Podcast: Tahnée Seagrave on Dealing with Head Injuries, Concussion Protocol & More

Dec 14, 2022 at 1:24
by TheRideCompanion  

Tahnée Seagrave joins Olly Wilkins and Davi to talk about the launch of FMD Racing's new fly on the wall series 'How We Roll'. During the episode Tahnée talks about how she was first exposed to mountain biking, her siblings and the pressure of riding on the world stage as part of the family business. Tahnée also talks openly about her battle with the effects of a concussion suffered during the 2022 season, head trauma protocol at races, loosing followers after getting injured and the steps she found helpful to rediscover herself.

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 All hail the companionship
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 hahaha cheers!
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 Tier 1 companion right there ^
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 @M4tt12: Yes LEGEND!
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 I'm gonna be that guy; it's "losing", not "loosing" followers.
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 Losting followers
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 loosing followers into the wild
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 "Loosing" is Ameringrish. I wonder what they think 'lose' and 'losing' are.
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 @MichaelLinehan: you mean loosting?
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Nope, loosing is english english.

lose/losing = I have lost that thing, I no longer know where it is.
loose/loosing = The animal has been set loose from captivity
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 @gabriel-mission9: where is the loost animal now?
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 @kingbike2: dunno, I lost sight of it
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 Best bit is her answer to being asked ‘is there anyone you want to thank or shout out’ Agree, best pod going.
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 Always enjoy TRC podcast. Tahnee made a great guest, great to hear this sort of thing being talked about openly!
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 Am I becoming a millennial when I look at the length of the podcast and refuse to hit play because I know my attention span is not that long. Can someone give me the tiktok version to reduce my fomo.
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 Tahnee is only on for the first half and it's pretty attention holding, I think.
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 I always listen to it while i mow the lawn. Makes chores easier!
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 All podcasts play in my car at 1.5 speed
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 @M4tt12: we have winter up north…;-)
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 @squarewheel: good point. I guess you'd have to listen while you shovel snow off the driveway? XD
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 i dont think its lack of attention span for me, more like my brain wants to read and focus in on like a transcript or something so i can pull the pieces that are meaningful to me and i can skip the fluff. I don't like podcasts in general because I don't get much out of just listening to people talk. If I'm going to listen to something I prefer it to be music as that spins gears in my brain a different way.
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 Yes page 1 on pinkbike GoTeam!! @TheRideCompanion great work as ever so everyone go listen Subscribe like and un-follow then re sub send stars, stream and twitch and poke etc etc
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 She needs to try psilocybin, it can help with CTE. See Daniel Carcillo of the NHL's success story: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXy90dzT6po
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 Appreciate the share Pinkbike crew!
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 The Ride Companion is the BEST podcast and TRC’s Companionship is the BEST Companionship. FACT.
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 I first heard of this podcast(youtube i think) when BK was on. Then couldn't find it anymore. Is this podcast always posted here? Or only special guests get posted on PB?
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 Great question. We usually only post when we have a special guest on to be honest. Olly and myself talking about boilers and general rubbish isn't usually front page worthy! The best thing to do is hit subscribe and you'll never miss an episode. We release every Wednesday!
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 @TheRideCompanion: the boiler content is the best content boys
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 @ribsmtb: hahahaha SECONDED. More of it this week with Andrew Neethling too!
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 The best podcast out there.
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 "Nah F'em" should become a staple in the industry
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 TRC is a great pod !
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 Big deal. I've ham like 10 concussions and is wrong nothing with me!
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 Well done downtime podcast. That’s the best interview I’ve heard from tahnee. Good questions and right atmosphere let her be herself.
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 Wrong podcast haha. This is the ride companion
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 @drfunsocks: you are right. Well done The ride companion!
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