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Video: A Hardtail is the True Trail Weapon

Aug 5, 2015 at 8:02
by Stanton Bikes  
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After struggling about in the old premises for room, we made the choice to shuffle Stanton HQ to a bigger place in a location teeming with natural trail spots with miles and miles of quality singletrack. The new HQ is in a village called Tansley, one mile away from Matlock at the foot of the White Peak, just where the Derbyshire Dales meets the Peak. The new place isn’t too far from where we were before, but now we can literally step out the door and go ride on lunch breaks, etc.

We’ve still got quite a bit to do in the new unit, in particular the showroom, but as soon as we’re ready we’ll be inviting people to come see us and go for local rides. We’ll also be putting out a video to show you all exactly what the new place looks like, however right now we thought we’d put together a quick edit showcasing some of the riding we have on our doorstep. The person riding in the video is our new ‘local’ lad Olli Watson, national DH racer and ex CX champ. His weapon of choice for the vid was our Switchback 631, our 650b agro play bike, perfect for smashing long trail rides and the local DH spots.

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 Went out on my hardtail the other day for a change, my legs were knackered afterwards, you forget how much work your legs have to do soaking up the bumps when you've been used to full sus!
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 My ankles normally end up the same size as my knees after a weekend on my HT
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flag chyu (Aug 5, 2015 at 12:00) (Below Threshold)
 Not a single switchback in the video.
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 There's a whole world to geometry and use of tubes on steel hardtails.
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 Wow. So how does the bike handle rough trails? This stuff looks pretty smooth compared to the trails we have around our spot? I like to run minion 2.5s. Do you think that would fit in the frame? Awesome riding in the vid!
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 Can't speak for the Switchback but if it rides anything like the Slackline there a lot of fun on the rough trails. In fact there a lot of fun everywhere Smile
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 @identiti124 this made me stoked to grab your slackline when your not looking ;p
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 @silverfish1974 can answer your tyre questions @conv3rt hahaha. But big up the hardtail gang
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 Lol...I wonder if he was being a little sarcastic about the tyre size?..Smile

Well anyway, I don't think you're gonna fit a 2.5 Minion in it.

It does say on Stanton Bikes website 2.3" max width rear tyre...or something like that.

Still I wouldn't swap my steel Switchback frame for anything else..Its bombproof.
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 minions will kill it! you need good rolling tires! IMO
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 @peanutbuter Touch my Slackline and die Wink
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 I run 2.7 high rollers on my Stylus, and it handles the rough stuff awesome. The braking bumps at whistler can be a bit much at times, but other than that, the bike handles it all. It's my DH bike, XC bike, and commuter vehicle.
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 I ask since 2.3 Magic Mary seems to be bigger than my 2.5 minions and I have this perception that 2.3 is small. I know Stanton says 2.3 but wasn't sure which brand. currently running a 2015 NS surge with loads of room with my 2.5s but they are 26" wheels (that's that ancient wheel diameter that most people haven't heard of, it's pretty boutique actually). Would like to try the 27.5 size one day, cause I know it will blow my mind...or at least my bank account.
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 Well my Magic Mary on the front measures 60mm across, my Rock Razor and Hans Dampf measure up about the same, all 2.35 widths. I know the Rock Razor is too wide for me when I tried it on my Hope rims which are 23mm internal width. Basically the tyre fitted in the frame with about 3mm of chainstay clearance but I found the tyre rubbed as soon as I stood up and peddled. I knew it was rubbing as it made a noise. So if the Rock Razor does that then without doubt so will the Magic Mary which I think has slightly taller side knobs as well. People do still run those tyres but it seems they're using narrow rims like 19mm internal Mavics or they're just putting up with the rubbing, but for me the rubbing was too much to just ignore. I think Stanton spec their bikes with Onza 2.25 Ibex on the rear and 2.4 on the front. I'm currently using a 2.25 Nobby Nic Pacestar on the rear and a Magic Mary 2.35 Trailstar on the front.
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 It beats me why, with all the variables in tyre width, frames don't just state the space between the chain/seat stays and let the consumer make a decision on the tyres.

Why not say the available space (at 27.5" from the centre of the rear axle) is 2.7" or whatever figure... Then, any rubbing or incompatibility is the fault of the consumer, which may even lead to tyre manufacturers standardising their sizing... We can buy dream!
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 Yeah I had just assumed a Schwalbe 2.35 tyre would fit even though it did say 2.3 on the website. I did have to buy a new tyre before I could ride my bike properly, but no biggie. The strange thing was I hadn't read any issues about what size rear tyre can be used before buying my frame although I did look into it I didn't see anyone else moaning about it.
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 My Switchback is the best bike I have ever owned.. use mine for everything from commuting to work to racing Enduro.. If Carlsberg made hardtails..
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 And you use it with 26 inch wheels. Sick
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 Great vid, great music, sweet riding, PROPS. Damn near perfect video, and made my day here at the shop!
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 so true, give me a hardtail, any wheel size, flat pedals and a fork suspension of any travel and I will be fast and happy and fuck the hell off of the rest . by the way... great vid.
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 Great bike but shame there isn't a large.
Sat on a friends 18" and its too small :-(
Wouldn't want to run this bike with a 80mm stem and 420mm layback post :-(

Bring out a 19" with a 24.75" top tube :-)
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 I'm 6'1" and I ride an 18" Switchback. It rips - a seriously capable bike.

Feels a little shorter than the long travel bike but once you point it downhill it feels right. Might change out my 40mm stem for 50mm but aside from that it is size perfect.
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 Yah I'm 6ft and had a 35mm stem on my 18" Switchback which was ok but I've put a 50mm stem on now and I'm liking the extra room it gives, the15mm extra stem length makes a big difference. Also went from 800mm bars to 760mm with the stem switch.
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 Not sure how the geo compairs but i rip on a 18" kona blast and i'm 6' with a longer torso. Stilling running the stock 70mm stem with a 720mm bar and it's perfect.
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 Slack head tube and short chain stays really helps a tall bloke. The Stanton feels shorter, but no way twitchy. As fast as my Nomad at Bike Park Wales and much more fun!
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 Makes me love my Orange Crush a little more, I've been looking at full squishy's after a recent trip to Whistler and a weekend affair with a Norco Aurum Carbon DH bike.... this has just made me realise, I don't need a new bike, I'm just shit LOL. Awesome riding in the vid!
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 i raced DH on a hardtail a few times this year. if you pick the right line its smooth as silk Smile
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 Looks like Black Rocks in the Peak District. Great vid.
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 Sorry should have read the description. Glad I was right though haha.
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 What a kickass bike and Trail too! Thanks for sharing!
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 Hardtails are fun. I had a Kona Steely for a couple years after riding full suspension forever. It reminded me to make better line choices.
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 Rides like a Bos
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 Great to see Stanton and Oli doing well. Also good to see a video of our local cheeky trails, cool to see him hit that step down at 50s in on hardtail....
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 Nice vid!
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 The music sounded like emancipator. Was it a remix? I dig it.
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 had a ns surge one time, it sure felt heavy but I loved it.
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 I will own one soooooon
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 too much fast forward... trails look sweet though! that rock thing!
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 Theres not one bit of fast forward in this video, he's just very very fast.
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