Video & Race Report: Trans BC Enduro Days 1 & 2 - Rossland

Jul 11, 2018 at 11:26
by Megan Rose  
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The Stages Trans BC presented by Yeti Cycles set the stage in Rossland, B.C.— where adventure and racing have been embedded into the community’s DNA since the late 1800’s when the first downhill ski race was held from the top of RED Mountain in 1897. In the years to come, railway beds, miners' trail and whisky running routes laid the foundation for the 200+ kilometers of trails weaving through Rossland. Today, mountain biking has shaped this small community into a year-round destination for core mountain bikers to experience the authentic, raw trails that are precisely what the Stages Trans BC seeks out.

“The trails in Rossland are second to none, and for all racers, it’s an adventure from start to finish,” said Megan Rose, founder and race director of the Stages Trans BC. “I want to bring racers to smaller communities and get off the beaten path of the West Coast, to explore Interior B.C. It is exciting to see the expression on people’s faces when they cross the finish line on the first day, knowing the week is only going to ramp up.”

For some, this meant riding the line between staying tight and getting loose. For others, this meant race-ending crashes.

“It’s typical for the first day of a trans event to see the highest numbers of incidences when everyone is excited, fresh, nervous and trying to figure out their pecking order,” said Marty Lazarski (Squamish, B.C.) lead medic. “It was our busiest day yet, with seven significant incidences which landed five people in the hospital, but great for our team to dial in our systems and for racers to feel well-supported so they can continue to throttle.”

2018 Trans BC Enduro. Rossland BC.
Gabriel Blain (Bromont, Que.) Open Men sent it on Stage 5 on Day One. You can watch it at 2:45 in the video above.

The medic squad got their practice in and systems dialed on Day One, with seven incidences and five hospital visits.

After sampling the high alpine, loam that left riders frothing for more, and purpose-built trails down BS & Monticola, riders marched to the top of RED Mountain for a crowd favorite.

The media crew keeping things spicy.

Team OG came in full strength for their third annual Trans BC from Colorado. They bring the shred, the banter, and the average age of the participants up by a few years.

Light bro.

“Stage 4 was sweet as, I could ride that kind of terrain all day long,” said Tom Bradshaw (Wellington, NZL) Open Men. “It was steep, dry, drifty and had catch-berms right where you needed them.”

Foot out, Flat out. Nate Hills skids around corners on Stage 4, Dreadhead. Tune into daily #FollowCamFriday coverage on the Trans BC Enduro Facebook page.

Dreadhead is a classic, old-school DH track, pining to be revitalized from its NorAm origins in the early 1990’s. Although it is sporadically raced a few times a year, it is still an unmaintained trail that traces the lines of the first downhill ski race over a century ago.

For those who enjoyed the pitch of Stage 4, they have lots to look forward to later in the week.

Two years ago, the day ended here, but for good measure, Rose tacked on one more stage down Paydirt, where jumps, doubles, and endless berms gave racers a taste of bikepark back to the base area where beer and hot tubbing commenced.

“Stage 5 was fun and fast. Pumping the terrain helped you keep your flow and your pace up,” said Eric Hatch (North Bend, Wash.) Open Men. “It was hard to finish the day sprinting, but you had to push until the very end.”

Hitting bike park features blind is tough. Attending the rider's meeting is imperative so you know what you're rolling/dropping into.

With only Day 1— 38 kilometers, 1732 meters of climbing and 2247 meters of descending —under their belts, some racers already looked shattered from riding a day in 35°C (95°F) heat.

A hearty dinner on the deck of RED Mountain Lodge revitalized racers as they received their briefing for Day Two, which included promises of dry conditions on the Flume—that racers previously experienced as a slip n’ slide in 2016.

Riders are surprised with cold beer after a long day 2 of the 2018 Trans BC Enduro in Rossland BC.
Riders are surprised with cold beer after a long day at the Stages Trans BC Enduro in Rossland BC.

TransBC Enduro - Stages Yeti Photo PeterWojnar

However, an adventure usually isn’t an adventure if everything goes to plan. The dirtbaggers got the memo first about the rain moving in around 3 a.m. Everyone else awoke to wet conditions that would clear by the end of the day, but the Flume was not one of them.

TransBC Enduro - Stages Yeti Photo PeterWojnar

Dewdney, Whiskey on the Rocks, and Crown Point warmed up racers’ balance, pedaling and technical prowess up before heading over to Flume, where the majority of the day’s finish lines stories perpetuated from. Filled with the skeletons of Rossland’s OG freeride scene, slippery wood features and steep, rocky chutes, the Flume cast its impression upon many a rider.

Don't forget to get your gramming done before unloading the bus.

Dylan Stucki (Durango, Colo.) Open Men returns to Rossland after racing in the inaugural Trans BC in 2016. After the first two days of racing, he currently sits in 8th place.

The Flume.

“I found myself at home in the wet conditions on Stage 4. I loved every bit of its raw, technical and old-school manners,” said Ruby Morrissey (Squamish, B.C.). “Now that I’ve settled into the mindset of blind racing, I’m enjoying my time out in the woods even more.”

Stage 2
It wouldn't be B.C. without wet slabs on race day.

Stage 4
Getting backseat on Stage 4 - the Flume.

Stage 1

Stage 4
By the time racers lined up at the top, a steady drizzle added a new element to Stage 4.

Racers were advised to consider go-arounds of the slippery features, but despite any conservative intentions, all riders found themselves precariously perched upon an off-camber skinny that required a double drift over the apex, or a nimble dismount to three feet down.

TransBC Enduro - Stages Yeti Photo PeterWojnar
As a professional photographer, Riley Seebeck knows how imperative it is not to distract the subject when racing blind.

“Today was one of the better days I have ever had on a bicycle. We rode decadent trails, and the dirt was amazing,” said Jordan Carr (Ophir, Colo.) Open Men. “Stage 4 was really rugged, steep, chunky and so much loam. The riding in Rossland is world class. It’s really hard to compare anything from the U.S.”

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Rossland’s trail infrastructure continues to grow with new projects in the works. The next time the Trans BC visits Rossland, there will likely be new trails to race on.

“We’re excited to show the Trans BC caliber of rider what we have to offer,” said Nicole Briggs, marketing and events manager, RED Mountain Resort. “Our community lives and breathes mountain biking in the summertime and skiing in the winter. When I hear visitors comment on the intensity of our trails— that’s who we are!”

Stage 2
If you're trying to figure out your next riding destination, check out Rossland, B.C.

The trans enduro circus loads up for Nelson, B.C. where the journey will continue for the next four days. Rose has a few surprises up her sleeve for the racers. Stay tuned to Pinkbike for updates all week long from the Trans BC Enduro. Hashtag your photos #transbcenduro to make their way onto the live stream of the Trans BC’s Media HQ.

TransBC Enduro - Stages Yeti Photo PeterWojnar

TransBC Enduro - Stages Yeti Photo PeterWojnar

The Trans BC operates under the BC Singletrack Society. Proceeds go directly into the trails and communities that the event utilizes. Over the past four years, the BC Singletrack Society has reinvested $60,000 back into the trails. 2018 will double the previous year’s ante, with $16,000 from this event alone, thanks in part to financial contributions from Stages Cycling, Yeti Cycles, Tourism Rossland, Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism and High Above.

For more information email or visit

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 Every racer should buy local speedster Dave Sutton a cold frosty, he's the guy responsible for the fine trails they'll be shredding on Day 3. He hammers it on the bike and off, a fulltime sawmill carpenter who has volunteered crafting the woodwork and sculpting the dirt in Castlegar for the last few years. After day 2 he was sitting around 13th place in Open Men, likely higher today after utilizing his home ice advantage.
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 Going to Rossland next week and was hoping to check out the course, but it doen't seem like the trails are posted anywhere, does anyone know which trails they rode or which trails are a must-ride?
  • 3 0
 Second this ^
  • 5 0
 Hard to chose the must-ride trails. They are all really fun out here. It really depends on how you ride. The trails they rode range from blues to double blacks to not even open or maintained anymore. My favorites out of those trails, in order would probably be: Paydirt, Monticola/B.S., Crown Point, and Whiskey.
  • 2 0
 PM me and I can give you some beta...
  • 3 0
 Just stop in at the bike shop in town. The guys at Revolution will point you in the right direction and they have maps available. The KCTS also has all their trails up on trailforks.
  • 4 0
 And while you're at Revolution you can donate to KCTS to show appreciation for the fine trailwork
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 @vspin: I'd like to say too how awesome the owner (who's name I forget) is at Revolution. Somewhere around 2008 I was on a Kootenay bike road trip and had seriously mangled my bike the day before when a stick got caught in my derailleur, broke the hanger and bent the derailleur cage. When I told him I didn't know how I was going to do the 7-summits ride the next day, he went into overdrive and pulled out all the stops to make sure I was going to make it. I felt bad as he ended up having to delay his shuttle ride he had planned but he told me how awesome that ride was and that he knew I'd be back if I did it. He was correct.

It's more XC than maybe most PB'ers are into, but the 7-summits is a must do ride with an awesome shuttle-worthy Dewdney descent at the end.
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 @tsn73: Tyler - and yeah Revolution do a great job.
  • 1 0
 Yep. Go into Revolution if you come to Rosslandia. All those guys are awesome and they know where to go and how to keep you going.
  • 5 1
 Those videos were thoroughly enjoyable...who was the POV rider at the end of the first video...that guy needs to make a youtube channel...hah...
  • 2 1
 His commentary was awesome.
  • 4 0
 Cannot wait for that 11-46 XT cassette with the 9 tooth 37-46 XT jump to be phased out........................................
  • 3 0
 OMG that looks fun.

People never seem to credit the songs in the videos - which I loved BTW - that had to be the legendary RL Burnside right? Someone please confirm.
  • 2 0
 You are correct sir! Great songs by him!
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 Holy crap, these recap vids are phenomenal - awesome edits, awesome music, awesome mad vibes being captured and conveyed. Trans BC has been on my radar for a while, but it's just shot up to the top of my bucket list after seeing these.
  • 4 0
 holy lower pay dirt crash batman...ouuuch
  • 2 0
 That’s it, I’m not missing this again, put me down for next year! I wanna be there with the homies, not stuck in an airport!
  • 1 0
 Best event of the season. Easily.
  • 4 0
 Possibly the best race recap videos ever
  • 1 0
 Agreed! Love these videos!
  • 1 0
 Yea if that shit didn’t make you wanna ride then check ya pulse!
  • 1 0
 @Rockydildoa: oh yes, similar stuff made me join BC Bike Race in 2015....mindblowing getting into Enduro so this one is THE one on top of my bucket list...
  • 3 1
 Looks like a great event, summed up as: Yeah! F*ck yeah! Woooh! Wow! Wot! Oooohoo! Yeahhhh! Ha-ha!
  • 1 0
 That OTB off the drop in day 1 did not look good at all. Pretty much exactly what you don't want to have happen, straight top to bottom impact.
  • 3 1
 I didn't realize the transbc, and the BCBR were at he same time.
  • 2 0
 Two different race types too: XC & Enduro
  • 2 0
 Great content. In my case ignorance was not bliss. 2 events coverage is more betterer in every way.
  • 1 0
 @CaptainSnappy: yes, BCBR on a 100mm speci s-works epic felt a bit enduro though????
  • 1 0
 Fattest of props to our hometown hero, Corey Sullivan!!!! I feel lucky to have known him growing up! You're killing it bud!
  • 2 0
 #TrekWarrior 7th pic down?
  • 1 0
 It is not.. He is currently preparing to head to Italy for EWS in La Thuile.
  • 2 0
 Good to Gose!
  • 1 0
 Thats a gnarly drop when your in race mode......
  • 1 0
 Get 'em Country Dude!
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