Video: Fast Fun on the Specialized Epic EVO

Feb 28, 2019 at 15:12
by I Am Specialized  

How do you make the Epic even more epic? You make an S-Works version of the already insanely fast & functional Epic EVO…Duh. 120mm of travel, a dropper post, wider tires, and now, the best carbon layup in the business—it’s perfect for race day on technical courses and all the fun laps in between. Treat yo self.

Riders: Chris & Kaylee Blevins

Shop S-Works Epic EVO

MENTIONS: @Specialized


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 Is this downcountry? Asking for a friend
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 ask Levy??
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 Not exactly smashing it but, to be fair, that's probably a bit more Enduro than most of us get on our 160mm travel bikes.
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 Are you high?
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 How do you make an epic more epic? Put more cocaine in the seat tube.

All fairness and credit to the rider..... great riding!
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 Camber is back...
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 Not everybody get to put words in the dictionary... @mikelevy just did
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 "the best carbon layup in the business" Has this been independently tested and verified?
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 I know those trails, went to school there.
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 I went to school there, but don't recognize any of them.
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 @Fresh1: You guys got schooled at a trail? That sounds amazing
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 @gabo2112: i get schooled at a trail on a regular basis...
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 Put yo seat down!
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 No dropper posts used in the making of this film..
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 That was stiff. People who buy an s-works epic wont buy one on this vid. They wear Lycra and love big missions nothing wrong with it but the people who want this type of riding will buy a stumpy or an Enduro. Again not a dig at xc weapons, have to admire what they do but this isn't it and trying to make it look like it is doesn't work.
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 Downcountry, see also ProgXC.
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 Looks fun. No frills, fun mountainbiking.
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 SO mountain biking then?
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 i like my MTB with frills plz
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 Can't wait to follow your season Christopher! Crush it!
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 SLO down!
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 I'm a big spesh fan but this bike is ridiculous what with "now the best carbon layup in the business" even though it's exactly the same carbon frame as the expert and 11500 usd price tag with kmc chain. Just an atrocious price. On a side note my stumpjumper expert will be here tomorrow and I've never been so excited for a bike.
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 so basically an extra short camber with none of the fun geo? i rode one and its still definitely just an epic.
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 Definitely! Just more versatile Epic for hobby racers.
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 Went to Mike's bikes ( local Specialized dealer close to me), to look at the new EVOs, but couldn't stand the 4 different salesman hovering around pestering me, "Are doing alright?" " Got any questions?" Still doing alright?" "Finding every thing alright?" "What kind of bike are you looking for?" Leave me alone!! High pressure sales turns people off!
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 Most likely, but for someone buying entry level they might genuinelly have no idea and need help.
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 @zyoungson: true, but when you have to say, " Nope just looking " 4 times in less 4 minutes...
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 Sorry, we get yelled at if we don’t do that...
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 @supernaut69: Please give your manager some feedback! High pressure sales are a super turn off. I understand it's coming from the top, not the bottom.

Also you don't have any EVOs ( Stumpjumper or Epics ) in your Los Gatos location??
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 That's mikes bikes for ya
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 wow, who knew you could do tricks on an xc bike?
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 I like to ride it rough, and i need a little more in the rear than what this thing is offering. Still pretty slick looking steed, would ride.
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 Same thing. It may be very infectious riding bike with so little travel but just hearing the noises of that suffering shock I would like some reserve to not blow thru travel all the time.

Modern superlight bikes pay grade is so much higher but I don't want to put that money into service. 140/120 is much more all round.
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 In 1 minute he proved to me he could ride a bike better than most
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 Should have been the Epic Evo DC edition... Smile
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 Video EVO is xx1 but the consumer evo is XTR and looks like magura brakes not xtr like consumer version either.
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 wtf is the guy doing on the thumbnail of the video?
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 Downcountry pose.
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 Meant too be be a manual?
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 look with your eyes.....clearly a manual.
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 Looks like home to me.
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 DUH! Treat yo self! To a 12k racebike
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 This riding is better suited to radio.
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 Sounds like music from J.Crew
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 Interesting all the deleted comments, is it just a 12k bike?
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 Wow....A Specialized Tallboy. WTF???
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 Doesn't this video just suck? Asking for a friend
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 cringe worthy
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 nice ad...
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