Teva Expands Bike Collection from Slopes to the Streets

Jun 11, 2012 at 13:21
by Teva  
After the successful introduction of the Links mountain bike shoe in partnership with professional rider, Jeff Lenosky, Teva continues to listen to the bike community and collaborate with their team of riders. For fall 2012 they have responded with seven new bike styles fit for the dirt to the streets. From top performing high tops and new colorways to an expanded size range, the new collection has something for everyone.

Jeff Lenosky wall rides a tank in New Jersey

High Tops
Taking all the top performance features of the original Links but stepping it up; the new Links Mid features a higher cut for added support and ankle protection. Tested and refined by Teva mountain bike team riders Kurt Sorge and Sam Pilgrim, the Links Mid has the same PedalLINK Outsole that was pioneered for the Links and built-in toe and heel protection for big mountain riding.

Kurt Sorge gave it all he had but didn t quite make it....

Finding inspiration from the Links as well, the new Crank Mid combines bike specific details including our PedalLINK Outsole and a stiffer lasting board tuned for riding with the popularity of a vulcanized style. The outcome is a great dirt-jumping sneaker that will perform on the bike or off.

Chilling in the Sunshine - Laurence CE -

To answer numerous requests from mechanics and riders alike, Teva added an all-black Links to their collection as well. The new colorway pays tribute to their partnership with Lenosky featuring a tonal graphic pattern also found on his custom Giant STP bike.

bigquotesWorking with Teva to create a bike specific product line has been an incredible experience. The product development team at Teva has done a great job taking my knowledge gained as a professional rider and translating it into products all types of riders can appreciate. This journey has been a highlight of my career, and there's a lot more to come!. - Jeff Lenosky

Everyday Bike
For cyclists that use their bike to grab a 6-pack rather than bust a 360, Teva has responded with bike worthy styles that will compliment everyday rides. Built on the PedalLINK Outsole developed with Teva Team riders to ensure proper grip and feel; the new Joyride and Joyride Mid feature classy, office appropriate leather uppers while the Roller offers a leather and suede upper with tweed pops.

Specifically designed for women, the new Freewheel provides the right balance of performance for the casual ride with a clean, suede sneaker upper design.

Expanded Sizing
Responding to the request of Teva riders, the fall 2012 Links Mid and Links will now be available in a full range of sizes to accommodate more riders. Sizes will range from 3-14.

In celebration of the new collection launch, Teva joined team riders Cam McCaul and Kurt Sorge as they traveled to Virgin, UT to ride a line McCaul had spotted a few years prior. The short edit celebrates freeride mountain biking and gets back to the roots of why they live to bike.

bigquotesA bike opened up everything for me when I was younger. It took me across town when I was young and it takes me around the world now. The reasons I ride now are the same reasons I rode back then. - Cam McCaul

The new fall 2012 Teva bike collection will debut this month in specialty independent bike retailers such as Fanatik Bike Co., The Trail Head, and Go-Ride as well as bike parks like The Lumberyard and Trestles and online at Prices range from $120 to $70 US.

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 Why's everyone shitting on these shoes? Some of them look pretty good to me!

I ride 5.10 Freeriders, while they're great on the bike, they could be a lot better on foot. I know they are made for riding but you don't spend 100% of ride time on the pedals, walking round the trail centre or a post-ride pub for example.

I think Teva have done right to offer a happy medium.
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 I agree. I have the Teva Links (purple) and have owned them for a little over a year. I DJ in them, build in them and walk around in them. I found them a bit slippy (but still a very compitent shoe) for DH but that is what my 5.10's are for! I would recommend Teva's for anyone who wants a fantastic DJ/park/everyday shoe.
  • + 1
 my teva links lasted 6 months m till the sole came off. and used for all mountain riding only... returned it today for warranty.. Have to say they are more comfy to walk in than 5-10's but the grip doesnt come close
  • + 2
 Well, not having owned a pair of Tevas I can't vouch for the quality or riding feel but the concept is nice even if it may be a little flawed in practice.
  • + 12
 I got the crank mids from Teva Mountain Games last weekend, and I have to say i was very impressed. They have tons of protection on the sides for tailwhips ect with a really grippy bottom. Super dialed for dirt jumping.
  • + 1
 I actually wanted a mid style of this shoe, but I bought the low to soon. They weren't offered yet..... Damn
  • + 1
 yeah i like my crank mids, pretty comfty. love my Links too
  • + 7
 I just got a pair of crank mids and I love them. I had 510s once but I found them almost too sticky for dirt jumping. The teva's are better looking and feel great on the pedals.
  • + 8
 The crank mids are the best shoe that I've ever ridden in. 5 10 are nice shoes but way too grippy for dirt jumping. Crank mids are the tits
  • + 5
 Each shoe definitely has it's place. I recently picked up a pair of 5.10 Macaskills and some ninja Teva Links, so have been able to compare them side by side over the last couple weeks. The 5.10's stealth rubber is noticeably stickier than Teva's PedalLINK, and provide an overall better feel while on the pedals. Any time I'm NOT on the pedals, however, I will always lean towards the Tevas. They feel more like a basic sneaker, and I have put in several long days at the bike park with absolutely no complaints (or sore feet.)

All in all, it is somewhat of a toss up. The 5.10 rubber provides noticeably better traction, almost to the point of feeling clipped in at times. The Tevas I've been using feel less sticky (but certainly sticky enough) and are more comfortable if wearing them for an entire 10 hour session. Over the last week or so, I have continued to reach for the Tevas when picking out the days riding shoes.
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 ive been riding links mids for a long time doing street and park on my dj and the soles have held up better than any shoes before them, and theyre still grippy, but after reading all this about 510s being even stickyer i might need to reconsider my next shoe
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 Just got two pairs of hi-tops - Links + Crank
I have 5:10's too...which I love in their own respected stickyness -DH season...but I've spent all my years riding skate shoes. The 'Cranks' are the right amount of feel, with the needed amount of grip for my typical riding. Simply the best skate style shoe I have ever rode in.
I'm excited for this DH season in the 'Links' much support.
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 I have both Tevas and 5.10's. The 5.10s are stickier and breathe breath better with a little less finish quality. The Tevas I think will last longer and seem to do better in wet conditions, but take a few days to dry after a long few rides.

Jacob1993 before you were born people remember Teva from the early 90's as sandals and much of that is the "emotion" people give off about these shoes is about the "old" Teva pre Deckers and their velcro sandals, kind of a joke. It would be like if 10 years from now
  • + 1
 Ah, well I don't remember such delights as velcro sandals :')
  • + 2
 indeed like old airwalk 540's combined with vision street wear hi-tops.. look fine to go riding though,, how is the stickyness of teva soles?
  • + 1
 The best shoes ever to ride in tho were Airwalk GTO's. Man... I LIVED in those shoes for nearly 2 years (riding, school, casual, everyday.) till the soles were worn through to the insides of the shoes and my socks got wet when I walked on damp grass!! I WISH I could get another pair. If anyone knows how please let me know! Wink
  • + 1
 I just put in my order for the crank mids this morning! pretty stoked on it being my trail buildin, dirt jumpin, chillen zapatos
  • + 3
 Wish there was a teva links spd compatible version!
  • + 1
 Finally they are making some sensible colorways! I got the pinner instead of the links because I didn't want to blind anyone with the neon if they were to look at my feet.
  • + 3
 Eh. Riding specific shoes are alright, casual ones are kind of barfy.
  • - 1
 Wouldn't colourway indicate that there is more than one? ( I know it does).

Ummmm thanks for the brown/black? Maybe sell em at MEC because most of the customers there are inlove with earthtones?

They're boring. That's what I'm saying, function aside, I want them to look cool as well. The only one I see worthy of wearing is the casual brown one, but its just Chuck Taylor low top rip off.
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 I don't know but if Teva keeps up with all this advertising I may just have to buy me some new shoes.
  • + 1
 Got a pair of the links mid. All I can say about them is, that I don't think I'll be trying any other shoe for a long time.
  • + 1
 Tevas suck balls, The street collection is hideous, way to keep pumping out ugly shoes Teva
  • + 1
 when I saw expanded sizing I was excited then read that it only goes to 14, I'm a 15, fml
  • + 1
 I LOVE my links ultra violet. Awesome shoe. But for dh, I wear my karvers. My preference ONLY.
  • + 1
 Still no Links low cut for women?!
Real progressive company here.
  • + 1
 I see my next shoes. Crank Mid. They're babes! Shwing!
  • + 2
 i like the links mid
  • + 0
 One word: Vans.
  • - 1
 High tops and all-black look sick! The others remind me of hipsters
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