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Timber 26 Special Build LTD Blemished/New

$1499 USD
Brand new blemished bike build is perfect to you Pinkbike classified pursuers looking for a bit of a deal on your kids next bike, but you don't want some beat-down kids bike that's been through 2,3,4 kids at this point. We can't sell these as "first quality" but you can take $100 off by clicking the "blemished" button for additional savings. Rated 5 out of 5 Will (verified owner) Bike is working out perfect, figure I got about 6 months before he leaves me on the climbs! Bike weight is such an advantage, I never heard are we there yet or how much longer and he was able to grind up almost all the steep climbs. Geometry is definitely dialed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rated 5 out of 5 Bob (verified owner) Our daughter can’t believe how much more fun riding is now with a light bike that fits her well. Climbs, descents, flat ground, it’s all much better to her. She made it to the top of a mountain near our home for the first time recently while riding her Timber 26. On her old bike she only made it about a quarter of the way before wanting to quit. Thanks for your effort putting together a great bike. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 JD (verified owner) I pulled the trigger on a Timber 26 for my 10-year-old son for Christmas. It’s a beautiful bike, well-crafted and well-designed, and my son is at least twice as fast and having at least twice as much fun. The team at Trailcraft is great to work with and provides excellent customer support. The build instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the build-up was easy, even for a non-wrench like me. All in all, great product, great service, great experience. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 Glenn (verified owner) Have had the bike for 2 months now and my son has put over 250 miles on the trails around Ft Ord and Central California. We switched out SPD clips. Other than that, nothing was upgraded. The bike itself is a gorgeous orange and makes it easy to find him when we are out and about. Constructed well, it is lightweight and uses standard sized components so we can upgrade components easily (e.g., larger front chainring as he grows or upgrading to more powerful hydraulic brakes). Love the Rocksox fork and its ability to adjust for lightweight kids. The bike is for general riding and also to compete in MTB XC races (12-16 mi at 90-110 min per race), this is a great choice that provides solid quality, lightweight components which are critical for this age group. My son likes the ride itself and his climbing has noticeably improved since upgrading. Follow-up with Brett is what I love about small, specialty builders. And knowing the bike will retain its value makes the higher entry price well worth it. Lastly, we saw Trailcraft last year at Sea Otter Classic and I was hesitant to pull the trigger on a more than entry level price. But after significant research (there are only a few specialty youth bike mfgs and he owns a high end cross bike from one), seeing how much enjoyment the bike provides my son, and knowing that two bike shop mechanics highly recommend Trailcraft, this was one of the best investments we have made. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 Duncan (verified owner) I’m going to admit that I was very hesitant to buy such an expensive bike for a 10 year old. But after some gentle coaching from Brett we took the plunge…… Well….COMPLETE game changer! Never have I seen a piece of gear change someone’s ability to do any sport so much. Brett set it up tubeless, and it came in a touch under 22 lbs. First ride was on the front range, and I quickly realized that I now need to ride! The geometry is absolutely dialed. My son is now extra excited about riding, and wants to get out every weekend. Last weekend was a front range 12 miler. I can’t sing enough praises for the bike, the service and overall quality. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 Karen (verified owner) I have waited 6 months (a bike season in Maine) to write this review to really test out the bike. I am really glad I bit the bullet and bought this bike for my son!! One of my best purchases ever. I did not realize how easy it was to customize a build until I emailed Trailcraft and got an immediate response from the owners. I upgraded to a lighter rear cassette - it came to 22 pounds. We live in Maine with lots of rocks, roots, and climbs which the Trailcraft is well suited for. My son has truly enjoyed riding this bike! His climbing ability, in particular, has increased substantially and he is developing a true love for cross-country mountain biking. Thank you Trailcraft! Awesome bike and great customer service. You cannot go wrong with this bike- it is very much worth the money! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 Albert (verified owner) This is such a great bike! I thought my son’s last bike was good; it was aluminum and from a major brand, but it was incredibly heavy. He enjoyed mountain biking, but he always had trouble climbing hills. I just thought that was how it was for kids. But I’m so happy I ran into Trailcraft at Sea Otter, and learned there was an alternative. My son loves mountain biking even more now. On his very first ride, he was able to climb a hill that he never thought possible with his old bike. And the air he is getting from jumps these days is amazing. I got the special build and it has been perfect. After several months of use, there haven’t been any issues. These bikes are more expensive than what you’ll find in most shops, but if your child enjoys mountain biking, then I think they are definitely worth it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 tobin (verified owner) This bike is perfect. My 10-year-old son got this for Christmas and loves it. We got AXS with carbon wheels, dropper, and tubeless tires and he loves it! It is so light that he is now beating me on climbs and descents. I would recommend this bike with my kit for anyone who likes riding. Thanks Trailcraft! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rated 5 out of 5 Paul (verified owner) Our black Timber 26 arrived Xmas eve, no question best gift ever. Our 10 year old went from a 24″ Cleary to the Timber 26 and was so happy he could finally make it up all the steep hills in our neighborhood (he used to get off and walk the steep parts on the way home from school, with his bike brigade), as well as zoom at the pump park and beat his mom up the mountain bike trails. Brett and Ginger, thanks for making this happen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rated 5 out of 5 Gavin (verified owner) Conditions were finally dry enough for my daughter to take it out for a proper ride. She loved it, and even though it was the first ride of the season she was riding better than she was at the end of last year on her 24″ bike. The quality is top notch, and the geometry seems spot on with perfect length cranks. Great bike, totally worth the premium for the performance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rated 5 out of 5 Michael (verified owner) Got the 2021 Timber 26 Pro build in hot pink for my 10.5 year old daughter. She loves it and it rides sooooooo much better than her old 24″ 8 speed. Now she can keep up on the uphills with the rest of her team mates who are mostly on 27.5″ wheels. Running tubes for now, might go tubeless later if time allows. Dropper post makes a world of difference too! Will definitely be coming back to TC for her next bike when she grows into a 27.5″ and is ready for a full-suspension ride. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rated 5 out of 5 Jeremy (verified owner) Great bike for our budding 10yo trail rider. Geometry is much improved over her previous ride- or really any kids bike we’ve had to date. The 26″ wheel size rolls over anything in her path and the slack geometry is super stable. And the weight… or lack thereof, is incredible- this bike is significantly lighter than her sister’s 20″ from [insert major bike manufacturer]! So far we’ve just been to the bike park and local foothills trails in ABQ, but are looking forward to some light-duty downhill in the summer. By then she’ll also be climbing like a mountain goat! (Brett) was great- it was a treat to speak directly with the folks building in order to make the best decisions based on available components. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rated 5 out of 5 Michael (verified owner) 26 Timber. Great bike for my 9yo daughter. She is 4’5″ tall which was the perfect transition height to this bike. I was worried about her not being able to handle the bigger bike. But I received on Friday and she won a race on Sunday! So sizing was spot on. She is amazed at how light it is, loves the turquoise color, and says the colored valve stems make the wheels look like they a glowing. Worth every penny!

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Last Days - Timber 26 PRO Trailcraft Cycles

$1899 USD
Just a few days left at this price, and Christmas is just a couple weeks away. Spring will be here before you know it, so take advantage of a 2023 price. Just barely over 23 pounds, this is your kids new Christmas dream bike and just over 23 pounds! 1440 gram STANS Crest MK4 wheels! direct order here----> This is an 11 speed Deore build with 11-51 cassette (tremendous gearing ratio) and you can configure your chainring to YOUR riding area: 26 tooth - super steep mountains, high elevation riding 28 tooth - sustained climbs 30 tooth - best all around gearing for most 32 tooth - you live in Michigan, Delaware, Florida or somewhere else pretty flat, not hilly Buy now for Black Friday, we are limited on these superlight wheels to be able to build at this price. Price goes up in December. PRO: Deore 11-speed Timber 26 - 23.3 Pounds - $1999.00 (November Sale $1799.00) This is a Shimano Deore 11 Speed bike (Shimano Deore 6100 brakes, Deore 11 Speed derailleur, Deore shifter, Deore 10-51 cassette) SUPER light 1450 gram Stans Crest MK4 wheelset (note silver decals on the 2023/2024 Crest MK4 wheels) MASSIVE climbing gear for those wanting the best performance to value.

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Nov 17, 2023
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BLACK FRIDAY LIVE! Trailcraft Pineridge 24 LTD

$1399 USD
Trailcraft Pineridge 24 LTD is just $1399 and now on Black Friday sale. Just 21.78 pounds in stock form, 22.15 pounds with the dropper post upgrade and superlight pedal upgrade. Don't wait until Black Friday, this bike spec will probably be gone a week from today as they are selling fast. If you miss this sale, our Special Build is also on sale for $1499. Direct order here----> Jeff (verified owner) I just wanted to thank you for designing and building such awesome bikes!!! With the the warm weather here in Utah we decided to get in a few rides before winter settles in. (So much for waiting until Christmas!!!) My boys are riding on a whole new level. They can easily climb in the saddle on climbs where they couldn’t get up even out of the saddle before, on their old bikes. We rode double the time we could before with plenty of energy left. The boys are having more fun with way less drama, which means I am, too. Money well spent!!! Thanks again!! Jeff Salt Lake City, Utah Rated 5 out of 5 Mark (verified owner) My eight year old son has had his Pineridge Special Build for about a month now. Immediately when the bike arrived I could see and feel the quality that goes into these bikes. Within just a few short rides my son was already conquering new sections of technical single track, both climbs and descents. I could not be happier with the bike, Trailcraft’s customer service, and most of all the fun times we are having out on our trails. Rated 5 out of 5 Steve Cuellar (verified owner) All I got to say is this bike rocks! I bought my 6 year old the Pineridge 24 and I can’t believe how well he rides it just because it’s so much lighter than his specialized hotrock 20” lol. Bigger and lighter no more front derailleur so it makes it easier and the gearing is so much better with the front 28t sprocket. He’s doing some climbs I didn’t think he would be doing for another year. Pretty impressive how well he’s doing just because of the confidence he’s gotten because of this bike makes our riding experience so much more fun. He can’t wait to race it in the spring! Thanks Brett- your bikes Rock!!! Rated 5 out of 5 Chris Bencher – February 27, 2018 Thank you Ginger. Since my son got his Trailcraft, he beats me to the top of all the mountains now – It’s making me look bad. I could not have asked for anything more from his Trailcraft 24…. A perfect bike proportioned for a pre-teen; Thank you so much for filling the gap in the market. The component quality is tops, assembly is super tight, and everything perfectly calibrated. The blue paint is gorgeous; the bike gleams in the sun and makes me salivate every time I just look at it. I feel both pride and envy. It has been more than 1 year of riding and the bike does not even have a single squeak, click, or rattle – and the paint still gleams. Even after a day of riding, the frame seems to be “anti-stick” to the trail-powder and even gleams after the ride (do you Teflon coat these frames?). Sincerely, Chris Rated 5 out of 5 Nick (verified owner) Echoing what others have said. Trailcraft Cycles Pineridge is a total game changer. On our first trail ride we were making it up hills we have always walked before. The bike came preassembled and was in great shape. I am a bike mechanic and the bike needed no adjustments, no big manufacturer can manage that. The bike has been named the “Purple Monster” as it is able to “monster” over roots and rocks. We will have smiles for miles to come I am sure. Thanks to Ginger and all the crew. Regards, Nick, Amanda and most importantly Fiona Rated 5 out of 5 Aaron Gardner (verified owner) My son loves this bike! Thanks to the lightweight build and great handling his confidence has dramatically increased along with his abilities. The terrain around where we live is very unforgiving and he now pedals in places that I regularly see adults walking. Thank you so much for making the ultimate 24″ mountain bike. All of the little details really make a difference. Rated 5 out of 5 Will – I bought my son a Pineridge 24 almost two years and it’s been incredible. If you haven’t seen one in person, it’s a night and day (and 10 or 12 lb) difference from even the nicest kids bikes at a bike shop. And the differences are even more apparent on the trail. I highly recommend this bike and Trailcraft as a company and fully plan on getting him one of their 26s in the next year or so. Trailcraft – Hi Will- thanks for the great review for our website on the Pineridge 24! I hope your family is doing well and having a lot of fun adventures this summer. Fun times with these kids for sure! Cheers, Ginger and Brett Rated 5 out of 5 Pierre-Olivier Roy My older so has been riding and racing his Pineridge 24 for the last two years, falling in love with the sport. The best part is all the quality time we spend together on the trails. His bike is still in great shape with normal maintenance, and next year will be used by his little brother, and then likely by their little sister in a couple of years. You cannot go wrong when you invest in a quality product. I will likely have my three kids on Trailcraft bikes next year (Blue Sky 20 / Pineridge 24 / Maxwell 26). Rated 5 out of 5 ericiversoneric Wow, blown away! Very well thought out design. This is a kid specific, high performance setup, that blows away the comparable offerings from the large, big name bike companies. The brake and derailleur adjustment was spot on out of the box, zero noise or rubbing. We opted for the tubeless setup (sealant already installed) when ordering, so once I installed the handlebars, grips, and levers, it was just a matter of tweaking the air pressure in the fork and tires, and our daughter was off and riding. The customer service was awesome, with Brett taking the time to chat on the phone, and set us up with a build level that was appropriate for our daughter. Amazingly high quality bike, our daughter loves it! Eric Pineridge 24 Park City, UT Rated 5 out of 5 danbucks (verified owner) My twins haven’t ridden these yet, but I have built them up. I have one big serious problem now: *I* want one. I’m rather short, so maybe I’d just fit :-). They really are crazy light (much lighter than my kids’ 20 inch w/ no suspension), which is why I got them. The cockpit is clearly sized for kids. I look forward to seeing how my kids graduate from BMX parks to the trail … NOTE: you can’t really see the nuance in color choices online, e.g. blue => more like metallic blue (nice), neon green => flat (expected). Rated 5 out of 5 Jennifer Johnson (verified owner) Thank you so much to the Trailcraft Crew. You guys have been so awesome helping me get my daughter’s Pineridge 24 set up just right for her. Customer service has been amazing! She loves the new bike, how easy it is to climb, shift and brake. The cockpit is so well designed for small hands. Climbing and descending single track are so much safer on this geometry. Excited for all the time we will spend together riding the next few years while I can still keep up! Can’t recommend enough. Thank you for offering this great product to kids. They are the ones who deserve light bikes. Keep up the good work. JJ Hood River, OR

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BLACK FRIDAY LIVE - Maxwell 24 Trailcraft Cycles

$1999 USD
Never priced below $2000, this bike delivers for your 4'2-4'7" rider! Sub-26 pound full suspension bike with dropper post. Your kid will be faster, go bigger, and take it to the next level on this bike! Take it up an even bigger level with our premium component upgrade for just $149! See pics. This is the highest end, lightest kids 120mm travel full suspension bike you can buy for your young ripper. Direct order here: (we also have our base build Maxwell 24 (no dropper) for sale just $1999 in the lava red color here - ______________________________________________________________________________________________ These bikes are outstanding. Optically beautiful and true to what a real mountain bike should look and feel like. The biggest thing was the fact that changing the machine upped my kids riding. In a way it wasn’t fair to send them out on non-sus heavy bikes. Their riding has been amplified so much I can ditch my mates! We hit Lake Kalamalka (600m // 12k’s) and they rocked it! SilverStar bike park – it’s weird to fly transitions with your 7 year old. My kids are 7 and 11 but kinda the same size with control issues, so it was great to have the same bike in different colors. Yes it’s more expensive than the run of the mill kids bike, but it’s a journey for them and set them up right. My kids are raking leaves to earn the next step up in a couple of years. These bikes are light. Not super light, but you are not paying $5k. What they are is significantly lighter than the usual bikes offered to kids and with some of the intelligent designs we all take for granted i.e. geometry. You can customize – I chose easier gearing because of where we live, so now they can climb in the Rockies. Re-sell is of course a point, everything is private label. Trailcraft has done everyone a favor by circumventing brand and it shows up well in price and quality. There have been some intelligent decisions that have created a kids version of an adult MTB that’s not in the stratosphere pricing category. After seeing the first rip, I don’t care about re-sale anymore – it’s worth it. But, I’m confident they won’t have to rake too many leaves. Don’t know what else to add. We got pulled over a lot for questions. I went back to the LBS for more armor for my kids at the bike park because of their progression. I’m still grinning after a week of sharing my sport at a crazy level with my kids.. I’m planning some epic XC with these guys. It’s a bit like my Evil Insurgent. Can go all day and point it downhill and hold on! This is the Maxwell 24.This bike is for you if you want to let your kids ride as much as you do. _____________________________________________________________ Unbelievably awesome bike. The components are the same that you you find on bikes for adults, I bought the Elite (XT) build. Better quality than what I bought for myself. It has tubeless wheels with color matching anodized aluminum valve stems. The aluminum frame is light and strong, I have no doubt that the resale valve will be Considerable. I also agree with the other reviewer, once you see your kids level instantly increase resale value goes right out the window. Trailcraft has delivered the top notch bike for our young riders that we are looking for. Cast aside any reservation you may have about purchasing this bike. It will add enjoyment to riding that can’t be measured, especially since we want our kids to ride with us for the rest of their lives. This is the bike to help start that love affair with cycling and facilitate family time. They also deserve the same quality bike that you bought for yourself. Our little ones can’t help that they happed to be a bit short and still have a lot of growth left. We bought the family mountain bikes this spring and very quickly realized that our seven year old was disadvantaged when it came to the quality of bike I bought for him. Riding behind him on long climbs, encouraging him to lug a 37 lbs bike up the mountain and watching him get beat up on those fast single track decent. I felt guilty that I sat on a great full suspension bike which is light on the accents and smooth and fast on the descents. A new search was afoot to find the best full suspension light weight bike for our eager but exhausted son to ride. This led us to the Trailcraft line of bikes, coworker found them online and sent me the link thankfully. They are as awesome in person as they look online. This bike has made it possible for our seven year old to make those long climbs that were just out of reach with his heavy tank of a bike. Coming down those single tracks, it’s fun for him and I can finally let the guilt go for not buying this bike to begin with. Buy this bike and let them shred up and down the trails!!! _____________________________________________________________ We’ve had the Maxwell 24 going into our second full season of riding. Just in case you don’t read any further, buy this bike, you will not regret the confidence boost it gives your young rider while trying a new sport. I also believe the resale value will be off the charts when it comes time to upgrade to the Maxwell 26. This spring we’ve already done trips to southern Utah, this bike is amazing and performs when the trails turn to black diamonds. The full suspension geometry is just right and allows him to sit and pedal up all but the most steep accessing obstacles he encounters. I can’t say enough good about the full suspensions, first off and most importantly, it allows him the ride with mom and dad, secondly, few encouragements help the little guy more than when much older middle school riders inform him that he should walk his bike down the obstacles and he is able to confidently ride down them. Our last trip to Virgin Utah which consisted of four days of riding he exclaimed “This Trailcraft is the greatest bike ever, they really make a nice bike, when I get bigger do they make bigger bikes” that says it all. Once again, thank you trailcraft.

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Nov 15, 2023
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