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How To: Change A Chain And Cassette With Rachel Atherton

Jun 24, 2014 at 8:39
by SilverlineTools  
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 If you didn't know how to change a cassette, this skipped a ton of details -- so pointless. And if you did know how to change a cassette, this skipped Rachel -- so pointless. Wink
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 Step one -> tell the team mechanic to replace the entire drivetrain.

Step two -> throw old drivetrain components with 10km on them in the trash.

Step three -> profit.

No i didnt watch the video.
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 Cool, I'm gonna fish through the trash for part worn goodies
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 No no no, "worn" goodies.
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 We have this CEO cashed up bloke come in to the LBS i work at. He lets his Shimano Ultegra 11spd drive change have max 200km. With out fail he asks to replace the entire drive chain (cassette, chain, chainrings and sometimes even jockey wheels) despite how much we tell him he doesn't need the new gear! Needless to say I have Shimano Ultegra 11spd on my road bike and about 4 other sets lying in my shed......
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 So the bottom line is that Rachel does not have a clue how to Change A Chain And Cassette
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 @BobBogdanWilliams, That's what is Ben Riedy for!
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 way to clamp that dropper post! Wink
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 yup the next episode is how to change a dropper post with Rachel Atherton
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 Even when Gee is doing something that is supposed to be funny, he is still serious. What happened to him?
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 you realise he's acting a part in this little skit?
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 i think gee needs to go into some therapy with tippie
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 WTF RACHAEL IS A DUDE. Makes me feel better because she/he is faster than me.
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 As a father who specifically seeks out pinkbike videos of girls to help encourage his daughter, it was pretty disappointing to have Rachel turn into a guy in order to work on a bike. Not a great message for little girls and a lame video all around.
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 Yeah, I agree about that bit. Kinda shitty.
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 I was hopping to see some pink nails and yoga bends.
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 weird, woulda been better with rachel really doing it
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 yeah that would have made sense
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 What the hell is a front derailleur?!
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 This was Shimano video, thanks for watching. POWERLINK !!!!
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 I was really disappointed ahah
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 It's crazy to me that there was a time when I couldn't do this
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 I don't normally slag things like this off but I wouldn't use any of those cheap looking tools near any of my bikes. An adjustable wrench FFS, how about a proper one that fits a socket so it doesn't slip & that chain splitter WTF. If Team Atherton use these tools then they should be ashamed. And where is the powerlink?, such plug for Shimano without saying it!! Sorry rant over.
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 That adjustable spanner looks of terrible quality! Silverline tools are rubbish.
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 Gee get out of there i want to see Rachel !
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 It was good for a laugh. :-)
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 lol....."i'm going to take the cassette off first".....but let me just point to the rotor while I am saying that
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 so, she donĀ“t have a f*ckn idea how to change it Big Grin
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 i want to see Rachel wtf
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 Rachel doin it would have been a good way to get commuters to man up fix there own bikes. hey ho
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 I like the new Rachel's hairstyle
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 Whip it good
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 shes hot ja ja .
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