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Single-Rider remymetailler's article
Dec 4, 2019 at 6:05
Dec 4, 2019
Video: Remy Metailler POV Clips on Untouched Freeride Lines in Utah
@remymetailler: With regard to your last comment I still argue that you just DON"T get the point! I've got an idea. How about if you post some or all of your sponsors names here and see if anyone takes you up on the challenge? Rather than making stupid remarks about seeing the government to pass laws (which you know is ridiculous) why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Post your sponsors names here!! Let's see how "brave" (or brazen??) you are! Let's see if you truly care about things like this or if you're just spouting your mouth off like a typical celebrity. What do you have to lose? You've already said that most people aren't seeing this anymore. Go for it!
Single-Rider remymetailler's article
Dec 2, 2019 at 7:36
Dec 2, 2019
Video: Remy Metailler POV Clips on Untouched Freeride Lines in Utah
@remymetailler: You still don't see the point here, do you? Take down that video or at least change the title and information on it stating "untouched freeride lines in Utah". Don't encourage people to go to the few untouched areas to damage them and don't tell people where it is. That's the point! If you don't, maybe someone else should or will.
Single-Rider remymetailler's article
Nov 28, 2019 at 23:16
Nov 28, 2019
Video: Remy Metailler POV Clips on Untouched Freeride Lines in Utah
@remymetailler: I don't really care where it is. It seems that a lot of people here DO care where it is, however. You mention that a lot of local riders like to keep that area secret. Well, just as the original poster suggested and was his or her main point, you just announced it to the world!!! You admit that this might be a fragile territory and then you turn and say its not a huge issue. What kind of a contradictory person are you? You say you're involved with projects that protect our world - do these groups know what you just did? Pinkbike just posted an article about the US Forest Service being sued over allowing e-mountain bikes on the trails. This is the kind of bad publicity that mountain bikers don't need. It can put ALL of us in a situation where our riding privileges can be taken away from designated areas. You may not live in the US or give much of a damn about US open lands as, being a pro rider, you have more access to places the general public can't ride. Don't "F" things up for all of us with your "untouched" type videos! YES, sometimes there IS a need to "push it that far" and I hope you can see that a bit more clearly now.
Single-Rider remymetailler's article
Nov 27, 2019 at 6:47
Nov 27, 2019
Video: Remy Metailler POV Clips on Untouched Freeride Lines in Utah
It looks like a lot of misunderstandings between people here yet the bickering back and forth brings us nowhere with a solution. I don't think the original poster was suggesting this was all bad. Instead, it looks like he or she was saying that it's bad to publicize riding in untouched places. He or she didn't say that the rider was going to destroy the world by his one ride. Seems everyone read further than was suggested. Here is the way I see it. The rider DID post this video set with the word "untouched" in it. For that matter, it seems he IS making a big thing out of riding on terrain that is untouched and even might be vulnerable to erosion or damage to the environment. By entitling the videos this way, it appears that he DOES know this was a questionable thing to do. Had it not been labeled this way, I think many people here would think differently or maybe not even brought it to topic at all. So, if the rider's intent or actions were truly careless with the environment, rather than argue with people here, just go after the rider and his filming crew. From what I can see, it appears he's a professional rider. Why not hit up his sponsors and let them know that he might be a risk to them should he be destructive to the environment or whatever else he might be doing? Why not go to YouTube and do the same? Even this site has a reputation to uphold. Let these people and the sponsors be held liable or see the risk the rider might pose for them. This will make the rider think twice about being responsible in the future. Much like our freedoms we have in the USA, to vote for politicians; if you don't like what someone is doing, then vote them out! That is the power we all have! If the rider here is being irresponsible, then let his sponsors know about it. Arguing over the type of soil, what the scientists say, or who did this or that isn't going to get anyone anywhere.
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