Video: Christian Rigal Gets Creative on the New Turbo Levo SL in 'Time Well Spent'

May 6, 2023 at 13:01
by I Am Specialized  

bigquotesTime Well Spent is my first ever top to bottom trail build that took me 2 years from start to finish. For the first year and a half I still lived in San Diego and would drive 8 hours to Northern California to camp and dig for 7- 8 days straight by myself haha. I'd e bike for 6 miles and then hike for about 20 mins each way to get into/out of the zone.

After two heavy winters of building/repairing I finally got it close and knew I needed some help to get it over the finish line.. My friend Scotty from Shirebuilt was nice enough to come out for a week to help me tackle the bigger builds and we managed to get it done! The whole trail was built untested until the day we started filming and somehow everything worked out exactly how I had hoped! I've never worked so hard or put so much energy into something before.. I lost track of time after 60 solo days of digging haha. Once the build was done I loaded up my new Turbo Levo SL on the Moto and got together with John Reynold's to film, Ian Collins to shoot photos, and Wiley Kaupas who ran the Cable cam setup! We shot for 6 days on the ground, 2 days w/ the cable cam, and even managed to snag some rad intro shots around some special hometown locations.

I couldn't have picked a better bike to ride and I couldn't be happier with how the trail and video turned out! To say that building and shooting this project was 'Time Well Spent' would be an absolute understatement! Onto the next one : )
Christian Rigal

Photo by Ian Collins

Photo by Ian Collins

Photo by Ian Collins

Film: John Reynolds
Cable: Wiley Kaupas
Edit: Christian Rigal
Music: Original Score by Richie James Follin
Audio: Keith White
Titles: Kelly Bolton
Photos: Ian Collins

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 Great Riding and what a Trail but why did he need an E-Bike for? If he rode to the Trail yes or did multiple runs. So i didnt get it haha. Cheers
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 It’s a S advertisement lol.
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 I dono about you but I don't go to a trail for just one lap! There's no easy access from the top either!
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 Yeah right aye, Thought he was going to rip back up on the E Bike and catch another lap. Could have have more fun on a lighter cheaper bike most likely. Great looking trail though and nice Scrambler
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 @thechunderdownunder: #sadvertisement
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 I have no particular problem with e-bikes or Specialized, but I wonder if this kind of advertisement really works, I mean releasing a film along with the bike. Most bike release is followed by a short movie with a top rider doing things most of us won't ever be able to do (or at least I won't). Either I need a bike and will buy the one I like, or I don't. But as nice as those edits might be, this is not what's gonna determine my choice.
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 But it was time well spent, didn't you hear?
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 @ChristianRigal: Don’t let the ehaters get to you. Sick build edit and riding! #Southsidehogs
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 @Will-narayan: I like edits like this where they show what’s capable on an E-MTB, but I think they are obvious to some of their messaging. Like the Kenevo SL ad where they slay nature with their e-bikes. A bit of a mixed/wrong message if you ask me haha. I actually just bought this bike though. It’s sick.
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 To everyone shitting on the advertisement aspect of it. We all know what ebikes can do, this is a stumpy with more descending capabilities and the video and riding portrayed that perfectly. The edit was sick af and made me want to go play bikes. So W to Specialized and Christian.
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flag mi-bike (May 6, 2023 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 0:22 riding an ebike and *still* needing your granny gear on some light sloping terrain? Lame.
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 @mi-bike: not everyone is trying to be the best at exercising
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 One motor to get to the trail should be enough Smile I like e-bikes, but i think this intro was not optimal to promote it.
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 At least use an electric motorcycle...
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 Still better than driving a big truck or other fuel-sucking vehicle I guess.
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 your comment isn't optimal either
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 Why all the negativity?
Great riding and video and trail. It maskes me want to ride. Love the alley opp airs. Great work..
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 Dude holy smokes. Great trail and suck edit! That trinity county DUST!
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 You’d have to haul some serious ass to get to trinity county from SD in 8 hours
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 That alley OOP mid trail.
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 Huge respect for putting the time in to build such an outstanding trail! The video and the riding were awesome. Would love to see a follow me go pro video as well!
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 Can we forget about the bike for a second and just admire the craftsmanship of the trail? The guy spend two years building it by himself until the very end and it has to be one of the cleanest and most creative pieces of trail I've seen. I really like that he left a lot of the the natural rock features in. @ChristianRigal amazing work and riding.
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 Much appreciated! Thanks for that!
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 A motorcycle on a motorcycle?!?
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 A cycle with a motor on a motorcycle. There. No dorkbikes offended.
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 Most people in this comment section scared of e-bikes! Lol
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 That trail must get destroyed in winter rains
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 100% chance there was no battery in that levo.
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 I shuttle my e-bike for a downhill run. I shuttle my e-bike and then complain about parking. I shuttle my e-bike and then rip through the parking lot like a g.
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 Riding, sorry tun slapping wasn't even fun to watch? ‍♂️
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flag Ridgeline5 (May 6, 2023 at 19:17) (Below Threshold)
 Yup, an e-bike thrashing the trails. Not even fun to watch.
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 @Ridgeline5: But would you have enjoyed watching it if it was a regular stumpy evo?
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 First sentence forgot to mention his bmx background
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 love the rigs & dope riding too!
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 Two mopeds in one advertisement!
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 Does anyone know who makes the bike rack for the moto? I've never seen an upside down mount before, looked pretty slick!
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 it was custom made by a friend of mine!
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 @ChristianRigal: It look's killer. Time to borrow a welder & my bros shop! Thanks for the reply Christian. Cool video, love gully rides like that!
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 @mikerrs1970: Thanks good luck! we adapted it using harley quick releases from their saddle bags
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 Nope no trail damage promoted here at all. None at all, right?
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 I need a build breakdown of the mount, for the bike, on the moto.
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 Nice video, Trail very creative, good ride. qualitative and distinguished like the Specialized brand
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 Made me forget he was on an ebike. Sick edit @christianrigal
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 At second 0,51 ….bye bye rear pivot bearings Smile
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 Good use of an Interceptor! Clever mounts...
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 does anyone know where this is
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 Rad riding and props for all the work that went into building. Respect!
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 i miss the sidebrace bar
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 Fuck Specialized. Up Xtian Rigal!
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 How many cup holders does it come with?
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 Dammmmmnnnn, that is an impressive trail and rider...
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 2 years of work to ride it, could also match for your ridiculously overpriced bike
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 Feel better’s?
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 So good my friend Smile
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 Sick*!!!! Not suck
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 Ebikes are lame
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 Haha wooo! That was rad
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 We need more roost!!!
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