Video: Tom Herriott Tries Mountain Biking

Aug 13, 2015 at 5:18
by George Laight  
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 Why is this on the main home page?
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 Someone made a mistake?
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 average riding on the front page of the biggest web site for mtb?
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 ...during Crankworx week :p
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flag ti6996 (Aug 13, 2015 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 isn't this what mountain biking needs more of ? up and coming riders getting more exposure
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 Up and coming? Really?
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flag ti6996 (Aug 13, 2015 at 14:20) (Below Threshold)
 why the hate? he's faster than plenty 15 year olds
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 i can't comment on his riding, soon as i heard Example's tune i turned it off !!!!
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 You knew who the "artist" is? More the shame on you.
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 people do own things called radio's these days you know????
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 Radios you mean?
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 @sup3rc0w if you seen his mrs you'd know who he is lol , God knows how he managed to bag her
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 I'd totally fap to that, but no idea to whom you're referring @sewer-rat?
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 Example - the guy who's tune it is
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 Nice one Tom, it makes a change to see someone post a video that represents the riding standards that 90% + of us are at or even aim to attain.

We see so many awesome vids posted on here that we tend to think this is the norm. Well it isnt and it never will be!! I admire the guy for posting it. Where is the encouragement from everyone?

Well done also to PB for putting it on. Mountain biking is a sport enjoyed by all ages and abilities and I am sure PB like to represent the whole spectrum. Vids like this do just that. If you dont like the footage thats fine but all this "I can ride better than you" bulls**t is not helpful.

Keep on enjoying yourself Tom
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 Thanks mate, appreciate the kind words Smile
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 Don't be haters, they're just having fun on their bikes
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 I'm confused. Home page? Really?
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 Good job guys
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 Maybe not the best video but Tom is one of the most dedicated and hardworking trail builders I've ever met and is learning the craft well. His bike handling is also rapidly improving every time I see him. Tom (and his Dad ) put most riders to shame with the effort he puts into the trails, just wish we had more riders like him and hes a credit to his family and the local riding scene.
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 Thank you ????????
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 Thank you scruff, really appreciate it Smile
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 Enjoyed it boys, cheers. Is that Cannock like your man suggested earlier?
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 Thank you and Yeah it is, the downhill side of it tho 'stile cop,
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 The sudden realisation of Pinkbikers everywhere that they, too, do not look as steezy as Semeneuk when they ride their bike.
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 Nice one Tom, keep going. Yeah we all know the place as 'Stile Cop', can sort of understand 'the front page' comment's. But at the end of the day it's about all people at all levels of riding, If you were 15 and got any publicity at all you'd be over the moon. So come on lets just enjoy our riding, regardless of ability.
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 Thank you, and yeah I can understand the front page comments my self, most people expect it to be all the top riders in the world, but when pinkbike accepted it, like you said I was over the moon lol.
Thanks for the support Smile
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 I honestly cannot believe the amount of idiots on here these days. It's becoming Facebook. I didn't realise Semenuk, Atherton's, Gwin, Ratboy (the list goes on) were born as good as they are. Oh that's right... They weren't! All of the above were as good as this at some point. Have some respect, we all preach about how the biking community is the best let's maybe keep it that way.
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 Thank you for your support, much appreciatedSmile
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 I'm quite sure this is at cannock chase stile cop bike park
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 it is
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 I really like how you brake in corners
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 Normal of the week, make it a feature! Good on ya Tom & Friends
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 Thanks mate
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 Screw the haters Tom, top edit and top riding, nice to see some "real" riding for a change!! Keep shredding bud!
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 I am 15 and lets just say he's not an upcoming pro... good to see youngsters enjoying riding though
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 Will a little bit of RAW footage cheer everyone up...? :L
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 nice to see my old stomping ground dry lol
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