shreds in Pila - Video

Jul 6, 2017 at 0:00
by SCOTT Sports  

We sent Brendan Fairclough to go do a run in Pila aboard the new Genius to see what he thought of its new descending capabilities. Please enjoy Brendog's descending masterclass.

Launching the New Scott Genius with Brendog Nino Needles and R my Absalon



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 Scott: Does the new genius rip?
Scott: Yes it does.

Scott: Does Brendog likes it?
Brendog: In my... Scott: Yes he does.
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 no but he actually really does
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 @SCOTT-Sports: yea i mean who the heck cant like that bike seriously! coolest bike imo
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 @SCOTT-Sports: More Brendog videos please ^_^b
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flag T1mb0 (Jul 6, 2017 at 6:40) (Below Threshold)
Nice to see you've finally ditched the 'road bike' geometry... but the seat tube is still way too high.
And as ever there is far too much crap on the bars, that no body needs.
I would be genuinely interested, because the Genius is a stunning looking bike however there are too many simple flaws.
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 @T1mb0: I thought the same thing about the cables until I tried one for 2 weeks this summer. It felt awkward at first since it also had a dropper and it was 2x10 but once I got the hang of it I used it all the time. On my personal bike I didn't have any lockouts or cared about it since by bike was set up so well, but after using it, I'm hooked.
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 @merinator: I used to have an old Ransom a few years ago (raced the Mega' on it). The bike was transformed after i got rid of the clutter.
Have a look at Faircloughs personal setup (not the ones in promo vids) and you'll notice his preference is without it... intact read any of the independent reviews of the previous Gambler (check Dirt, Vital etc) and they also suggest the removal of bar clutter too
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 Pffft Brendan Fairclough would rip pila on a Kmart bike
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 Brandog rips, the bike didn't break. Haven't taken much more away from that video really. I'll second JohnR46.
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 Yes does look close too perfect bike, but will they make a cheaper one that does not have all cables on handlebars the perfect bike for non racers
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 I'm really interested in where they set the price for the lower end models. Since I'm not uber rich, the 740 model looks nice and I'd like to see how it stacks up against, say a Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 EX, Intense Recluse foundation build, or the lower end SC Hightower model. This bike is definitely one I'll consider.
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 Great ad, although I feel slightly traumatised by the music.
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 You had me until the music started. I would have preferred it without the shitty EDM.
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 Often I wonder if he's got that "Matrix vision" where everything to us seems normal speed but he's seeing it all in slomo
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 Pila - Aosta = Awesome, this makes me miss it bad.
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 "Does the new Genius rip"
You could put Brendog on my great-grandmother's scooter and he'd rip
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 that place looks awesome !
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 It's honestly so much better than this video makes out. So much better
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 @lennoxrider: @lennoxrider: Is that not always the case?
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 Crumbs that guy's quick!
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 that dude could rip on a scooty puff puff junior
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 I bet he would be as fast on a hardtail on this track.

I would like to see (or test) how the new Genius performs on a real trail - e.g. Tschili in Latsch or 422b on Lake Garda.
With a different color scheme and a lower price tag, I could like this bike - at least more than a HT LT.
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 Wtf? Have you ridden Pila - Aosta?

It's like 8 miles of dh, it may look smooth but it's not maintained and all blown out / rough.

Ask most anyone that's ridden it, the tracks a beast.

I rode it on a full dh bike and never wanted less.
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 I ride that track every week, it's like 10 minutes from my house. It's never too rough but in summer there's sooo much dust and the braking bumps make it quite hard on the hands and arms. Btw I ride a trail bike and it's fine
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 @madbob9: I'm pretty jealous of you right now - I think what got me about the track was its length, I rode it at the end of a full summer season and the braking bumps and dust over that length of track wore me out!

The ISX line up on the 'DH' track is nasty too!
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 maybe im just being stupid but when i go onto the scott site (global) i still see the old genius and genius LT
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 Straight. Killing. It.
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 Does it drift? YES!
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 Does this bike come with a 90:10 rear brake bias as standard?
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 Not good enough for a top 10 finish! Just kidding, that was SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Dear Scott. Please repost video without terrible club music. Thx 3
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 not with that shit music it doesn't
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 Horrendous audio....
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 If i had the money, i would love to own one. But, sorry Scott i do not possess a CH Bank Account.
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