Video: Tomas Slavik's Winning POV From the Urban DH Grasse

Nov 17, 2021 at 1:21
by Tomas Slavik  

Tomas Slavik wins in France again! Three times in row! 

After almost 4 years Tomas Slavik came back to Urban DH in Grasse, France. One of the best european venues, with lots of fast riders and beautiful views. Slavik was on fire whole day and was able to bring home third win in row on this wild track with more then 3 seconds ahead. 

" I havent been Grasse for really long time and almost forgot how fast and how brutal the track is. I was really looking forward to racing and also for first real deal test of my new GHOST bikes RIOT TRAIL with setup for urban races."

"Morning was really hectic for me, because my bike crashed from the trailer on the way up to the start for 2nd training run. Destroyed front wheel, tire, bented handlebars and few scratches. Luckily got everything fix on time and I was able to do at least 2 more training runs, which wasnt ideal, but better then nothing. "

"In qualifying I just double checked my lines and options...and in finals I opened the tank and got solid win by over 3 seconds which Im really stoked about. Its always good feeling to end up a season with win before the winter training where some fresh motivation always helps Smile time to enjoy some time off racing and its time to get ready for 2022, which starts for me already in few months in february!"

"Thank you everyone who helped me fix my bike, deliver parts and thanks goes to organizers for amazing race and nice stay in South France! Thank you!"

This was it! Last race of 2021 for Tomas Slavik ended up in style on first place. Wow, 2021 was hell of ride and we want to thank all partners and people helping Tomas out on reaching his goals and dreams! THANK YOU!

Photo by: Stupefix, Freekor


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 Tire choice, does it matter for these races? I see he still is running the usually knobby but there is nothing for the knob to grip into right? I guess the maxxgrip compound would probably be sticky enough though.
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 just a bit of a theory here and I don't know much, but I could see how knobs would help in rougher sections since the cracks in the stones and the brickwork would require a bit of tread. I agree that the tread might be overkill, but since it's pretty rough, the only tires that would be capable of doing this without risking a flat or puncture are going to tend to have a lot of tread anyways. seems like a custom-built tire would be faster, but grip on rough sections is nice, and it probably wouldn't be that big an advantage.
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 Yes looks to me like some fast wearing soft fat slick would be optimal but I guess the street dh racing is not big enough for manufacturer to invest in providing specific tires for it.

I think I read somewhere that these guys doing urban DH were treating their tires with some tire softener products (similar to what some people do for indoor rc racing) for the events taking place in slippery supermarkets. I would not be suprised to hear the top riders are doing the same for outdoor dh racing.
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 Cobblestone is surprisingly slippery and not very smooth, he chose knobby ultra-soft soft tires for the same reason people would choose them if they were riding slabs.
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 I was think the exact same thing...I see a purpose for some knobs but not much. I think something like a Recon Race in a 2.35 would work nicely for something like this, or any wide XC race tire.
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 @SATN-XC: Fast Trak Grid 2.6 perhaps
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Was thinking the same thing. Casing might be an issue for why some don’t go for a faster tire? But insert and either semi slick, xc race might be technically faster?

Unless predictability and familiarity is worth the time penalty.
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 I would have thought Hookworms would be a winning tire.
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 @TwoNGlenn: A 29" hook worm w/ a DH tube would weigh 3+lbs a piece..
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 @Brave1i1toaster: well yeah. But that’s the tire I’d roll at 1/8 speed down that course.
  • 2 0
 @bainer66: and here we are trying to say what a faster tyre choice would be, when comparing it to the winner of the races choice ...
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 @OliOliOli: haha exactly. Like at local races when it’s the guys on clapped out bikes and jeans that are actually the fastest by far. But over analyzing is such a tradition for comment sections.
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 Shabby urban DH compared to the ones we see in South America for instance.
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 Some might say that you are a shabby human being compared to the ones we see in South America for instance.
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 cry into your money!
  • 3 9
flag danstonQ (Nov 17, 2021 at 8:08) (Below Threshold)
 @murfio: brEXIT
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 Definitely not the South American suicide run we are used to but those curved stairs looked tough to nail at speed and he has legs of steel to keep the pace up, that course is no joke. I liked it.
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 @murfio: that was funny
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 No matter which one, they all look incredibly scary to me even compared to Hardline (and yes, obviously I have ridden neither). Maybe it is me but I somehow assess the risk by looking for what options I have to bail (and how much time do I have to do that). And it seems like on a course like this, if your bars touch a railing, wall or window it will instantly send you off-line and (at such speeds) you'd whack into an immovable object. There is no roll out, just brace for impact. That said, I also understand that these riders see options that I don't see. But either way, these urban races do look scary. Including this one. I do notice that they puts some mats in the final gap jump. But honestly, if you come up short on a gap like that, least of the worries would be the ground between take off and landing.
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 What a boring urban DH course...
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 Needs some stray dogs running onto the course...
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 I got the same Kirkland flavor from it too.
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 What a boring comment
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 Balls of steel and a high lactate threshold, a winning combo
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 As an architect and urban planning junkie, I adore these races held within our's fascinating and exciting
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 they're the only tracks my partner likes to watch. She'll put up with dirt and rocks and roots and Bruni, but it's these everlasting stair sets and narrow walkways that gets her truly hyped for MTB racing.

completely relatable and really: if i've had 3.3 beers and there's nobody around, zipping around the neighborhood is a top ride. Always!
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 No female category?
  • 5 2
  • 2 5
 i guess them girls aren't jerry enough to try this.
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 @nullzwo: youre touching a sjw subject
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 Wow that was a lot of pedalling for an urban DH race.
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 the wet leaves were a nice touch!
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 He didn't even need a Zeb. Can my lyrik do that?
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 That was great! I love that there was a smattering of leaves on the road just before the finish...its almost like the road side trees wanted to see some carnage lol.
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 Anyone else wonder if someone got impaled by the handrails with the protective warning ribbons?
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 I'm sure that warning tape firms up on impact like the foam in knee pads, right?!
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 @MuddyBrit: that was my point it must be some new 3D0 plus protective caution tape
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 Cut those bars down to 700mm for this race
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 Love the "ooh la la" from the announcer when he crosses the finish.
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 HAHA! Shaved 3 Sec off. Like, at the beginning of the run? Lol
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 Tell me you live old school freeride without telling me you love old school freeride
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 Lamest urban DH track I've seen. Seemed really short and really flat compared to most videos I've seen.
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 "lots of fast riders", I doubt there was not many, this is very marginal sport. Slavik seems to be the only one who takes this series each year seriously.
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 It is to my tireless frustration that the new go pro makes that look tame
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 I miss his yellow color bike.
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 Fast, fun track. Tomas is fit to keep that speed. Good job Tomas!!!!

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