8 Storylines from Red Bull Rampage 2022 (Plus Quotes from Rampage Rookies)

Oct 19, 2022 at 7:59
by Tom Bradshaw  
Brandon Semenuk almost went for his step-down canyon-gap creation from 2013 but the sun in his eyes on the jump after had him postpone until the morning.
Brandon Semenuk looked to think about going for his step-down canyon-gap creation from 2013, but with the sun getting lower had him postpone until the morning.

Rampage week is underway and most of the field got to do some riding yesterday. Myself, Christina, Tom R, Satchel, Nathan, and Andy are out here covering the event and we've got Photo Epics, videos, bike checks and more coming your way. In the meantime, here are a few of the storylines we're following.

1. Dylan Stark is nursing an ankle/foot tweak, but was able to dig all day on course and saw him and his crew build a quarter-pipe at the bottom of the venue, expect to see him on a bike today.

2. A few of the biggest features have gotten ticked off today, but there is still work to do on the upper mountain. So the next two days we expect riders to focus on the shared starts and finishes, tidying up, and thinking about adding some tricks to their runs.

3. Brett Rheeder was looking good, already pulling a huge barspin on a feature that took that him and the team over 3 days to build.

4. Brandon Semenuk was riding well too with a huge tailwhip in the morning. He was also trying some three whips in the evening, ditched the bike a couple of times, but looked fine and continued to dig into the darkness. He's got a straight off the top steep section that is probably the scariest thing on the mountain. Not sure it's rideable at all, but the chat around the pits is that he's keen to try it.

5. A few riders, including Tommy Genon, we haven't seen ride their bikes yet. Tommy G, Reed Boggs, Alex Volokhov, Kurt Sorge and Ethan Nell and dig crews have been working together on a tightly spaced zone of what looks like multiple different lips on the far riders left of the venue. Expect to see plenty of action from there today.

6. Rampage Rookie, William Robert looks sick out there having ticking off multiple features in the middle of the venue.

7. The canyon gap take-off is a lot steeper now, and we're assuming Godziek has plans for it...

8. Tom van Steenbergen is just recently back on the bike after a long layoff from his horrific crash at last year's event, but he stomped a few big drops without issue.

In the other news, I wanted to quickly introduce a few Rampage rookies to those of you who might not know them.

Alex Volokhov poses for a portrait at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin Utah USA on 17 October 2022.
Photo: Bartosz Wolinski, Red Bull Content Pool

Alex Volokhov
Age: 28
Hometown: Nelson, BC, Canada
Dig Crew: Quinn Hanley & Kris McMechan

bigquotes"This is my eighth Rampage. I've dug seven years and it's my first year riding. It's kind of cool, the first time I ever dug down here was with Garret Buehler on the site in 2013. So it kind of all came full circle and just stoked to be here and enjoy the experience."

"Figured we [Kurt Sorge] worked together well over the years so keep it going. Got a whole Nelson posse here and rented a house together, got the whole crew. Boys are absolute savages, digging so hard".
Alex Volokhov

Photo: Isac Paddock

Dylan Stark
Age: 30
Hometown: San Pedro, California, United States
Dig Crew: Scribbles and Markie
Instagram: @whoisdylan

bigquotesWe're building a quarter-pipe. I've got a good drop into it. I've got a nice flat pad up there for maybe a half cab or something, but we've got to make it this far down to even sesh this. We're stoked, it's working good. We're just working on some water, it's hard to stack out here, it's just so dry. We're trying to get it pretty enough and prep it for when the water gets here.

(...) It's kind of top secret for now, but maybe I'll go upside down or something. We'll see how sick it is. Maybe a big air or a big flair. I feel like it's a pretty good way to end the run, just cruise out.
Dylan Stark

Photo: Bartosz Wolinski, Red Bull Content Pool

William Robert
Age: 29
Hometown: Fontainebleau, France
Dig Crew: Sebee Giraldi and Ken Desmazeau
Instagram: @william_rbt

bigquotesRampage is totally different [to Fest Series]. Fest Series is big jumps, but super clean and super smooth. Here, it's completely different. It's really free-ride and you have to dig your own lines. And without a machine. It's the first time for them [dig crew] as well. Lucky Ken is a machine. It's my third time now [at the venue-Ed.], but first time for Rampage so it's different!"William Robert

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 Rampage week really is a completely unproductive time for me at work.
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 I'm usually very productive. Except for Rampage. And WC weekends. And Crankworx weeks.
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 pro tip: reading these can be part of your work
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 @MatthewYoung4: I am not productive anytime bikes exist, ever.
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 Yeah same, not productive during rampage week. Or anytime there are bikes to be ridden... but I get a lot done from december through february usually.
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 @MatthewYoung4: Don't forget Hardline either. That's definitely a drain on the old output.
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 @MatthewYoung4: and Hardline....
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 @Pit-Viper: Well, Professor Viper (if that is your real name), if you need a newly-grad electronics engineer please shoot me a DM, I can definitely read many a thing and can also make LED lights go blinky-blinky
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 Hope these rookies took Zink's Outside Learn course...
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 You too can learn to stunt just like the pro's in an easy 5 step video tutorial!
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 Stark is going to flair the whole canyon or something.
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 I’m really hoping he installs a handrail somewhere and crank arm slides it
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 I call, a flat spin 360 with a middle finger to the crowd and one to the judges.
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 he's going to or something the canyon gap!
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 Cashroll the canyon gap
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 @howejohn: ehhh then it would be called a blunt roll if Dylan does it.
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 Bill Bob for short
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 Billy Bobby?
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 Where is Tippie? I want to hear from the athletes themselves! Tip always gets the best interviews!
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 Check his instagram; he has some there
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 According to the IG links, they're all using mountain biking to moonlight their real job as a British DJ traveling the world.
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 3 single crown forks and talk of half cabs... FK Yeah
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 Sadly, Dylan has destroyed his ankles his entire life. He constantly messes them up, even on smaller cases. This was almost an inevitability even if he hadn't cased anything. But glad he is still up and at em. Going to be a ridiculous amount of weed flowing through his camper tonight... (I suppose that doesn't change regardless of ankle) San Pedro represent...
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 9. Godziek is going to skip the lilly pad lander and air all the way to second landing
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 Semenuk stopping by for his $200,000.00
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 really feel like they missed something by not branding Dylan's stuff with "Stark Industries"
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 Stark Industries should rebrand themselves as "Dylan Industries"
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 Cue Disney lawsuit in 3...2....1...
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 I have an unrelated question. Will the replay after the event on redbullTV be free to view in the US without a VPN? I can't find that exact answer.
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 They usually are. Why would you need a VPN?
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 @Ososmash: the live stream is geoblocked on redbulltv in the US. That is why you have to have a subscription to ESPN+ for the livestream. People use a vpn to view the live stream on redbull but I’m not sure about the replay.
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 @srsiri23w: huh, this is dumb. Just saw that it's geo blocked. Guess I won't be watching it this year.
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 @Ososmash: Use Opera and their built in VPN
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 Should've been pie charts..
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