Rubber Side Down, Danny Summerhill - Video

Dec 6, 2016 at 6:05
by Steel City Media  
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Danny Summerhill is not your typical 'Type A' professional road/cx racer....

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Born out of Denver, Colorado (not Boulder) his roots in Road Cycling and his pro career with UCH Pro Team so far, has given him a huge base fitness that has allowed his transformation over to Shimano/Maxxis cx team in the 'off season'.

Check out the full film in our profile
A self-admitted 'cereal killer', tequila fan, and lover of discount groceries... take a look into the life behind the lycra and see what makes Danny tick.

Check out the full film in our profile
Anyone else know a professional cyclist with this setup?

Check out the full film in our profile
10pm post-war.

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 Thanks Pinkbike, it's nice seeing something different like CX every now and again
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 Awesome! Does this mean we will get to see some more cross stuff down the road?
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 Cool grounded big chap. He'll have a great career. Good luck Danny!!
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 Cyclocross is badass! Surprised he's on tubes though.
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 I feel old fashioned, but I don't want to replace my entire tire everytime there's a puncture. Tubes get punctured often enough as is from my experience.
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 @Kramz: yeah but as a pro athlete where one of his main sponsors is literally a tire company, he wouldn't have to deal with that. Plus, I had always assumed the entire pro field of cross was on tubulars so it's extra surprising to see him not even on latex tubes.
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 @LavenderGooms: He's on tubulars 99% of the time, he was just using tubes whilst trying that tyre quickly during a short practice Smile
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Emoti fail Sad face
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 @LavenderGooms: Danny races on our Raze Tubular tire but wanted to take a few laps on the brand new CX tires we brought out that weekend. They'll be testing our new Tubeless Ready CX tires in the off-season and next summer when preparing for the 2017 season.
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 @Maxxis: Can you ever see tubeless taking over from tubulars in top level cross racing? It was interesting to see Tony Martin on clinchers at UCI TT Worlds, and i've seen enough tubulars with poor glue tear off the rim mid-race to wonder if tubeless might be the better solution.
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 @LavenderGooms: At the elite level everyone is testing on tubulars but ultimately racers are going to race what they're comfortable on. At that level each racer has a slew of wheels with pre-glued tires to swap depending on course conditions. Tubeless works out much better for the grassroots racer who wants to easily swap tires the morning before a race after seeing the weather forecast and pre-riding the course.
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 Great video, but when are we gunna have a Rubber Side Down with Bernard Kerr??!!! @SteelCityMedia @Maxxis
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 That would be so sick. We'll see what the future holds.
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 sick whip at 4:45
  • 6 1
 He runs tubes? You'd think he'd go tubeless at that level.
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 Forget tubeless, 95% of racers at a world cup are on tubulars
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 @narddude: He's on tubulars 99% of the time, he was just using tubes whilst trying that tyre quickly during a short practice Smile
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 He's on tubulars 99% of the time, he was just using tubes whilst trying that tyre quickly during a short practice Smile
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 Danny, Travis, and Crystal used our Raze Tubular for most of their races this year. Weather at JingleCross was pretty nasty but they were itching to get a few practice laps on our new Speed Terrane and All Terrane Tubeless-Ready CX tires that afternoon so in the interest of time we mounted them up with tubes on a few training wheelsets.
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 What's the reason for the popularity of tubes instead of tubeless in cx?
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 @AZRyder: Tubular tires let riders run insanely low pressures to maximize the tire's footprint in soft conditions. Tubeless setups can get that low reliably these days but many people are nervous to adopt, similar to how back in the day everyone knew somebody who had burped a tubeless MTB setup. Today the technology is well proven between TR rims and TR tires so expect to see a lot more tubeless in cyclocross.
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 @Maxxis: I look forward to trying the new tubeless CX tires but I hope they fit the rim tighter than your Rambler gravel tire.. that one is a fantastic tire in most respects but difficult or impossible to mount on some rims and burps too easily if anything touches the sidewall.
  • 1 0
 @AZRyder: Not tubeless, tubular. Tubeless is hard with how narrow the rims and tires are; tubulars (where a latex tube is sewn inside the casing and then glued on the rim) offers many of the same benefits; some riders can run wicked low pressures like 8 psi during muddy courses. The downside is that flatting means you have to either send the tire off to get the tube replaced and resewn ($40) or just buy a new tire. Sealant has made it better, but it's still expensive for the average racer.
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 @t4ngent: Both tires are designed around wider tubeless road rims and the CX tires inflate easily with most of the charger pumps on the market.
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 @SteelCityMedia good stuff man!! Rode with a CX guy the other day in my local trails. Guy's can sprint. Made me interested in the sport a bit more.
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 Time to get into a Youtube binge. That was cool.
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 It took me a few seconds to realize that "5'7" 220 pounds" wasn't describing Danny Summerhill!
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 Cool guy I got a good laugh from this video. Nice work
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 Helmet on bike, no helmet on scooter /facepalm
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 Good to see this variety is the spice of life!!!! Live to RIDE!!!!
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 He seems like a really cool guy! Enjoyed the video!
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 Anyone know what trainer that is?
  • 2 0
 Yeah'm I'm wondering my self. I think that its just a treadmill. I've often thought a treadmill could be used as trainer but have never done it. The hills would be good work.
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 Nice video - really cool to see something a bit different.
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 Leg shaver Wink

Love ya Chris K...keep crushing in the pits
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 Many thanks PB!! We need more of this!
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 That was a really great video...
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 Super fun video!
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 Makes me think to get a cx bike too
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 More cx coverage like this would be awesome!
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 I want a CX rig too
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