Video: SR Suntour Welcomes Tayte Proulx Royds to the Team

Oct 15, 2021 at 6:34
by SR Suntour  
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Press Release: SR Suntour

12-year-old Tayte Proulx Royds hails from Kelowna, BC and when she’s not out riding bikes she pursues her love of art, photography and dogs. She has already competed in the BC Cup DH Series, The Dark Horse Invitational and Crankworx BC events and looks forward to competing in all sorts of disciplines in the future.

“I really love mountain biking. It’s kinda been in my family for a long time and it just kinda naturally came into my life.”

She loves riding with her family, including her brother Seth: “He’s just always been there to help me when I need him”

“SR Suntour is a rad company and has been super-welcoming to me. I feel extremely grateful to be joining the team and I can’t wait to grow as a rider and progress with the SR Suntour family.”

Tayte will be riding various platforms of SR Suntour products including the Rux, Durolux and Axon forks along with the TriAir and Edge rear shocks.

Follow Tayte and SR Suntour on Instagram.


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 As a dad, I can't imagine how proud I'd be if she were my daughter. I can't get my kids to do anything that doesn't involve a touch screen.
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 Ha, my kids want nothing to do with bikes. It's not from a lack of trying on my part. I blame their mother.
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Understand. Neither of my own ride. That’s why I started working with other kids.
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 As a father of a 14yr old daughter that rides (only child) it is a amazing time to share this passion. On top of it, she is a ripper that can hold her own among the adults. She started around 5yrs old riding/racing BMX, which has given her a well rounded set of skills to handle the mountain.

As for the Suntour products, they actually make really good suspension especially in the higher-end side of their lineup. I would say that X-Fusion and Suntour are similar in that their top-end products are really good bang for your buck...
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 Get your kids one of those stem mounted computers... pretty such there is a touch screen on there! Smile
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 Why are there never any SR Suntour products reviewed on PB, or most of the MTB media for that matter?
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 Not much out there. From what I remember it's NSMB mostly (including teardowns of forks and shocks), sometimes in Vital and Loam Wolf and other smaller outlets.
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 They are tiny on the OEM market and just as small on the aftermarket. Less demand=less coverage. People want to hear about the stuff they ride which for the vast majority is 2 companies with a few others sprinkled in.
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 @wilsonians: They do review some of the other small manufacturers like Öhlins and Manitou, even EXT and Formula, etc. SR Suntour is one of the largest manufacturers for other brands. Under the SR Suntour label they are indeed not very common. I see them more and more on pro's bikes (RB Rampage, DH WC, XC WC, Olympics etc.) and they do make very good product. Would be interesting to see how they would fare in a comparison against the big 2.
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 Probably because they don’t pay for it!
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 Great question actually. They are seriously underrated. I've been using the Axon fork and Edge rear shock on my Scott Spark RC race bike and it's been a great experience. Specifically liking the user serviceability aspect of their products.
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 @jostaudt: Öhlins is not a minor brand though. They are huge in motorsports.
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 @BenTheSwabian: They are also owned by tenneco, which if you do a little homework, is likely larger than all of the other companies combined.
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 @BenTheSwabian: Pretty minor in MTB OEM though, no?
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 @BenTheSwabian: Runing Suntour Aion fork and Triair in the rear. Big upgrade from low/mid range RS!
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 @BenTheSwabian: Using the Auron R2C2 fork and the Triair shock completely conviced me how good their products are, and my wallet is kind of happy too.
Their products are super easy to service and to dial (the Suntour support is super responsive as well), they're solid, reliable, subtle, and not ugly at all......... and I don't work for Suntour, I'm just loving it Smile
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 @danstonQ: +1 for the Auron fork.
I love mine and it keeps up with EXT+ cascade rear really good.
Cheap to run and easy to repair and good Performance.
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 @jostaudt: nope. Every cheap bike has a suntour fork
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 @mior: Right, meant the higher quality stuff: Aion, Auron, Durolux, Rux, Triair, etc.
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 @jostaudt: polygon seems to have some decent parts form them
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 You can't not be a sports phenom with a name like Tayte Royds
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 So impressive watching her getting towed in and sending huge gaps!! Way to go Tayte, send it into the future!
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 Congrats! I ride Suntour Aion on my trail hardtail and it's amazing value for proper sale price.
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 Tayte is awesome! One happy talented ripper.
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 Love seeing the trails I built get shredded! Good job Tayte !
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 Congrats! I just love mountain biking so much. Be safe be well, Robin
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 Yeah Tayte! Congrats, can't wait to watch you fly by me on the trails!
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 Can you release the rux 29er already??????
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 Worthy prospect from a worthy sponsor..good luck kid! Smile
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 Keep on rippin' Tayte!
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