Video: Summit Bike Park's New '10-Ply' DH Trail

Aug 2, 2019 at 16:27
by Snow Summit  
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Summit Bike Park's latest creation, 10-ply, is officially open to the public. The double black diamond trail was designed and hand-built as a classic steep, loose, natural, rocky and rooty downhill track, and will serve as the primary DH course for the FOX US Open of Mountain Biking, which will make its West Coast debut at Summit, Sept. 12-15.

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10-ply Statistics

- 1.38 miles long
- 993 ft of vertical drop
- Build time: apprx 1750 man hours

Summit Bike Park also announced the launch of a new Quad Pack of lift tickets ($42/day for adults, $28/day for kids 12 and under) with no blackouts, valid for the remainder of the 2019 season.


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 just my opinion: Homeboy shows up on a mid travel single crown and claims gnar... guess I missed the part that was Double Black Diamond about it? It must have happened when I was visually transfixed by the epic fire road and dirt side walk traverses between the few short chutes. LOL'd at the shout out to trail crew (no offense trail builders) as he skirts some puddles that clearly don't drain properly.
Is this what DH is becoming? Anyone seen my frenchpress?
(none of this to be taken seriously, I'm just old)
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 Nah, that's just snow summit. It's obviously not a trail that'd be a double black at Whistler, but hopefully it keeps beginners off the trail. Almost impossible to get a clean run down the two-ish black diamond trails there given the number of beginners coasting down them. It's as good as we're gonna get there, and we have been waiting for years for a new trail. It's also super hard to build a good trail in the dust up there.
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 I agree double black is pushing it even by North East standards. It looks long and flowy like an enduro track. maybe some jumps or drops would bump it up a bit.
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 Agreed, it's just Snow Summit, it's better than nothing, but I have a feeling the builders are just not really riders, if they do ride, they don't ride race speeds. The best DH trail on the mountain is Fall line. Which was not built by the mountain, it was just burned in by locals. Meanwhile, 10ply took months to build, has drainage problems, and 1/3 of the trail is a sprint... it's better than nothing, but far from a US open DH course.
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 Definitely not a double black.
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 @jorgeposada: It is very steep and mostly one long rock garden, and has next to no traction. Most people are shitting themselves their first run down. On your way down, you'll probably see 10-l people off to the side, either building the courage to continue down or watching other riders to figure out how to make it through a rock garden they flipped on. Pros are generally flying through at insane speeds, realizing that brakes do you no favors and you can generally fly over the rocks if you're going fast enough as there aren't many big boulders.
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 We really don't need drainage, it rarely rains here and the video was taken at just the right time for puddles to exist. The trail could be much more technical but oh well.
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 @Rubberelli: I think it is really just about perspective. I rode it yesterday for the first time, and even with it completely blown out I made it down clean, first run, hitting all of the “features” blind. I wasn’t flying down it by any means, but based on strava that blind run (including a minute-ish break at one of the fire roads) has me still faster than 60% of the people that have ridden it.

Yeah it is by far steeper, blown out and more tech than anything at summit, but compared to some other places that are generally more rocky and tech it isn’t too bad. We don’t get to ride that kind of terrain much in so cal so it is cool to see a trail like that. In comparison to the trails down in ensenada (those are seriously next level steep, loose and rocky) it makes 10 ply really look like a blue trail.

Kudos to the park for actually adding a new trail and I can see that this could become a really good tech trail with some changes. I will be adding this into my normal park day because it offers something different. I don’t understand how some people literally just do westridge laps all day.
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 Sure doesn't look like a double black in the video....excited they are adding new trails up there though. Good job snow summit!!
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 Isn’t it awesome when they build a new trail....and hold it a race on it so it gets blown out immediately???
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 @unrooted: uhh... the race isn't until mid September. So, 2 months before it is raced, as it opened a few weeks ago.
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 10 Ply a Letterkenny reference?
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 give your balls a tug, figger it out!
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 @ampb100 ya I spoke with a trail builder at summit and they said its cuz the dirt on that trail is super soft hence 10-ply.
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 @rockchomper: a more suitable reply would have been "That's a Texas-sized 10-4."
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 Did ya getter done?
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 1. Keyboard warriors love to tell you how easy a trail is(ex. "I'd ride that on my hardtail you kook, braap")
2. GoPro effect makes a lot of trails look like nbd
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 Read any Leogang comment section on PB and you would think the average reader must be a way better rider than any one of the few WC riders whose season ends on that track each year.
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 Its worth mentioning the guy in the video is Craig Harvey a transition bikes rep and also he is freaking flying!
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 Seems like everyone I know that has been down 10 ply, has been down on 10 ply. Video doesnt do it justice, its tricky, and will eat you & the equipment up if you put a wheel wrong. The evidence is already all over Youtube.
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 I rode it for the first time last weekend. The only thing that makes it challenging is that there literally is zero traction and there's plenty of sharp rocks in the middle of that powder. I don't know how a trail can get more blown out and that's after living in SoCal five years. I slashed a rear Exo+ casing tire like it was nothing. Makes me think that's why they call it 10-ply?

So yeah, even though it's not really all that gnar, I was pretty happy not trying to be pinned at race pace. But one would think/hope that for the US Open they will have a plan for watering it like they do the rest of the runs at Summit.
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 Damn, 3,1/5 minutes.....not bad bro.
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 just what summit needed. a little gnar. fun park. thanks for putting in the work!
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 Well...still not much of a reason to bring a dh bike to summit it seems. Not much of a double black but still looks fun, so can’t complain about that!
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 I'm bummed I was there a couple weekends ago with friends that only wanted to hit the jumpline over and over. Went and did Fall Line (XC) and found it more challenging than the stuff my friends wanted to lap. Didn't get a chance to hit 10-ply but looks fun.
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 Rode this trail twice a couple days ago with two friends who are very solid downhill riders and I'd say I'm better than average and I thought this trail was pretty sketchy. Now there is no water at all and the dirt in the steep technical sections is like beach sand giving you little to no control or traction. Every person in my group went down really hard at some point. Other than that though most of the trail is pretty mellow.
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 That looks fun. Nice to see a new trail that's not a dirt sidewalk.
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 Just rode this yesterday and it is much gnarlier than it looks like in the videos. Super fun trail!
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 Fun looking trail. Give it a few years and it will be filled with wood super highways and pavers like everything else there. Looks fun, none the less. Can’t wait to ride it this season.
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 I blame GoPro's steady shot for making trails seem less gnarly than they are on video.
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 stoked to have it there
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 First minute and a half looks pretty flat. Bring your Enduro rigs!
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 First 90 seconds is just riding a little access trail from the ski lift until the first left and then it is a party on steep and wild run. An enduro rig will be fine as long as you ride cush cores or something like that.
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 Looks like they are really concerned about length than grade. Does not seem worthy of a US Open
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 Looks downcountry.
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 what apile double black haha ya thats a blue run in whistler is pedaling half of the trail thats a cross country trail

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