Video: Reece Wilson Puts in the Hard Work in 'What Are You Chasing?'

Feb 3, 2019 at 2:01
by Max Rendall  

bigquotesEveryone should have goals in life. Bleed your passion every day and create the life you want to live. This is a short film showing you what goes into being a professional Downhill Rider and what it means to us.Reece Wilson

bigquotesScrolling through Instagram all you see is people's highlight reels and everybody's offseason looking like nothing but fresh bikes and fun times.
We wanted to try to emphasize that everything worth doing requires a lot of effort and risk. All the fun has to be supported by good old fashioned hard work.
Max Rendall


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 First comment, i better come up with something good... Looks like a session
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 well played.
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 Nah not paying it. Shit comment.
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 Nice video, unlike the haters on here, you are right, and it doesn't matter what age you are the mentality of some risk and hard work is what works. It doesnt have to be for riding. The problem with risk is when you cross the line and injury strikes. These guys that we see near the top, many of them live a thin line financially as they are young, they are way below the living wage but still manage to train and eat properly with what they have or pretty much dont have. Yes they get a free bike, or a bike they have to hand back at the end of the year. I wonder what Reece's equivalent hourly rate was for 2017-2018 then 2017-2018. A single podium made this all worthwhile, hat off to you, you are young and dont have the family to support or be supported by, it is still a massive risk, not only for today but for your medium term future. Good luck with 2019 and hopefully we will see you on that podium again.
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 There must be lots of versions of this video floating around. I watched the one which tries to offer some insight into the mindset of an ambitious young rider and the countless hours of hard graft and great physical risk involved in achieving even a slim chance of podium success. There's obviously another video going about where some lucky git wins a golden ticket and gets a DH career handed to him on a plate, then uses his position of privilege to tell everyone else their lifes are shit. Understandably a lot of people are upset about this. I just can't seem to find this version anywhere.
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 Visit Instagram to see our thoughts, thanks to everybody watching who got the message. It’s all love!
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 @MaxxRendall Can we see the outtakes where he was chuckling on that climb and couldn't keep a straight face? Had to be a chuckle...or a gufaw?

Also, where might one purchase a miniature version of that Andy Warhol moo cow?
Asking...for a friend.
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 Oh...and I know nothing about editing video footage, but I have to assume getting that black and white footage w/ red only had to take a long, long time. Good on you
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 @bizutch: , surprisingly simple. basically most editing suites have a chroma key function. you click on the screen footage the colour range you want to keep, then use nother part of the function to grey scale it to whatever level you want...basically down to black and white, and hey presto the the colour range you wanted/clicked on is still visible. works really really well with red, as its eye catching and natures natural visible colour range is blue/green. if you wanted to go black and white with green only showing on the rider, well thats a different kettle of fish, as your back ground (the foliage) will also be green. i assume thats possible but probably very hard to achieve neatly. pretty sure my editing suite can do 2 colour choices....say red and cyan and it would still work pretty well.
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 Top work dude! Dont sweat the negative vibes, just keep on doing what you do! As for the subject of the video, I think everyone who was on the side of the mountain last summer to watch that young lad get on the podium will attest to the pure humble nature of the guy, so much emotion and joy on that afternoon. I for one hope Recce has a mega season on his new team and I'd love to see him take more podiums and climb higher up those steps, and see that hard work pay off, I want to see that Saltire waving strong and proud. If I can get the time off work I'll for sure be back on that hill cheering him on again this year.
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 So much negativity. No matter who we are we all risk something at some point in our lives. Surely you’ve all nailed that trail, smashed a corner or landed a gap. We then crave that feeling again irrespective of the level we are at in our lives. You’ve taken it way to personally ????????
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 Great video shows the hard work that goes into being a professional athlete and if you don't get it just keep scrolling. pinkbike is a place to check out the biking world and share good vibes not whine about guys trying to put good content on for our entertainment. Keep scrolling not slagging ✌????
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 disappointing..... was hoping for more kendama
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 @WAKIdesigns I, like everyone else commenting here also have a job and responsibilities. Like most people I've also taken risks at times to gain rewards, in fact I think that every good day on my bike has been a balance of risk vs reward. We get it; you found the film a bit trite and patronising. Others liked it, it's called a difference of opinion.
So your feelings got hurt when PB comments turned against you; dry your eyes.
Oh, and get a respirator and some gloves, that should help with the dust and splinters.
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 guaranteed all the people spitting hate on here are couch potatoes with the stamina of an 80yr old asthmatic . Give him a break, The lads 22, spent most Of his life chasing his dreams.., got himself a podium and a top sponsor.... apart from bare backing a skank and successfully avoiding clap, what have nearly 90% of you lot done/been proud of in your life.
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 Damn the haters are alive and well today! I think these kind of films are pretty rad, always cool to see the mindset from the best. Good luck this season.
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 Goosebumps. If you know the feeling of chasing a dream; big or small... then this edit is spot on.

And for those of you complaining... CAN IT! Find the time and quit complaining! There's enough salt in this comment thread to cure a whole cow.
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 so that's what Red cameras do...dunno if they're worth 15K tho
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 I’ve just watched this but can’t get any sound, judging by the comments is this a fair summary -

Young kid, quite good on a bike but maybe a bit naive (weren’t we all) tells people to take risks or something and feels sorry for someone. Older folk feel patronised and go mental !!

Is that about right?
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 Couldn’t get the video on Pinkbike to work and a few others seemed to have the same problem. Here is a link to the video on YouTube:
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 Awesome edit. Really enjoyed that
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 Thinking WAKI is the PB equivalent of the Gillette Advert ragebro
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 Well not just me it isn’t working for...
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 the first time this black-and-white-except-for-one-color-thing is not stupid!
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 Great motivation Smile
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 Good work guys
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 Fair play to you pal. Keep her lit!
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 Going to check vital for working video
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 Nope just a dumb story about sold out Harley and a ebike
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 Video no worky work for me.
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 remove the parental advisory
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 Yea same here. Not playing at all. What’s up?
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