Video: Mountain Bike Advocate Vernon Huffman in 'Soil Searching'

Dec 8, 2023 at 11:35
by I Am Specialized  

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In Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking, Vernon Huffman, the president of Access4bikes and co-founder of the California Mountain Bike Coalition, is not just a force to be reckoned with, but a force both for and of nature. He embodies the epitome of what it means to be a mountain bike advocate. Vernon’s passion for the sport of mountain biking is second to none, but wins for trails come few and far between on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais.

Yes, as a sport and industry we still have a long way to go to perceive ourselves and be perceived and respected as environmentalists, by die-hard definition.

The time will come when mountain bikers are also chaining themselves to trees to prevent old growth forests from being cut down, or ride through the streets of San Francisco with placards demanding policies to combat climate change.

As modern environmentalists we need to understand that trails don’t occur without any impact in the natural environment. If and when done right, a trail is the very corridor and gateway that allows mountain bikers to connect with nature. How can you appreciate what you can’t access, and how can you to protect and preserve what you don’t appreciate?

Of course, there are times that our stoke level gets the better of us, that makes us holler like wild banshees calling for their mates or whistling like some endangered cockatoos out on a bender. Each species has got its way of expressing excitement.

To learn more about Vernon’s dream to bring mountain biking home, and his work alongside Marin Water District and the Sierra Club, check it out at

Learn More About Soil Searching at

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 This is awesome. Glad to see people thinking big picture about our relationship to the earth. If we can't see or articulate our part in the big picture, it's going to continue to be an uphill battle with land managers in the United States. Thanks for being such a great advocate.

Sidebar: it's also worth caring about the land, water, wildlife, the world, and our neighbors just for it's own sake, whether or not it results in more trails or more STOKE
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 Hats off and tons of respect to Vernon. I grew up in Marin, loving mountain biking on Mt Tam as my main hobby, and its got to be one of the worst places to try to improve trail access for mountain bikers. My solution was to move to Canada.
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 I did the opposite - moved from North Vancouver to Marin. It was eye opening when I got here just to see how disjointed the system is. Vernon is doing it the right way working to build a healthy trail network and a healthy MTB community that works along side the legislators to make positive change - I can only imagine how frustrating that must be and kudos to him… I couldn’t do it!
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 Vernon is a great dude. We're lucky to have him down here fighting the good fight for better MTB access and the big picture of land stewardship. I hear he makes some bomb Paella too
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 Vernon is the man!
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 Vernon is the man
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 Vernon is a force of nature and we're blessed to have him advocating for mtb in Marin.
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 Good things are coming!!!
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 Vernon, thanks for everything you have done and everything you will do!
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 Hero. thank you Specialized for supporting someone like Vernon
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 What a legend!
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 Hell yeah Vern!
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 Marin county struggling with access to trails. Rangers were not flashing bikers for speed limits on Tamalpais?
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 Slick ad.
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 The birthplace of mtb doesn’t allow mtb. Keep fighting the hiker haters Vern ! And roost that donated e bike anywhere you damn well please you earned those turns
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 What a stellar human.
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 And ebikes are not helping with access..if anything there will less access thanks to corporate pushing for them knowing full well it will be the demise for all..
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 What about when I need to bring a chainsaw out to the Backcountry on your favorite trail at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon? Do they help with access then?
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 @therealnobody: I strap one to my rigid single speed along with a12er and camping gear ..fuk ebikes
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 @Bulleit90: Your anecdotal story about an doesn't remove the utility of the tool. No hate partner

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