Video: Taming The Fury

Jul 10, 2014 at 8:06
by Shoot and Ride  
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We went to La Pinilla Bike Park, one hour from the Madrid airport, the ski resort opened for bikes from June to October, and even for some weeks during the winter too.


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 Who would ever want to hear this crap!??? It's a crime.....
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 I personally don't think cameras that can only film 30fps should ever do slow motion. To glitchy looking. But props to the filmer for getting good angels! And the riding was good too
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 Pretty talented filmer if he can capture angels!
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 ^^ Haha stupid auto correct. That was funny tho
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 Yeah I agree it looks way to ameture ish and quite frankly crap to use a 30 fps camera to do slo mo you don't even have to spend a lot of money to get something that does 120 fps a go pro 3/3+ does the only thing is you can remove the wide angle effect
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 could be worse i reckon
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 Tame your fury.
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 I watched it on mute, saw the music creds and am thankful
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 I thought it was a good choice in song... Then enters Missy Elliot.
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 Why because it wasn't techno? f*ck u guys the black keys are awesome
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 would have been good if it was missing the missy elliott...
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 That edit was sickk. Sick track too! No doubt! Props to the rider.
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 It is a combination of many tracks in the bike park. Props to the rider and the guy behind the camera. One of those tracks (Bike Patrol) is hell on earth, but the video does not do the track justice (as ever with videos).
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 i want to ride that park...looks fun!
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 The video is cool and David Amores is a Great rider, la pinilla bikepark is a very funny bikepark, the video does not do the line justice... Greetings from my Nissan Navara hehehe
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 Come on.... At least make a remix out of a bad song. Way to ruin good music. Or how about this, make your own music? Woooooow never heard of that concept.
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 great video, and yes, pinilla it´s becoming a great bike park!!!
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 You are all experts in MTB videos, as it shows that your mothers are dedicated to the amateur porn and edit their own videos.
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 Remix - amateurs wrecking good music
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 Whoever this is ruined a perfectly good Black Keys song...
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 great video good music nice Smile
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 Good title for the falcon's video riding with gee
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 Pretty good video but not really sure why it made the front page.
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 sweet color coordination
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 love the video, hate the musicBig Grin
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 great speedSmile Smile Smile
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 I dunno about chill tunes but those trails looks amazing! Overall good video if you put it on mute Smile
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 Earn Your Wings! Than drink em, haha
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 this makes me furious
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 video editors, please stop this meshing music styles, this music is two different songs, individually great songs, but together they just making most people that fallowing pinkbike feeling sick...personally at the beginning i felt awesome when i felt the Blues guitar intro of Dan Auerbach.... but then the mishmash starts and killing the all video.....and then you skip it to the comments....
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 right there with you. the songs people have been choosing in the last 3-4 videos on pink bike are killing me. can't even finish them
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 This whole edit was shit.

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