Sender Ramps Announces Adjustable Hucking Ramp

Sep 23, 2021 at 14:58
by Sender Ramps USA  
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We have created the ultimate jump and landing ramp range for riders, clubs and coaches looking to progress jumping skill and techniques fast! Grow your confidence by adjusting your jump height and takeoff angle as you progress. It is the way....

Adjustable Ramp Rams in Flat Mode
Adjustable Ramp Rams in Sweet Mode
Adjustable Ramp Rams in Steep Mode
Steep Curve or Sweet Curve + Flat Launch or Angled Landing

The Progression Range allows you to select Curved or Curved+ Transitions. Sender is the only ramp manufacturer that has enabled you to lock out your ramp as a straight take off or a landing. No other manufacturer offers such a logistical progression with so much adjustment in each ramp.

Sender Expert PROgression
Sender Advanced PROgression

The ability to finely tune your experience will give you the confidence to go big at your ability level further assured by our bomber Sender build quality.

Most of us just want to ride trails better, smoother and with more control. Super sizing comes with time and experience, but we all have to start somewhere in order to progress. Now it has never been easier with our longer transition and easy transport design. Go even bigger with the bolt on Sender extender!

Before you consider your next carbon crankset upgrade, consider upgrading your skills and confidence with Sender Ramps! **Grass Landing Optional**

ROOKIE - ADJUSTS 200 - 350mm (Approx Max: 14in)
ADVANCED - ADJUSTS 350 - 500mm (Approx Max: 19in)
EXPERT - ADJUSTS 500 - 650mm (Approx Max: 25in)
SENDER EXTENDER (EXPERT ADD ON) 500 - 900mm (Approx Max: 3ft!)
THE FLY - ADJUSTS 350 - 800mm (Approx Max: 30in)


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 First customer to buy one should be praxis...
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 "Based upon the curvature of the ramp and the type of wood that was used, we have determined that if you simply leave your bike in the garage your cranks will not fail."
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flag CSharp (Sep 24, 2021 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 Then followed by ones with carbon cranks Wink
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 @CSharp: had a set of Race Face SixC Carbon cranks on my DH for 3 seasons when I lived in Colorado. Endless Trestle bike park and DH laps, few trips to Whistler (jumping all A-line, Dirt Merchant, etc.) issues as was with several of my other riding buddies same issues.

Now e13 and now what I see from Praxis on carbon cranks? Not so much.
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 @bman33: Just remember it only takes once.
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 @MOLDTRUTH: I have broken 3 pairs of alloy cranks....still have some of those on a few bikes. It boils down to quality of manufacturing.
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 @bman33: cute.
I watched my friend break the pedal boss out of 3 sets of six c
He's not fast, aggressive or heavy.
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 @englertracing: hey. Just saying, most folks I ride with are expert or better riders. Zero issues with SixC's in particular. All folks experiences are different. I have no issues with them and would 100% ride another set DH without hesitation. Glad you think I'm cute Wink
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 @bman33: maybe my friends hacky riding pedal strikes, and crashes?
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 @englertracing: Haha. Could be. I traveled the BMX nationl circuit for years build custom wheels. The novice kids, not quite expert, actually beat the crap out of their wheels harder because they were casing jumps, not quite making them. Experts and up were clearing stuff and a bit smoother. I have a friend of mine who is just an average weekend warrior type (nothing wrong with that) who breaks shit all the time cause he just isn't smooth. Big Grin
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 RF SixC for years - no probs at all -f ull trust. Anyone remember the Syncros steel cranks that looked like Profiles - snapped mid-crank.
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 @suspended-flesh: yep, those cranks were crap for sure
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 Happy Friday Folks, feel free to ask us questions you might have. Thanks for checking us out!
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 What height is recommended for snapping carbon cranks?
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 @mashrv1: well the ramp that was used was the 500 Curved + The 650 Extension. We custom branded it for Pink Bike, and we can do your team or club logo too! We'd recommend a landing of sorts or at least a grass hill for this height. For example this is about the range we recommend for Air Bags... that being said long travel bikes should be able to hit 650mm to flat.
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flag Canadmos (Sep 24, 2021 at 9:17) (Below Threshold)
 I mean its not rocket science, but would you ever sell the plans so someone could make their own at home?
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 @Canadmos: we've used a tracing router to do this... between the cost of marine grade ply, the time it takes, burning through router bits, and getting all the misc hardware, it's pretty hard to make a case for building your own.
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 @Canadmos: We won't be offering the plans. Our ramps are CNC and hand finished for the highest quality product possible. Because we have to support a "dynamic load" we make sure that each ramp is build to the highest quality standards in our own factories. Sender Ramps is 100% rider owned and manufactured!
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 @SenderRampsUSA: I hear that your mom can't get enough of those dynamic loads

joke joke joke kidding
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 @bblaney372: that ramped up quickly!
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 Do you have any Western Canadian Distributors?
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 @tankthegladiator: Hey Tank just DM'd you!
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 Will this void my Pole?
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 Practicing with Sender might void your fear of jumping, but likely not your bike.
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 No, but if you slip a pedal on landing your top tube probably will.
  • 5 3
 You'll get a big fat ticket for voiding your pole in public.
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 Not gonna lie. I suck at jumping. But I'd rather spend $1000 on a new fork that's marginally better than my current one than $400 on something that might actually improve my riding.
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 It's not the bike, it's the rider!
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 I was going to comment on the MTB hopper vs this, but these offer great value for the money. The 500 is equal to the Lite at about $60 cheaper post-shipping.

And, even better, they made it so it expands upon itself. So, no need to later have to buy a Coach for $560 and then another $240 for an extension. I like it.
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 Thanks for checking us out! We are doing out best to extend the best value possible!
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 Long live plywood and cinder blocks!
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 Amen. In our Rookie Flat mode you have a replica, that could also be lipped out!
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 I think the price is kinda high, but I have been promising to make my kids a ramp for 6 months now and haven't done it, so you get my money.
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 All you need are a few basic things like screw gun, some drill bits, and a Saturday morning. Your kids will be jumping by lunch time! We realize not everyone has saws, tools, and the ability to design a sturdy and safe ramp from scratch. We've got you covered and your kids, we promise will thank you!
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 Compare to the cost of an mtb hopper. Im stoked these are so cheap
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 I made few ramps diy and it cost you around 50$ materials and you should have tools, portable diy will const you 150$ in materials and will not have nice finish etc, so i would say those ramps priced appropriate to what they offer
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 @nickmalysh: one sheet of 4 x 8 3/4 plywood is more than $50 around here.
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 If you live in a place morally opposed to building a bike park and hell bent to destroy the unsanctioned dirt jumps that inevitably do get built, having portable ramps to take to various parks is awesome. I like my home built ones but I have to use a dolly to move them around. These look like a good option.
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 Cheers! Yes all of our Sender Ramps fold down really compact to fit in a car trunk or van / truck with ease. Connections use Allen bolts and its super simple to break them down, fold them up, and store them for transport or the next session. Every MTB Van should have a ramp! It is the way!
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 Sender stuff is great, but does come with full assembly required. Like you have to drill out the holes for the screws. It is a grade more difficult for IKEA. Its several hours to put their stuff together.
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 Thanks for checking us out! In order to say "Bombproof" in our copy, you've gotta mean it! Sender Ramps will last a lifetime if you take care of them.
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 That’s disappointing. I wonder why? They’re already being processed on a cnc router......
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 @Afterschoolsports: all drilling guide holes are started on the CNC router but yes you do you have to finish them off. It's really clear via the directions. Like anything the first time you build something it will take a bit longer. We don't use any elastic bands or cheap connection points. We use real screws and 7 layer ply. This is the best way to mimic a real jump that doesn't "flex" when you hit it.
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 Shovel, $20.00. Fully adjustable lips.
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 There is a perfect grassy 20degree down slope at my HOA green space. At night I'll go out there and practice track stands and riding fakey. Might add night time flight practice.
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 I always seem to jump better at night when I can't truly see how scary the jump is and I just let my natural abilities take-over. True story.
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 @liv2mountainbike2: i took that a bit far when i tried a whip in the dark without a clue. well atleast no one saw me wipeout
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 I believe this is well priced product that could leverage you riding spot to next level, especially in places when you have restricted digging options due to laws or type of soil(such as send), also bag pack is a nice addition to allow u have 1 hour insane sesh!

Thank you
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 I'm guessing Pole Cycles aren't the backers for this ramp...
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 Faceplant city here I come
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 ...or you could just read anything @cmc4130 has posted in the forums, then buy material, a circular saw, an impact driver, screws, and multiple rounds of beers for the crew.
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 My shovel can do that and more
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 We are crew of Dirt Jumpers ourselves! Seattle represent! Jumps skills translate to most scenarios you would encounter on the bike. Why are BMXers talented Mountain Bikers right off the bat? Because they spent countless hours practicing and repeating jump and hop skills.
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 You can build a wood kicker with just a shovel? Impressive
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 Your shovel can make a 20"+ jump anywhere from level ground in minutes? Amazing, you really are Special!
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 I can't build a wood ramp with a shovel but I can turn a ramp into firewood with a shovel. Is that the "and more"?
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 that's nice sweetie, it looks like these aren't for you then.
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 Does it come with AI that automatically adjust the length and height to prevent any bike from catastrophic failure?
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 nope you just gotta use good ol' I. We drop the A completely.
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 Grow your confidence by adjusting your jump height and takeoff ANKLE as you progress.
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 Well looks like they're cheaper than mtb hopper and have adjustable curves. How portable are they?
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 Super Portable. They fold down in minutes via Allen bolts and hinges and fit in most vehicles. We will have our carry bags in stock soon if you want the ultimate portability via bike. You can see some images of them folded on our website
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 @SenderRampsUSA: Why not use wingnuts? I like that my MTB Hopper is assembled/disassembled tool-free.
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 @barp: Because we believe our product to be far superior because we use screws, hardware and 13 layer plywood. It's super solid and nearly bombproof. Personally I'd feel much more confident hitting a kicker a full gas that was fully secured, not just banded together with rubber.
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 @SenderRampsUSA: Yeah, that's cool... That's why I was suggesting wingnuts. You know, real metal hardware? That doesn't require a wrench?
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 I think Cam McCaul deserves 50% royalties
  • 1 0
 I thought this was on instagram like months ago...
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 We have been promoting it globally, but just got our inventory in the USA and Canada! This is brand new for Sender Ramps USA!
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 Cmon, why users should go to manufacturer website to get price?
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 Perfect for vloggers
  • 1 0
 end me
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 Are they weatherproof?
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 We don't recommend leaving them out in the rain, but if you think they will be getting wet (left out in the grass overnight, light rain) we recommend sealing them with a LOW VOC decking sealer. Takes about an hour and your ramp will be as weatherproof as your deck.
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 Bit early for April fools isn’t it?
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 never too early for good times!
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 Adjusck to Flat
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