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Video: Isla Short on Making it as a Privateer on the World Cup XC Circuit

Jan 16, 2020 at 11:47
by Max Rendall  

In Elite World Cup XCO, performance is everything, but what are the costs? Things are not always quite as they appear, and fulfilling the same dream does not always mean taking the same path.

It takes suffering, sacrifice and most importantly a 'sole mindset' to achieve global success without interference!

This up-close and personal documentary dips into the life of young Scottish rider Isla Short and her 2019 XCO World Cup campaign.


Rider: Isla Short

Directed / Edited by Max Rendall
@MaxxRendall @Sleeper.co

Additional Footage by Glen Thomson

Photography by Attention Builders

Featuring & Additional Photography from Euan Camlin

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 Great video, great person. Might not seem like much but this made me an instant fan. I'll be pulling for you at the next WC!
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 Thank you Pinkbike for posting this. It's refreshing to see Isla's outlook on life and the sport, especially from someone competing at a very high level. I'm giving her a follow and will watch for her results this year. Hopefully this brings her some well deserved attention!
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 She has a great reason for being out there racing and makes some good statements about being sponsored. I hope she sees some top 10's this season!!!
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 "The Scottish privateer had two top-20 performances in his first year racing in the elite category."
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 "his" ???
  • 2 0
 @ratedgg13: It's a Scottish thing Wink

No, great video and her outlook was wonderful too. Again, be following to see how she does this year in XC racing this year.
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 Maybe it's just me but if you paid me enough I'd tell you that laundry detergent is good for you without much guilt at all. Kidding of course - love your attitude!!!! Kill it in 2020 and you got another fan.
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 Yup, They are totally a cool family. Great work Isla - we are so excited to see you race again this year!!! Hopefully pinkbike will let us choose you for the fantasy teams Smile
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 I love showing my little ladies these videos. Thanks for encouraging the generation of women!
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 She made a good point, being a sponsored / pro rider can be a major buzzkill with all the gear requirements and expectations. Consider ourselves lucky to have the disposable income and time to enjoy at your pace, try new gear, new tires and shiny new bikes vs what you are forced to run. So many pro riders retire and never ride again, it's a job and not a pretty one at times.

She looks ti be in a really good spot, great attitude, supportive parents and hasnt stopped smiling since she was a kid.

Great vid, thanks for sharing
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 When you get the backstory of an athlete it makes it much easier to become a fan. I would love to see more videos like this of other racers. I'll definitely make a point to follow Isla this year.
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 "16inch? i'd be happy w that!" ewin for the win!
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 As a professional athlete myself and raising a daughter (12yrs) in sports, this bio reminded me of why we actually enjoy sports in the first place. It helps to bring into perspective that being a professional athlete can be a double bladed sword. On one side you get to participate in a sport that you truly enjoy but on the other end, being a professional at it can be very stressful on the mind and body, not to mention on the bank account as well. Good on ya, Isla and we be cheering you on...
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 Isla has done amazingly well to get as far as she has as privateer! Good on her and her family for supporting her. Big fan for sure now.
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 Love the ethos, love the attitude............what a cool and down to earth individual......Good luck for the future.....Keep pedalling!!
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 Great outlook and seems to love it... Can't argue with that !
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 This was fantastic! Great storytelling, great characters. I'll watch it with my kids tonight.
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 Nice video about someone chasing their dream in a tough discipline. Well done and keep it up.
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 Love it! beautifully honest look at it, please keep it honest and all will follow! I shed a tear or two! goodluck
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 Geez, what a cool family
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 Gid vid. See you at the races!
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 Good Film! Good luck this season Isla!
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 Stoatin video. Best o' luck tae ye.
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 I enjoyed it. Good luck! Will be cheering for ya.
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 Dynamite comes in small packages!
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 Sponsorship is ultimately good for the career, and it may be harder to get one after saying in a video how much sponsorship can be an inconvenience... But really great video!!
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 Well, since this video got published on Orbeas official YouTube channel I guess some brands agree with her
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 Pretty sure she mostly talked about how she was not a fan of using and promoting gear she did not fully believe in. Seems like a plus for any company she chooses to represent.
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 @mm2020: Exactly, I'd be more inclined to believe in something she promotes in the future based on this video.
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 so sick. bikes for life.

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