From Youpala to M16 - Video

May 28, 2016 at 9:50
by Sulfur Components  
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When most people hear about France in the mountain bike community, they immediately imagine things happening in the Alps. Especially when it comes to downhill. But no, there's not only one mountain in Eastern Europe that allows you to ride some cool trails. Frenchies are going down the hill pretty much all around the country. From north to south. But for now, the boys have been playing in French Alps, close to the border on the Swiss side, northern Italy and a bit of the French Riviera. There they met with this upcoming french talent, living in the north part of the country.

Leo Jaegle

He's pushing a lot of determination into getting a top spot, and spending as much time as he can at his home bike park of La Bresse, made recently famous for hosting some World cups. Even when conditions are not that comfortable, Leo is always up and ready to get sideways on his bike. We were there with him to shoot some great biking. The guy just signed a new deal with Intense France, and is still pretty close to us at Sulfur Components. He's riding a new M11 carbon and a brand new 106 stem that fit perfectly with the red of his frame.

We wish Leo all the best for this season and those to come. You'll be hearing about him in close future no doubt.

MENTIONS: @LeoJaegle / @Sulfur-components


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 FIVE TEN hates this Video !!!
  • 7 1
 Boy rides flat pedals with one weird trick
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 Dude can rip and has steez, @chucktaylor sign the kid!
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 Five ten sent him a sponsorship offer right after they saw the video, wanna bet ? There s MONEY in this kid,
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 That was insane,15 and already big balls with converse sneakers on...
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flag nicofleming (May 30, 2016 at 10:44) (Below Threshold)
 Man, we could all be like that if we had rich parents
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 @nicofleming: you are wrong,this guy is a natural talent regardless how rich his parents are...
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 His feet mock Ratboy's, insane huckage over that wooden feature.
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 @nicofleming: uh oh, spewn some bad character there. Dont u want to be, rewarded for a particular skill set, idea, hardwork?
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 'Natural talent' is just a phrase made up by folks to describe an amount of focus, work, and determination they do not understand. I consider it an insult.
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 @AllMountin: @AllMountin: Stop dreaming, talent exists. Dedication, work and focus will "only" help you reach the max of your potential. Your talent determines how quickly you can reach it and how high your skill ceiling is.
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 @Blablablup123: good shit right there
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 Should have a warning for allergic people. Because that was nutty as fuck.
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 Yeah !!! Ça envoie
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 As we used to say back in the day....RAD!;
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 Funny enough these basic Chucks are actually very good for riding bikes and most every activity actually, I rolled my ankle today and I wanted to know wtf pro athletes do to recover so fast. I find all this info from NBA sports doctors sayin that the new (Beefy) high top shoes and ankle braces are making peeps ankles weak and therefore sending the stress to the knee thus eveybuddy ACL getting chowdered these days. Leading docs say barefoot is best if possible lol......I've always worn beefy 510 Line Kings and ankle supports(sometimes) thinking it was helping......WRONG...... I'm gunna wear vans skate - Hi now alot like chucks just more action sportsy. Nice Nac BTW!
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 they suck it up and ride!but really what they do it rub tussin on it down to the bone!
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 From my understanding it's not that fact that ankles are weaker that are increasing the incidence of knee injuries, but the fact that the hightops and ankle braces mean that the ankle can't flex. When forces are applied to the foot that would normally be absorbed by the ankle (like when you land on the inside or outside of your foot), and the ankle can't bend, those forces are transmitted to the knee.

You're probably right that these braces and hightops are creating weaker ankles, but weaker ankles would tend to increase the incidence of ankle injuries. These braces and shoes are essentially taking the ankle out of the equation by immobilizing them, which leads to the knee doing double duty; acting as a knee and an ankle.
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 @nug12182: robotussin?;lol)
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 @jlobes: thanks for backing me bike bro I was wanting to get that across as well but I have minor dyslexia(type shizzle) so I usual keep it brief but the NBA docs said the same as u, they also emphasized that the knee is stable joint where as the ankle being a mobile 1.(punnin)
As I'm sure you've already known. Do you have any idea on the best shoe to wear while sending drops this one specifically:
On my banshee amp with Manitou circus
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 @PaXXXton: If you have knee problems, wear lowtops. If you don't have knee problems or you do have ankle problems, wear hightops. If you have knee and ankle problems then the shoes aren't gonna do a lot.

Either way, if it were me doing that drop I'd make sure the shoes were brown, so they wouldn't get stained when I shit myself.
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 @jlobes: did not know my life could be better while watching Xgames Austin 2016. ready this emaculate respond comment could not stop laughing for a entire commercial breakWink thank u
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 Sick vid and riding - will be interesting to watch what "damage" this young gun will do in the next couple of years.
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 very inspiring!keep killing it little buddy!
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  • 5 0
 Du lourd! Pure Talent!
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 WOOOW!!! Magnifique, rider stylé et rapide!
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 I started riding befor he was born and I'm not even remotely close to his style, skill and speed. I'll just hide under this rock here and feel old...
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 "Eastern Europe" ?

Is the park La Bresse?
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 Yes it is.
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 Watch out for this kid, Damn!
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 Hollyy that Nac though....
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 Sooooo much style, bravo kiddo!
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 watched it just for the nak, wasn't disappointed.... the rest was sick too. so much young talent around
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 Chuck Taylor approves
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 HIGH TOP Chucks for the WIN!!! Loved it!
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 yes yes yes must keep an eye out for this dude, for sure.
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 Best riding and edit in a while. Also I can't believe he is only 15.
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 Some one sponsor the kid some shoes....! Fully rad
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 So loose and fluid. Love it!
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 Nice vid!
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 well then!!
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 crazy !!!!!
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 good looking trails
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 Good boy!!!
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