RockShox B.I.K.E. – Sorge vs. Howard. Live This Sunday.

Sep 12, 2012 at 23:53
by SRAM  
Presenting the first-ever game of B.I.K.E. played over Facebook. Tune in and participate at 10am Pacific on rockshox photo Blake Jorgenson

A few days ago a friendly chat over Facebook between two of RockShox sponsored pros, Kurt Sorge and Ryan Howard, escalated into a challenge to throw down in a no-holds-barred game of B.I.K.E. in world famous Kamloops B.C.

RockShox got wind of the challenge, and shared the riders' conversation with their fans, asking them who they thought would win. The response was immediate and enthusiastic, as people from all around the world piled on the votes for each rider.

So RockShox decided they'd put up $5,000 in a winner-take-all purse — if the riders agreed to play the game live on the RockShox Facebook page. That way, not only could fans all around the world watch the action unfold, they could actually participate and influence the game with their comments and posts.

But as Tyler Morland of RockShox put it in a video message to the riders, if the winner was going to walk away with $5,000 in cash, the loser should take home a prize too. His idea: a henna tattoo of the winner's choice across the loser's chest, done live at the RockShox booth at Interbike in front of thousands of people.

Each assured there was no way they'd suffer the indignity of getting publicly branded by the other rider, Sorge and Howard quickly signed on the dotted line, and the first-ever game of RockShox B.I.K.E. was born.

Presenting the first-ever game of B.I.K.E. played over Facebook. Tune in and participate at 10am Pacific on rockshox

To see who's going to walk away $5,000 richer, and who's going to get their chest redecorated, tune in this Sunday, September 16th at 10am Pacific at

May the worst speller win.


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 Screw Facebook. All these companies should stop investing into marketing campaigns around their facebook and twitter pages, maybe it works but I refuse to participate. Have the contest on or better yet PinkBike and keep the money out of the hands of a failing business that financially skewered normal people and their pensions for a little profit. I want to see Goldman Squid Sac Zuckerbooger and push his stock to zero.
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flag Protour (Sep 13, 2012 at 9:55) (Below Threshold)
 Facebook blows Twitter is even worse; cant even finish a sentence without using acronyms. Zuckerberg is a greedy dork and a thief, and todays youth minds are being spoiled by all this artificial social crap. Facebook has the most annoying ads, "your friend claimed an offer from burger king, wal-mart, etc.."

If this is what the world is coming to we are truly doomed. Yet another distraction from global warming,, the polar ice caps could be permanently melted within 4 or 5 years, then no white reflective layer, and a runaway progression to a burning, melting's your future kids, are you going to do anything to actually fight for it? Or just watch stupid B.I.K.E.?

As Mckibben says, the future will either be miserable or impossible, we are quickly trending towards impossible! Twat that!
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 Yeah, these guys should stop promoting their business on a social media website where it's immediately available and easy to find for millions of people and use a relatively unknown (in terms of the general public) website. Great idea.

and protour - what on earth are you on about now?
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 ^Exactly. It's just facebook. The mindless will be mindless without it, it just makes it easier for them. Who cares? Besides, it's an awesome game of bike provided live for us to watch, I'd join facebook just to watch it if I didn't already have one, though I'm betting you can watch it without being a member, just delete your account after. Problem Solved. Stoked to watch this one though. Freerider vs. Dirtjumper...
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flag zorba73 (Sep 13, 2012 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
 The FBI 'bought and own' Facebook. It's become the most effective government tool for keeping an eye on the population. Who needs profiling when people basically write and post their own biography for all to see.

What is B.I.K.E anyway? Someone explain please.
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 how dare a company use every means possible to promote their business..! next thing you know they will want to sell their products to people..! Protour, keep in mind that pinkbike is also a distraction from educating the world about pressing issues... the time you took to type that, even the time you spend riding your bike are contributing to a lack of action for the problems you list... get in balance man... pbrider, keeping things on their own website and pinkbike ensures that they will not grow their audience... they're trying to expand and reach new people that otherwise wouldn't know about their products or even MTB in general...
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flag Icculus19425 (Sep 13, 2012 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 pbrider, just hand in there man, ill call the WAMBULANCE and they can help to stop you from MELTING any further.
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 Oh and Sorge FTW
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 @protour you do realize this isn't the first time there has been global warming? The earth naturally gets warmer and cooler, hence the ice age. If global warming didn't occur the Vikings wouldn't have been able to sail out of Greenland and discover new land. You should do some research and not just listen to what you are told
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 pretty sure you can still watch it.
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 @Buttonpusher & Sam : As far as marketing your product and getting the word out there, not arguing boss. Faceboob and twatter are epic chatter distribution platforms, but I still argue the effectiveness of reaching new and tapped markets or customers. I think it is more of a rapid communication system for your already current customers. Face it most people don't pay attention to what the friend of their friends friend just posted and certainly if it is something that did not already interest them. My personal belief is that if more money were channeled into programs that actually did reach untapped markets, IE bike parks, local ride sponsoring, Advertising in Retail Locations etc.. the community, the business and the sport would benefit rather than a bloated website that was taken public at such an absurd valuation that it cost average people alot of money that did not know to stay away. I am here to represent the opposition to that view, and I hope some day more businesses will see the loss in participating and move into more trade supported resources such as Pinkbike, MTBer, etc..

Also Websites serve the Instant Publication Function, Search Engines provide the opportunity for finding things, and arguing that Facebook a single Business should be responsible for both of these is a bad idea in general. My Idea is post it to your website, Then either A, embed it into Facebook, or B. link to it. Don't make it Facebook exclusive, that is my point. Which was missed So I will continue for general enlightenment.
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 I don't know where all the Global Warming stuff came in here, I just thought I would vent a bit. FBI owning Facebook??? Maybe you missed the IPO (be glad you did) and yet another massive fraud that the AmeriSheeple refuse to do anything about, baa baa. But then again that doesn't make us any different from EuroSheeple, hint hint Libor

And if you don't like being in the Sheeple herd, well you might not want to talk about that on Facebook. IE Brandon Raub (Extreme But Accurate) . So no Facebook is not owned by the US Govt. but they have signed away all rights to all information for monitoring by the U.S. Govt. Don't believe me, read articles about it. In the Raub story they had private conversations, messages, and extracts from private games the dude played with his family. Facebook has refused to comment on how the Government came into knowledge of these communications which is standard when you were issued a Gag Order.

I can't view facebook pages, photos or anything unless I register. When I click anything on a page it brings me to the registration.
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I dunno, I have a lot of friends who are into other extreme sports (kayaking, windsurfing etc) who post stuff and I'll watch, and they'll have a look at biking links I post. I think Facebook is a great tool for promoting mountain biking. I can't really think of any better way of doing it, and those people that aren't on facebook really need to get themselves into the 21st century. I'm sorry but that's just how people communicate these days.
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 Last one I promise And a fun tidbit for Sam on #2&3.

Reasons To Use Facebook
1. Reach New Audience - That is actually not proven to increase business profits, but does make good publicity.
2. Join the cool gang in the 21st Century
3. Stay in touch with family and friends that prefer not to give updates outside facebook. Aunt Holly this is You!
4. To watch RockShox B.I.K.E.

Reason not to use facebook
1. They committed a MASSIVE violation of Securities Law that stole from Pensions and Average Households
2. Goldman Sachs a major player in Bankrupting Greece and other Sovereigns "Likes" Facebook and Received the Spoils of that Fraud
3. They have been proven to sell your private information to 3rd parties been sued and settled a couple O times
4. They grant the U.S. Government full access to all user data - Not of course the private valuation discussions prior to the IPO
5. They promote the Collapse of the Euro, Loss of Nation State Sovereignty, and Removal of Personal Liberty and Freedom.

#5 is more loosely implied. But by partnering with Goldman Sachs and the Government in private arrangements who have been proven to do these things it's not a huge stretch. I am willing to loose out on an episode of B.I.K.E. although I sure do love me some Rock Shox, I can assure you I will most likely not be missed.
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 #2+5 - don't believe that for a second
#3+4 - of course they do, so does every other company that has access to any of your person information. That's nothing new or special, everyone does it, get used to it.
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 Facebook has some serious security issues along with privacy. Which is why I don't use it
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 Pbrider, ALL data on EVERY US located or owned database is available to the US government due to laws passed after 9/11. Facebook MUST grant access to the government, and, pbrider, if you have so much as a mailing list of clients then by law you must give them access to that too. The contact details of all your friends on your phone can be considered a database.

If PinkBike was located in the USA or on servers in the USA then all our data would be accessible too. Since Vancouver is a hotbed of web servers I assume the PB datasets are held there.
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 also, 96.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot Wink
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 @iamamodel & sam264 : Just to stay on the same page. You are both quite incorrect. The Government can Supoena information from anyone even international sites. There is a big difference between open or private Government Monitoring of Data and the Government Requesting Data. Here is a case where the government wants data from Twitter . The case is still not over but it looks like Twitter will bend we shall see. Point being that the Government does not have the data yet. With Facebook it operates differently, they have already created private monitoring arrangements. So you will never see a Supoena from the Fed. to Facebook, unless it were private Facebook information, such as the Valuation Filings. Also local police don't get data like the Fed does, but when they want it, here is what facebook does. Gives everything requested with no qualms. (Extreme case but there are many others) Other sites don't do this. I can give a long long list of examples where the Fed, and / or local gov. request information, then make a Supoena and it turns into a battle, many have won the EULA is what usually makes the difference.

Look this is turning into a Rant so PM me if you are really interested in hard facts, I am not interested in speculation. I can give documentation and sources for everything I have stated.
But to put the case to rest on Goldman Sachs and Greece and if you understand how IPO's work you don't need an article or writeup to understand how a Bank that cooks a valuation real high then sells shares is profiting from fraud, the boys on the street like to call that Pump n Dump.
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 I have been waiting patiently watching their stock just drop and drop. I can't wait until the other lockouts expire on the stock, then we'll really see it drop.
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 here in the UK, many companies sell people's information on. My dad works for Machine Mart, dealing with their mailing list etc and they pay companies to buy people's details. It's common practice.
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 I hate the way they have designed FB to be forced upon us almost as if we have no choice. If we want to access our interests we almost have no option but to subscribe to it. I will give them this - they are smart, they saw what the rest of us couldn't. My prediction is that trolling, pedo's, hackers and inter-web scum will eventually turn us all against FB and the like. The reality is that although it has it's uses and benefits for us now, it is just harvesting our information to be used to extract even more money from our wallets by corporate greed. One day when someone invades our lives via FB or Twits, people will catch on to what it is really about. We really don't need another thing to distract us from life, isn't there already enough of that. I would much rather ride myself than read online about others riding. Pinkbike saps enough of my time, like right now - i could be riding!!! Nice idea - bye!
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 each to their own, it's only going to get worse though. Personally I welcome it.
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 This should be an annual event and it should be a bigger competition with more people!
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 I wouldn't doubt it if they did because its become quite the popular thing to do in skating with the Berrics and in skiing with Stept. Its one of the most fun activities out there so it only makes sense making it into edits or events.
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 R Dog!!
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 Bike is like playing P.I.G. (i.e. basketball, if you do a shot and your buddy doesn't make it, he get's a "P", same thing again he gets an "I", etc.)
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 I think we all win. Except the money part
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 What time is 10am in english time?
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 We're not very good at math but we're thinking that's about 6pm in the UK. You might want to double-check though.
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 If it's lines or gaps then i pick Sorge, if it's tricks then it'll be R dawg...
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 This is a great idea! Judged by Aggy too
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 I pick Ryan Howard. Mad style.
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 where in kamloops is this going down haha watch it in person
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 Hey Jordan, the action will go down at The Ranch in Kamloops, and you can watch in person for free. Spread the word.
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 This should be pretty exciting Smile
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 lol this is dumb Rdog is going to win for sure
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 Bad A
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 How awesome is that?
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 So excited, I have no idea!
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 Fuck facebook....but the playing b.i.k.e. game is sweet..
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 Like it but will not be useing facebook . Facebook is shyt sorry
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 Facebook-free for over 7 years.
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 sorge is gonna kick his ass!!!!!!!!!
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 this is all i see when im on facebook... haha
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 SORGE 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 ...ya, what that ^sshole said! Big up!

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