The Pro's Closet with Greg Herbold - Video

Apr 7, 2016 at 7:46
by The Pros Closet  

The Pro's Closet presents, TPC Museum Series #12 with Greg Herbold and his 1990 Miyata Ridgerunner Team

This Mountain Bike Hall of Famer was already a 2-time national downhill champion by 1990, but his win in the first ever World Downhill Championship launched Greg "Hair-Ball" Herbold into the national spotlight. In this video, HB takes The Pro's Closet through the technical aspects of his race winning bike as well as the challenges downhill racers faced in the early 90's... like hard-tails, tension disks, and peddling uphill!

Special Thanks To: Greg Herbold, Jon Bailey, Town of Durango, Tasshi Dennis, & Mike Wilk

Music: Giuffria - Call to the Heart, Space - Magic Fly, Alan Parsons Project - Hyper-Gamma-Spaces, Amanda Lear - Follow Me 1978, Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma
Video: Tread / Re-Tread, Fat Tire Journal, Camera A - Chris Leising, Camera B - Jarrad Lokes, Edit - Chris Leising

MENTIONS: @TheProsCloset


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 The good old days when you were not a XC guy, downhiller, enduro, add in our own segment....You were just a mountain biker. I remember those guys racing the hill climb, the XC, the downhill, and the dual slalom all on the same weekend.
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 And trials, if I recall.
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 and on the same bike.

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 Confused why my last comment got downvoted... you used to also have to do trials in addition to the other disciplines did you not?
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 ..and, there was essentially only one kind of mountain bike in 1990....non chain guide 18spd 2.1" 26'er with canti rim brakes and full ridgid was the norm. I lived that dream!!! lol
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 Wheel disks will be boosted as the next new standard.
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 I drove SRAM's national race support rig in the mid-late 90s. HB helped SRAM with a lot of R&D back then, and was a fixture at a lot of our race sites. Super guy on all levels, and defines the word PRO. Passionate and hard working to the max.
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 Wow, thank you PB. The memories! I had so much of that kit. In fact half the stickers on his bike are still on my toolbox to this day! Those Onza Porcupines were sticky as hell, but were completely worn through in about 2 events, if that! I always wanted one of those discs, but they were mental money and unless you rode like Tomac or Herbold, you looked a bit out of place in the start line of your typical race. But the sound, oh the sound! Hope hubs have NOTHING on that sound. It was a hum that you heard creeping behind you screaming, get the f**** outta my way!
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 Guys really mellowed out since his younger days. He's really digging the RC stuff though which is cool. Anyone who has seen Re-Tread will have seen his section with 'HB's school for cross training' where he has a nitro RC and dune buggy. I was so jealous of that guy then, I assume this was filmed at the same place too? Legend
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 Why didn't he show the footage of him cutting the course?
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 MAYBE you had to be there to get that one?
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 @aljoburr: We all know he did
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 @WestwardHo: I Would like to see the footage, as I was there racing for Scotland
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 I remember going to the moutain in the 90's with friends.... on the half of the track I said "hey smells like burned plastic" my brake pads were dead

F*@k i'm getting old or what !! Big Grin Big Grin
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 H Ball is a few years older than me. I started my mountain bike career back in 1990, and he was the Shit! I think Tippie took some cues from Herbold. He was/is a great test rider and knew a lot about setup and what worked. He's the reason I still have a Miyata hanging in my shed. Always loved the H Ball! It's tough to see your heroes and legends age and not be the finely tuned athletes that you remember them to be.
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 Great vid! What a legend. Crazy how fast the guy was on that crusty bike and open face helmet, makes you darn thankful for modern technology. Would be great to see some more of H-ball's amazing colection.
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 Paging Team Robot.
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 He failed to mention those white Onza Porcs probably only lasted one run. Stickiest tire ever nonetheless.
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 Watching that back to back with the Lourdes RAW practice on Vital... Holy crap we've come a long way.
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 HB... one of my earliest "heroes" in the sport, along with Tomac. Then Palmer came around and made everyone else look like a bunch of squares.
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 Greg is an original . The original King of the Mountain. Saw him at Mt. Snow back in the day - He won both his runs on a flat! (when they did two runs)
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 Oh those memories... damn... someone take those onions away!
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 Ah the memories flood right back. Bikes were real scary back then.
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 But you learned to ride technical & fast . . . or you died.
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 @mintysauce: and you really appreciated new technology when it came out... like disc brakes and better forks. My first forks were Manitou 3s with elastomers and no damping and about 2 1/2" of travel. My next forks were Judy DH with 80mm of travel and R+C damping... they were the nuts.
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 @fartymarty: right there with you. I managed to snag one of 250 original Manitou forks that made it to the uk. Inch and half on elastomeric magic. Of course Saint drivetrain wasn't around so we all made do with a combination of XT and ultergra! Now I do remember getting some ground tires at a whopping 2.5 width. Funny how 27.5+ is now considered groundbreaking. Doh! (Slaps head and rolls eyes)
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 Great video about one of the all time MTB greats. H-Ball coming straight outta Compton!
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 H-Ball rockin' a skin suit. What a blast from the past.
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 Oh my god his elbow!
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 It's Gout, my uncle has them. From using your arms so much under load. They are a build up of crystal and fluid, very painful.
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 "Big chainrings look bitchin'."

Finally someone understands!
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 50t chainring? nah, we have 50t cogs now.
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  • 2 1
 my Hero !
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 Roost Master...Braaaaapp!!
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 tsssssss!!! yeah!!!!
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 that guy is awesome
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