Video: Is This the World's First MTB Fakie Front Flip?

Apr 23, 2015 at 13:40
by Transition Bikes  
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Antti Rissanen flips out
Antti Rissanen flips out
Antti Rissanen flips out
Antti Rissanen flips out

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 Thanks for sharing this one ! Good old street riding with hip-hop background ! Big Grin
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 Went to watch just that trick, and ended up watching the whole thing! Forgot how awesome that film is...
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 Almost a year before this video got released. Looked cleaner too!
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 Trail Pimp for President!
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 I already saw Eric Jhoson doing it at woodward west!
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flag kjl12 (Apr 24, 2015 at 7:22) (Below Threshold)
 im pretty sure ive seen another rider do it, cant remember his name. rides street bmx, has hella tattoos, broken hella bones, any clues?
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 That's every street bmx'er then.
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 In conclusion: if you want to fakie frontflip a DJ bike, your best bet is a Transition.
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 Nah not the first, but this guy's totally badass. Can we get Antti some f*ckin' spons up in here? This guy should be rippin' the slope scene hard by now.
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done in 2009
(sorry im late)
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 For those looking for the answer to the question, fast forward to 1:54...
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 First, that doesn't answer the question.

Second, jumping to 1:54 means missing all the badass before it. :s
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 You ride chainless too? Well i ride brakeless, fool!
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 Sheesh tough crowd. 99% of you pinkbike trolls would never be able to do that.
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 ...or are interested in doing that.
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 Don't tell that if you woke up one day suddenly being able to nail all these tricks that you wouldn't do them...
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 love ppl who go:

"ah well that's pointless no interest in doing that"

can you do it?

"no i cant" lol
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 Talent for sure. That being said, when we quit trying to just be large bmxers real Mtn biking happens. This is cool but it's just retread on bmx territory
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 Also doing busdrivers instead of properly thrown barspins is like landing tailwips on the frame, bad style for no real gain in making the trick easier.
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 I dunno, busdrivers to me are just a different thing. Drive the bus! Maybe one should have to honk the horn for a proper busdriver!
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 I already saw that trick on an hardtail at least in three different videos, so no it s not the first ever
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 We wouldn't have slopestyle without ramp park riding. This is where the trick progression happens and get incorporated into dirt/slopestyle jumps. Sweet vid/ riding and park!
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 So much 'mtb', so few mountains..
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 I think the more important claim would be first fakie front flip on a bicycle. In which case this was done long long ago in BMX
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 man, these titles get to me, in that they are extremely presumptuous. please ad a mere "on camera" if anything, for good measure
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 Amazing riding. But to be honest I hated all the slomo. Couldn't even watch it proberly, just skipped through it. In my opinion slow motion is just wrong for this kind of riding. It just totally doesn't capture how it feels to ride skateparks. Plus the bangers happen so slowly it actually makes it boring to watch. Big props to Antti though for his super sick riding! That guy really shreds hard Beer
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 Now do it over 50 footer...that would be first
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 The trick is to never ever fall, ever.
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 Everything he did was so clean! Taking off your chain! Dope Crazy dedicated! Great Vid
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 I feel like I've seen this done on a bmx before, but I'm not sure where.
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 Its not so hard trick.Normal frontflip is way harder)
Many people in bmx do this, and even with tuck nohander.
Its park trick, so I think real mtb riders from top of FMB world tour can easily do this, but they ride MTB courses Razz
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 Hyperx, "Its not so hard trick."

Spoken like a true Monday morning armchair quarterback.
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 juberjaber , mm. I know riders, they cant even simple backflip, but they do fakie frontflips.Just because its really not hard trick. And yes, if u ride something like enduro/am , its looks like impossible.But if u can backflip and frontflip on dirt, u will understand, what I am talking about.
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 Looks like a Miller Flip from the 80's.
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 Same kid from the first post does it here in a Woodward 10 for 10:
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 i do that on my old chopper and i some times do bunny hops too ,,,,easy .
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 Jeff Raid - Paranormal
  • 1 0
 I cant find this track anywhere!??
  • 2 0 song is called paranormal by JEFF DALE not JEFF Raid
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 siiiiickness! love the creativity
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 great, well done !!
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 Mind blown! Just pure awesomeness
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 so cool
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 prolly wouldn't be so many haters if the pinkbike player would just work as good as others.
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 As far as I remember, fakie is only possible in skateboard (back foot on nose of skate). Am I wrong?
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 kriss kyle was attempting this at simple session in the best trick
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 He was trying fronflip flair...
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