Through the Eyes of the Beerholder - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jul 19, 2019 at 9:32
by Taj Mihelich  
Over my lifetime I have learned how to enjoy pretty much every kind of bike riding. However, I do remember those times when I was so focused on one kind of riding that I didn't give much credit to the others. I hope y'all enjoy any kind of bike that you end up on, but this comic I'm going back to my more close-minded days. For your entertainment...


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 Triathletes do in fact have tails, it doubles as a rudder during their swim.
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 having done my first triathlon a couple of days ago, I can verify that these people are not entirely human
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 93% of pinkbike will not know what fixie freestyle is.
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 We've all seen her on Instagram by now. #shortshorts
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 @yzedf: you're talking about artistic cycling. Which proves my point.
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 Can you enlighten us? I was thinking the artistic cycling too apparently.
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 @colincolin: oh sorry, I forget everyone is so pedantic about everything these days.
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 @yzedf: I was just saying that it's quite brave from Taj to bring up a niche in a niche which is fixed gear freestyle. He was/is a bmxer but I don't think even most bmxers have heard of that riding style.
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 Fixedgearfreestyle is pretty fun actualy! Its like a 26"BMX with a fixedgear hub! You can also ride fakie(in reverse) for as long as you can/want. @scotttherider:
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 87.4% of statistics are made up on the spot.
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 @scotttherider: it’s @violalovescyling

NSF looking at when girlfriend is around.
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 @colincolin: I agree with you. It's been around forever and not a niche. Just because someone recently found out about it doesn't make it a niche.
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 @dirtyb0y: thank you for that enlightening experience! That’s actually pretty badass!
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 @scotttherider: hit YouTube. Loads of women on freestyle fixies
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 @slashnasty: thank you for that. Co-worker said if he could come back as an object it would be her seat or pants....
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 @makripper: good to know! Thanks for the heads up!
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 @scotttherider: they do some pretty wild stuff. It's big in eastern Europe and there are lots of competitions
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 @makripper: that is because they had no money to fix the broken freehub... wait
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 @scotttherider: check out the "3b's crew" in Vimeo for some sick fixed Gear hill bombs and fgfs. dudes are legit
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 @slashnasty: that’s a multi-day right on sight of the gf spotted me on her page.
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 @WAKIdesigns: subpar Waki-ing.
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 Peep my boy @skrtreynolds on the gram, he has some nutty fgfs clips on there
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 Haha the best ones in a while! Good work!!
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 I love the jumping over the Roadies!!
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 It would have been much funnier if he turned it into a roadie Garden!
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 The tail on a triathlete is confused with the two water bottles they put behind their seats although every bit of wind tunnel science says that it is the worst place to mount a bottle. The reason they look so strange is the compression sleeves and clothing they wear. Once again - no science to back it. The odd appendages they have limit their ability to change tubes, fix flats and preform basic maintenance. Keep these cartoons up. You rock.
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 So are you saying it is better to put the bottles up your @r$e ??
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 maybe just on the frame mounts between the tubes. But again there is no science to back up any performance gain from the up yours position so the tri geeks should embrace it.
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 Best yet! As an Alien fan, I loved the last one.
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How my alien be like when I break it out of area 51
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 @screamingeagle3: Gotta say, the alien is looking surprisingly aero.
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 Whoa, this are f-ing great! Thanks for the art!
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 These are all epic!
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 Wish I could up-vote this multiple times.
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 I’d love to see how roadies to look to mountain bikers! These are cool and funny! Love it.
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 It's funny because it's true.
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 The fact that you know what "Daily Bread" is... I respect you sir.
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 Came here to comment the exact same thing. Skating was my life from about 8-16... good times!
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 I, as a much too old for that style- Fixie-Fakenger appreciate the niche. So cool, i will never be.
But f*ck it. I’m gonna love this shit anyway.
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 Best ones yet! This is a great Sunday tradition.
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 These are all great! Nice build-up to the LOL alien moment. :-)
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 Do one for brakeless fixie hipster messenger style that aren't really messengers.
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 #43 ???? Taj
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 Supposed to be an emoji. I see what you did there. Awesome.
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 I love your comics Taj!! Part on my Sunday routine. Thanks
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 The triathlete one is spot on
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 Hahaha! Love it.
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 I dream with a TV Chanel with all kind of bikes
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 This is 100% accurate.
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 What do E-Bikers look like?
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 they look like the people walking on the moving sidewalks in an airport
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