Video: Jaxson Riddle in 'Riddled with Style'

Oct 14, 2022 at 15:33
by Transition Bikes  

Jaxson Riddle is a mystery to most, but with Rampage 2022 coming up, we dug into what makes him tick.

Photos to go along with Riddled With Style video

If you've seen him ride, it's very clear where his inspiration comes from. Jaxson grew up riding moto, which has translated to his style on and off the bike. Nothing gets him fired up more than bringing the speed and big air of the moto world to mountain bikes.

Photos to go along with Riddled With Style video

When Jaxson isn't twisting throttle or going big in the Virgin hills, he heads to the course to catch a round. Golf is Jaxson's time to chill, and do something other than jump off cliffs.

Photos to go along with Riddled With Style video

Tune in to Rampage this year to cheer Jaxson on!

Video: Caleb Ely

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 Moto background. The new BMX background.
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 Just wait until you guys hear about scooters, it's gonna be a wild ride.
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 It’s actually a FMX background
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 Being different from everyone is good, but being you is the best thing you can be, no matter if that's similar to anyone or thing. Sick skills BTW, hope you win it this year
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flag ripcraft (Oct 18, 2022 at 11:59) (Below Threshold)
 I wasn't a big fan of that comment. Hope he grows past that sort of an attitude. "Worthless", stfu. Might have been some humor or sarcasm in there, but people rarely say things even as a joke without meaning it to some extent. We don't need pro mtb'ers that talk like nfl divas, IMO. I've just always appreciated the down-to-earth nature of most pro mtb'ers as a testament to the common passion for bikes and the mtb community. But the sport does certainly seem to be going in the direction of bro-culture as it gains more mainstream traction, and even despite becoming more "woke". I miss the days when we were mostly dorks, even if the bikes were'nt that great.
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 Golf background
  • 1 0
 Grrr... you beat me to the same comment!
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 perfect way to spoil a good walk
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 @rodeostu @slickwilly1 deserves the credit, i'm just teeing up
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 It's a good job Jaxson's so damn good on a bike, because with a name that cool he essentially had no choice but a career in extreme sports. It was just never going to work to say "let me introduce you to our East Midlands head of sanitary ware sales Jaxson Riddle"
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 He's still young, Nominative determinism can still play out here?
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 @theboypanda: maybe a career in writing cryptic crossword clues once he hangs up his goggles?
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 He gets paid to spend all his time riding mtb/moto and play golf. I'd say he's figured life out pretty well already.
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 The lifted Tacoma with black wheels definitely doesn't look like anyone else....
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 or troy lee kit with oakley goggles... i feel like everyone hypes up his different style too much.
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 i think they we talking about his riding style you bunch of yentas.
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 @Struggleteam: so he’s saying riding like the other competitors like Zink, Storch, Godziek is worthless? I’m still trying to figure out what’s worthless.
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 @ElDebarge: we’ll he definitely rides with a freestyle mx style. His run last year just looked different. However my point was it wasn’t about his truck or his goggles but how he rides. Regardless I’m sure he wears that gear because he’s sponsored by them.
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 Heaven forbid him wearing one of the four top goggle and helmet companies that happen to pay him. He should make is own. @adrennan:
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 @ebomb801: I guess what I am saying is we don't need a minute interview talking about how you look different when you are in the same brands, just let your riding do the talking.
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 @transition bikes just give us a rough date for the new TR11 I need to know when to give you my money damn it! Also ridiculous video Jaxson!
  • 6 8
 Do people still even buy that bike?
  • 3 0
 @dreadnought007: Some of us are trying…
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 @dreadnought007: I would love to ,if we can at least have a roughly date from transition bike
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flag inflatedwheel (Oct 18, 2022 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
 @Cerealmike: I wouldn’t, enduro bikes are as if not more capable these days.
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 @dreadnought007: that’s fair man, I’m lucky to not have to own one bike and live in a place where I can use a DH rig. Enduro bikes sure are great but don’t love destroying them in the bike park. Each to their own!
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 I was asking them at the outpost last weekend and the answer was “we just had a meeting and a new tr11 still hasn’t come up”

Hopefully they were yanking my leg
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 This dudes the present and the future. Bringing in a breath of fresh air to a stale industry. Thank goodness.
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 Chevelle as music is always a good choice
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 His skatepark clips are rad.
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 Wow, you aren't wrong Thanks for the tip!
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 @Woody25: RIP Beta
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 Good vid with so much style, ready to see the alloy dh/freeride bike he's riding release.
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 tr11 update is due, looks like they're close to production with something
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 Seems like a good kid. His pops would be proud. Spin to win Jax!
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 Tuck no hander to suicide no hander!!
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 MX background
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 Golf background
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 @slickwilly1: It's all about the hip rotation whether putting or whipping.
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 Is that dude on a team chevy KX250 replica? If so, classy.
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 The chainstay on that whip is sooo sick! Am I right?
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 Jackson Is so good! That kid is a legend, so freaking stylish! Go have a good rampage!
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 Golf background is the new BMX background???
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 Mtb and Golf... you are a bit young for a (my) mid life crisis.
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 Huge style & amplitude;
Super chill demeanor.
"Be the change"
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 chevelle!! what an underated band! \m/
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 This kid's got style for MILES
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 The best style!!! Excited to watch him this Rampage
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 He got robbed at last year’s rampage.
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 No definitely not!
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 My son's name is Jackson. This guy's spelling is way cooler
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 Not to late to change it, he won’t even notice….
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