2016 Yeti Trans NZ and Trans BC - Sold Out

Nov 12, 2015 at 16:02
by Yeti TransNZ Enduro  
Sold Out 2016 Yeti Trans NZ and Trans BC Indicate the Future of Enduro Racing

Vancouver, British Columbia - Two new additions to the international enduro circuit have created quite the storm— sold out in less than 24 hours, the Yeti Trans NZ and Trans BC are leading a trend in enduro racing, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Fourteen countries and six continents will be represented across the board at each event, and long wait lists indicate that mountain bikers are seeking out new, and different race experiences in distant corners of the world.

This format is changing the landscape of enduro, where people are seeking out not just a race experience, but an adventure in exploring new trails, making new friends from around the world, and testing your innate trail sense through blind racing,” said Megan Rose, race director of the Yeti Trans NZ and Trans BC.

Sold Out 2016 Yeti Trans NZ and Trans BC Indicate the Future of Enduro Racing

Each event has capacity for 120 racers. Start lists for the Yeti Trans NZ and Trans BC can be found respectively at www.transnz.com and www.transbcenduro.com. A handful of entries have been reserved for Pro racers who have not yet registered. Wait list spots are still available for the Yeti Trans NZ.

The inaugural Trans BC will take place July 4-9, and showcase the best terrain that British Columbia has to offer. Unlike its sister event, the Yeti Trans NZ, which will take riders to the towering peaks of the Southern Alps, the Trans BC will feature singletrack winding through the forest, technical root descents, rock slabs and everything in between. One thing’s for sure, there will be plenty of loam to go around.

“I love participating in new events, so when the Trans BC popped up, I knew it was something that I wanted to experience. This is the format of racing that I love and why I fell in love with the whole enduro thing many years ago,” said Anka Martin (Nelson, New Zealand) of Team Juliana SRAM. “It's not a race, it's a journey, an adventure, an exploration of an area with so many variables involved that you have no guarantee what the outcome will be. This multi-day adventure type ‘racing’ will definitely continue to grow and appeal to people who are not only obsessed with chasing series points.”

BC Enduro KR Enduro Series Finale - Retallack BC

The Yeti Trans NZ is less than four months away, February 28 - March 3, and race preparations are in full swing. Global Riding Adventures, Inc is seeking out highly enthusiastic volunteers for the Trans BC. Positions will be available on course, shuttles, course markers/sweepers, photographers/videographers, First Aid and more. All meals, transportation and accommodations will be provided.

I would highly recommend the Trans NZ to anyone who wants to experience some of the best riding in New Zealand all planned out for you. Do the Trans NZ and tack on a week or two after to continue exploring this very special place,” said Amy Pryse-Phillips (North Vancouver, CAN), Open Women second place in the 2015 Trans NZ.

For more information, contact megan@ridingbc.com or visit www.transnz.com and www.transbcenduro.com. You can also find Trans NZ and Trans BC on Facebook for the latest details.

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Yeti Trans NZ Enduro Day 3 — Coronet Peak — Queenstown, New Zealand.

ABOUT MEGAN ROSE - Megan has been riding and racing bikes all over the world for 13 years and organizing bike events for the past six years. She splits her time between British Columbia, Canada and New Zealand, running the BC Enduro Series and the new Trans BC for 2016, and running the Trans NZ race. Over the past two years Megan has personally raced in over 24 enduro races, timed over 58 days worth of enduro races, and personally organized 22 enduro races. Megan and her team look forward to bringing you the best of the best from all of these perspectives.

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 So stoked for the TransBC!! Huge thanks to Megan Rose for creating these awesome races!
  • + 7
 Got my spot for trans nz....so stoked! Can't wait!
  • + 3
 Haven't you noticed mtbing has gone main stream. If you can afford a carbon competitive endro bike you have the budget to "get away with friends and that cost is 2-3-4 hundred a day for full service. Pretty standard. Glad to see world endro emerging as a new group outside the corrupt UCI smucks. DH should do the same!
  • + 4
 What are you actually talking about? This is a private event, probably done under uci rules anyway.

Most events like this would have almost nothing to do with uci except operating under their rules (goes for dh, xc, am, en).

And what is your point around cost? That's it is damn expensive? If so, I agree
  • + 2
 MMMMMM, southern hemisphere. *stares at melting snow and wondering what riding conditions are like
  • + 4
 Dusty, warm, sunsets at 8pm, our turn to enjoy the season!
  • - 1
 Not really strange. It's just expensive. That's all I'm saying really. And it needs to be for what it is. I'm a bit bit bummed I can't attend because of the price. You do know how much it is right?
  • + 4
 Please enlighten us (no sarcasm, I really don't know the price)
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flag n1ck (Nov 13, 2015 at 14:00) (Below Threshold)
 @Uuno Oh, I was responding to @Theedon 's comment below. He was putting words in my mouth basically. It is like $1,200 US plus all the standard logistics costs that go into racing. Not exactly chump change unless you're rolling around in super hard earned cash like @Theedon or a Pro who's talents are awarded race fees and pay checks. The race will consist of Pros, fast bikers with money and time, but not faster bikers with less money trying hard to just maintain a high level bike and other equipment needed for this sport we all love like an addiction. Medical bills and all.
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 I think you need to keep more of an open mind. The majority of us that rode the last Trans NZ were simple Jo Bloggs Riders. There was really only ONE fully paid up pro. The event is really a social thing for everyone, with some amazing riding thrown in. Most of us busted our asses to save enough to participate, and I for one am not on much more than minimum wage. I will be there again this year as a volunteer, to give back a little to something that was well worth all I spent on it last time.
  • - 3
 Lots of bikers with lots of coin mate, nothing new
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 @Silliker269 Thanks bro. At the core, that's all I'm getting to.
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 The TransNZ is $1700AUD, and thats inclusive of airport shuttles (including a 6 hour drive back to Christchurch from the last race endpont), all meals, accomodation, day shuttles, medical support, bike support and race entry, which works out to be $340AUD per day. The race goes for 5 days.

Last time I went to a bike park I was paying about $285 a day for lift pass ($55/day), meals($20 brekky, $20 lunch, $30 dinner), accomodation ($160/night), not counting airport shuttles. It's not far off.

I think I'm a pretty typical entrant to this race, I'd been wanting to do it for years and finally got the time and money together to be able to do it. I own a pretty middle of the range bike (Kona process) and work an average shitty job, I'm no investment banker. I'm a father of 2 and struggling to pay the bills like everyone else. I have a cheap lame fuel efficent car, my house is falling apart, I cant afford to ever go out, the only things I do is work, raise kids, and race bikes. Don't you even bloody try and suggest that I'm doing this just cause I'm cashed up. I'm doing it because I love the sport and the experience.
  • - 3
 @Cam86 Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps my fear of this authentic event getting filled up with rich posers isn't realistic. I think I'll...

1. Note the date they released passes this year (it was only like a month or so ago).
2. Save my money in the mean time.
3. Get my ticket for 2017 during the 2016 season.
4. Kick ass

Anyway, I am really wondering what the best forum is for finding tickets from people who back out of this year's BC Trans and leave a spot open for me if my finances happen to coordinate this time. This event does look pretty rad. Just bummed it sold out before I could afford the ticket.

And if all else fails, I'll ride the shit on my own power, on my own time, on my own budget! Whatevs. Just not as "social".
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flag n1ck (Nov 13, 2015 at 17:26) (Below Threshold)
 @drew12341 OK, actually I'm not suggesting that. Assuming your last comment was directed at me. Way to get defensive bro.
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 @n1ck. There is a wait list. Event rules prevent the on selling of entries. If someone can't make it the people on the wait list get priority.
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 $1200 is $23 a week it's like buying one less box of beer or making lunch at home a couple of days a week or buying a couple less beers at the pub. Just set up an automatic payment out of you bank account and you will have the money next year. Some people can't afford it, but most people can if they make the lifestyle choices.
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flag n1ck (Nov 14, 2015 at 15:32) (Below Threshold)
 Ha ha. I'll dig my hole even more. Just so everyone knows. I don't come to Pinkbike for platitudes and life advice. Go to your local grade school and do motivational speeches if that type of thing gets your jollies off. Suckers.

@amrskipro thanks, got on the list. You are the only one who said something useful. I'll have to brush up on my Pinkbike commenting skills... or not.
  • + 3
 n1ck, did everything that everyone above said just wash over you without you noticing? just shut up. some people care enough about riding that they're willing to make sacrifices to enter a kick-ass race
  • + 1
 Not exactly. I actually don't even mountain bike. I'm a rock climber. I just get on Pinkbike and pose around.
  • + 0
 This race looks dope and I hope more events like these start popping up everywhere.
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 music sucks
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