Luxury of Dirt Featuring Katie Holden - Video

Dec 18, 2015 at 11:44
by Sombrio Cartel  
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Earlier this season Sombrio launched #LUXURYOFDIRT, a campaign showcasing our passion for life on two wheels. Today, we released episode 3 of the Luxury Of Dirt Series highlighting Sombiro Cartel athlete and professional Freerider, Katie Holden.

For Katie, it's all about exploring the globe, waking up in a new town and watching the sun rise for the first time. It's about making new friends, and finding new zones to ride.

Watch the rest of the #LUXURYOFDIRT series here.

MENTIONS: @SombrioCartel


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 Katie is one of the most positive people on bikes, she's always stoked! Not sure why the hate on here, Katie is a shredder.. this video totally reminds me of the chill down days at rampage when there's a weather delay!
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 My GF loves her. She's an awesome influence.
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 I was super disappointed to see all the hate because I thought the video was really well done. It gave a glimps into a lifestyle, which Mtb videos rarely do! She is a great influence on the sport!
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 needs more killer, less filler
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 i wish we could have made something more substantial, i was told a minute max...
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 @jasperwesselman : Isn't there more footage from this trip? Make a "B-sides"-edit? Smile We all know what you are capable of doing with a setup like this! ;-)
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 @rcrdrvr, thanks, that POV was so much better than the video above.
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 @eric-w i have lots of better trips in the first month of this year, get ready for lots of new stuff
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 This almost felt like a tourism commercial. I half expected it to end with "Welcome to Utah"
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 "Here's your complementary book of Mormon!"
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 Lame. I am sure that chick is super nice and super rad, but the vid was lack lustre.... Put that shit on Pinterest.
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 ^ don't hate on the above posts...Ladies, seriously...
If you want to be taken seriously, then ride and film seriously. This was more like a commercial for a Lifetime movie.
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 I'm not sure you caught the point of Sombrio's series:
Less yappin, more brappin' Berrecloth!

Oh wait. He gets a pass, right? Because hes a guy?
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 When Holden rolls rampage she can do whatever she pleases ;-)
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 She's close and that's saying something. Pretty good if you ask me.
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 Well Claw's wasn't as cheesy... and there wasn't as much filler. But still even if he gets a pass it's because he basically brought MTB to where it is today (well not completely but he's the Claw, c'mon)
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 Hippy nonsense. Next time use Slayer for more radness.
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 she's Holden out on us...
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 She's holdin' something What is that?
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 was that Texas, Holden?
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 Nice little intro. But was pretty keen to see some riding. It's not very often you hear anything from female free riders and then when something does come out there's no actual footage of her riding. Disappointing.
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 The 'Luxury of Dirt' campaign is a lifestyle campaign wrapped around what riding means to each rider in the form of a poetic narrative. It wasn't meant to be a shreddit. Yes we all love riding edits, myself included, but that wasn't the purpose of this particular campaign (and this was literally my very first DH run back from a shoulder dislocation so you've gotta work with what you've got). Luckily there are some real goods in the pipeline. Smile
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 Nice work Katie, it was never going to please the pre-pubescent sausage fest viewers that only get off on air time, skids and goon riding!
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 What the hell is luxury of dirt anyway.....
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 A $500 tent.
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 I prefer the comfort of concrete..... or the sensuousness of sand....
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 A soliloquy of scree
  • 4 1
 At love song in loam.
  • 6 0
 Sonata in shred.
  • 3 0
 Gavot in Gravel
  • 4 0
 a Bent for Braaping
  • 5 0
 Tilling the talus.
  • 5 0
 Scurrying amidst the schist.
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 A rhyme of Radness
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 For as much über-closeup, super shallow depth of field shots of guys lighting butane stoves, pouring coffee, opening their garages, alarm clocks going off, walking down a hallway, cracking an egg, driving to a trail, putting on a helmet and goggles and then getting to listen to an over compressed mic picking up every pant of air passing by their nose hairs as they climb and all of it washed out with copious amounts of color fade, I don’t think this video was too off the mark. It was an observant take on what a ton of the guys’ edits are becoming - a couple minutes of getting ready for a ride followed by a ride. (This was only a minute!) They’re trying to be poetic too, just in a different way than what’s in this edit.
Must it also be said that the bit of riding she did is probably way beyond what most of the guys watching it would do?
Stay appreciative of the periphery Holden - there are plenty that aren’t.
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 So.... when is the full video coming out?
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 "you exist for this moment" uhhh.. wtf? Katie's super rad but that video did not showcase her awesome riding, just some poetry and some shots of mountains and guacamole. Also I'm pretty sure we exist just cause we exist.
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 That's deep, philosophy major or just well read?
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 nah I just get super high and have really deep thoughts, man... like, it's sick
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 I actually thought it was quite a nice little vid. Very true, well put together and she's probably more brave than me!
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 Katie is a badass, end of story. If you want to see what she can do, hit the googles and do some research. She's hands down one of the most fearless women on two wheels.
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 indifferent. filler
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 It was a great promotion of springdale, oscars cafe, and the little coffee shop across the way. Great shots of mt kinesava and the the mrs butterworth tower. Cool enough vid.
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 Gotta get a breakfast burrito or nachos at oscars - seriously.
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 It's apparent this is mostly a prepubescent blockbuster movie type bunch and not the poetic indie film thinker crowd. Sad. Not everything is about big hits and whips. Sometimes even the top riders like to have a real moment and share it in a non-traditional way here on PB.
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 I had the privilege of hanging out by the pool at Whistler with Katie and a mutual friend a few years ago. Very chill, positive, etc. The world needs more Katies
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 This is your bona fide PB trolling comment by someone who has never made a film (or been in one) and can't ride even a small fraction as well as what the rider in the video can, though still feels compelled to masturbate my unsolicited opinion into the comment thread about how the (circle all that apply):

1. music too chill/music too hard/music not music
2. riding not shredding enough/rider didn't actually risk his or her life/I could do that even though I can't
3. filmmakers artistic vision is stupid/people actually paying for it vision is stupid/can't believe that a bike company would want their brand featured in a video they paid for of a rider they sponsor
4. style of riding is different than mine, so it sucks/style of film is different than I prefer, so it sucks/anything that's different than what I prefer sucks
5. grumble/whine/complaint of choice to generally elevate my experience at the expense of others'

FWIW, I enjoy the range of videos that are on here. I appreciate that people take the time to share whatever part of their biking passion they do, at whatever skill they do. And I like seeing all these different angles into riding. While I certainly enjoy some videos more than others, I'm not sure I understand too deeply the need to shit on other people's work that we're getting for free. OK, not for free, we DO have to look at ads and even a manufacturer's logo, though if you've already wasted a couple minutes of your life watching something you didn't enjoy, why prolong the pain by writing a comment...
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 Wow I didn't realize that pink bike was actually a forum for stuffy film critics, the title didn't say "rider does 50 foot drop while on fire and doing a 360". When you hit the road with your buddies there is a bunch of stuff that goes along with the trip. New trails, food, beers, camping, whatever. She's talking about that stuff. I liked it.
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 pretty sure no one thinks like that when going out riding it's all about skids and beer
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 hi brother .
like your video very much ,good rider you r.
It’s a pleasure to meet you here! My name is Jack and I served as the agent and guide for two great movies; “Where the Trail Ends”, and “MTB Heroes”, both shot at Flaming Mountain(Gobi). Flaming Mountain is an undisputedly ideal territory for mountain biking; the view dazzlingly beautiful. Some say the vistas cause one to conjure up images of Mars. With intense natural slopes of soft sand which can only be experienced when your wheels make contact with the earth. It is these incredible scenes which unfold in the movies.

Below are some links to MTB DH spots in Xinjiang, China:
1,Flaming mt
2,Great Valley at Kuqa Xinjiang
3,Ghost city

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 Winter sucks!
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 Bicycle poetry ?
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 That soundtrack, sound like something a hippie wrote back in sixty-something
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 This was def a little North of Hell, but hey now people. Hey.
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 could have used a little more pizzazz!! but i take it is more about how you feel than the actual riding...
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 "Sombrio" Athelete.
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 Cool vibe but shouldn't be on the front page.
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 Katie was my Race coach before she moved, huge inspiration
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 Was that sped up?
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 That was very feminine. It was like reading a light hearted, inspirational coffee shop poem about raping and pillaging.
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 Katie the cutie!
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 Thought it was a good trailer!
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 That was awful
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