Video: 15 Of The Best Whips From Crankworx Les Gets

Jun 23, 2018 at 23:07
by Spank Industries  
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The dust has settled on the third Official Whip-Off Championships of the 2018 Crankworx World Tour presented by Spank.

With 90 invitational riders on the start list, and following the official Pinkbike Highlights video released, the folks at Spank bring you a focused edit of the top 15 whips of the day, including slo-mo multi-angles of the 6 winning whips, aerial birds-eye view over the new Les Gets whip off location and jump.

We wouldn’t disappoint by not including the signature whip trains, flat spin look backs and front flips that, although they disqualify the riders from being judged for that run (it is a whip-off after all), nevertheless make this one of the favourite side-shows for both spectators and riders alike.

The edit features a veritable Whip Off Hall of Fame, with no less than 25 Whip Off 1st titles amongst the top 15 riders.

Riders featured (with Les Gets 2018 placing followed by previous Whip Off wins):

Ryan Howard - Men’s 1st, Rotorua Crankworx Men’s 1st 2015 and 2016
Kade Edwards - Men’s 2nd
David MacMillan - Men’s 3rd
Vinny Armstrong - Women's 1st
Casey Brown - Women's 2nd, and Women’s 1st in every other Crankworx Whip Off since 2015!
Lea Weill - Women’s 3rd

And finalists:

Allen Cooke - 2017 Crankworx World Whip Offs Champion
Sam Reynolds - DarkFest 2017 and 2018 Whip Off 1st, and Night Harvest 2017 Men’s 1st
Louis Reboul - Innsbruck Crankworx Men’s 1st, 2017 and 2018
Bernardo Cruz - Les Gets Crankworx Men’s 1st 2015 and 2016
Reed Boggs - Rotorua Crankworx Men’s 1st 2017
Ethan Nell
Bienvenido Aguado Alba
Clemens Kaudela
Josh Bryceland

Spank Industries has a long and special affiliation with the Whip-Off event. As a favorite for bringing riders from all disciplines together in an event that is less about the podium and more about the unity and atmosphere of throwing it down with your mates to a rowdy appreciative crowd, Spank is the original presenting sponsor of the Crankworx World Tour Whip-Offs Championships in Rotorua, Innsbruck, Les Gets and Whistler since 2015, as well as the @festseries Whip-Offs at DarkFest, South Africa, HILLBILLY HUCKFEST, Norway and the iXS Dirtmasters Festival in Germany.

The 2018 Official World Whip-Off Champions will be decided on August 16th at Crankworx Whistler.

MENTIONS: @r_doggystyles @kade_2000 @caseybrowntown @samreynolds26 @louisreboul @bernardocruzdh @reedboggs @ethan_nell @bienvenidoaguado @clemenskaudela @jose_ratland @crankworx @hillbillyhuckfest @darkfest_2018 @ixsdirtmasters


  • + 57
 I don't understand, I tried to do a whip on the weekend and time did not slow down when I was in the air. What am I doing wrong?
  • + 16
 Tippie wasn't watching at the moment...
  • + 38
 Yes. This is the coverage I want for whip offs, perfect job lads.
  • + 26
 Slopestyle's all well and good, but there's just something about a nice big Moto whip.
  • + 18
 RDog´s whip is just unreal..
  • + 10
 Vinny whip is going to keep Casey at 2nd spot for some time.
  • + 9
 Props to the videographer, this was enjoyable to watch. On a side note, is there actually a guy named Bienvenido? lol
  • + 4
 Yeah great filming and editing, often there are bad angles of these comps this had every great angle covered, even from above.
  • + 5
 The videographer is Thomas Sandell - he cut his teeth doing FestSeries edits for Reynolds, Vink and the boys. Great eye for it! And yes, Bienve is real! Check it out:
  • + 7
 I for one think Ryan Howard should be able to sit out these comps and they just give him 1st place for showing up. Dude has always had the sickest whips.
  • + 7
 Fair play to Vinny, that's quite a fine whip. The longest winning streak in Crankworx history comes to an end. The battle will be on in Whistler.

  • + 2
 Question. What prevents the lady’s from throwing big whips like the guys? Is it there smaller size or just the fact that they know better then to be sideways in the air? I’m a relatively small guy, I’m 17, 125 pounds and 5’9 tall, does any of that impact how hard it is to throw big whips?
  • + 3
 To give you an honest answer, men have more upper body strength (talking in generalities, not about the ladies who are lifters or CrossFit competitors). Biology plays a part in it but I’m sure there are some Ladies out there that are undiscovered who can take it sideways.
  • + 4
 @CaliCol: I bet it has more to do with the amount of competition there is. Theres 100 times more men doing whips than girls doing whips. Its like on planet earth, it's always the male birds or whatever that have to show off extra hard to get the chicks. Sometimes it makes us not use our brains and then we end up all sideways and upside down in the air.
  • + 1
 Im 5’ 9” and can throw a pretty good whip. Like the other guy said, core body strength and upper body strength is very important. Understanding how to whip is also important. Having a big enough jump. I find that the bigger the jump and the faster (not all cases though.) I go the better and easier the whip is. I do it on a long trail bike. I can only imagine how much easier it gets with the bigger bikes them being slacker and all.
  • + 3
 @CaliCol: before I started riding I thought whips would be the easier than falling down some stairs, but now after 6 months on a dh bike I see how hard it really is. Props to everyone (especially the ladies) getting even a little sideways
  • + 4
 Down vote me all you want but it has to do with testosterone. Men always push harder in physical competitions. I know that thought goes against all the modern thinking at the moment but science does have its place, even if it says as a generality one sex is better at X than the other. That being said huge props to the ladies competing.
  • + 1
 Does it really matter? It's just how it is, in most sports men are faster, stronger, more extreme than women. I know this is a touchy subject but men and women are just not the same and never will be, so what... I personally think it would be confusing and boring if men and women were the same, isn't this "diversity" what makes the world interesting? That said, these girls are killing it!
  • + 15
 Hey I'm gonna answer you (since I'm the 3rd women and my whips are not big on a DH bike).

Practise. A chance to practise is what we lack. We need more event like this including women so we'll push one and other to throw bigger. Just leave that jump (I've heard that les Gets bike park will destroy it) and I'll practise. Doing a big whip nicely, putting it back is actually not that easy. Lot of crashes involved. It takes time to master this.

Plus on my side I've rarely ridden such big jumps (this size in Europe is not common, maybe in Whistler but here...?).

Whip Off is a contest that last like an hour and a half (pushing up included) so in all that you need to :

1) test the jump, just go to clear it once (with big names all over already throwing 3-6 flatspin...) - takes 1 jump and a lot of courage for me.
2) being confortable on it (take 2 or 3 jumps)
3) start sending it (or trying) (take another 2 or 3 jumps)
4) beating the fatigue- staying focused- no mistakes allowed on such a big hit.
5) the contest ends as you were starting to feel confident - that like 10 jumps for me (& I hurried to get back up each time)

So yes, practise, I just want to practise more but I need time & money Smile Where are those jumps in other time than the whip off? I'm not gonna fly half across the world the hit some I don't have time nor money. I was riding aside guys who wake up to ride, whose job is to ride.

On smaller jumps with my DH or with my dirt jump I can take it to 90 degree but on jump of this size... it's another story.

For the story, as I told my friends I wasn't sure to hit the jump the word spread and many boys came to see me to ask my spot for them "you won't be doing it, you'd better let me in". It annoyed me so bad it gave me some extra motivation. Not one boy told me "you go girl you can do it".

Being a women in this sport is sometimes a blessing because of nice people, but most of the time you're on your own and you need to dig deep to go high and reach the bar.

I've been riding for 15 years (mainly dirt jump at first and freeride). I've rarely had people believing in me before I'd decided to throw a new trick or a new features. It was always afterwards "oh but you're good... for a girl". It's such really hard to decide on your own with a model somewhere to confirm "yes women can".
A role model (like Casey is for me and those Whips) is also really important.
  • + 1
 "you won't be doing it, you'd better let me in"

Someone please beat up the people who said that.

When it cames to whips, dirt jumping/bmx is the way to learn it the quickest. Just seems that not many women do that compared to men.
  • + 1
 @Rideuse67: "you won't be doing it, you'd better let me in" anyone saying that needs shot!

"you go girl you can do it" anyone NOT telling you that needs shot as well!

Congrats on 3rd, hope to see you moving up the podium. Also hope you bring more women into this sport, the chances of me finding a girl my age who likes to shred is pretty slim Frown
  • + 1
 Imo guys do shit like this to be better than their mates at it, and it is important af to us. I will go get hurt trying to do something better than my friend has done it, for no reason other than bragging rights, like a Stava battle between mates - it forces you to push too hard and you almost certainly end up eating shit, but the progression is much faster because of it.
  • + 1
 @Eat-sleep-ride-repeat: hoping to get more opportunities to ride big jumps. We'll see. Otherwise I'm just happy with that. I prove myself I could hit the jump like I said it's like a victory for me.
Getting wheels of the ground is my all time favorite thing to do.

& Thanks for pointing out the topic (and being open about it).

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 Great coverage PB, as always, but this time i believe it's perfect combination of cool shots, good selection of whips and being able to show the whips in a manner that is good to watch and allow easy comparing each one. Go on!
  • + 2
 Man, it’s good to see Ratboy. I sure miss seeing him on the regular here on Pinkbike. He’s such a chill dude, and he just rips too. Hope you’re well, Ratty!
  • + 2
 Subscribe to 50to01 TV on YouTube! So much good content with him featured!
  • + 3
 Oi Spank & Crankworx- GET SAM HOCKENHULL INTO THE WHIP OFFS PLEASE! Dude will out-whip R-Dog....
  • + 2
 Oh man, I am going to start every day with this video. Can´t possibly get bad day after this!
  • + 4
 Style for miiiiiiiiles
  • + 1
 Bah gawd R-Dog. You are the one.
  • + 1
 Whipper at around 1:50 on the orange rig? SOOOO SICK
  • + 1
 Dear Rdog:

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