Video: Matt Bolton Shreds Squamish in 'Relay All Day'

Nov 8, 2023 at 11:10
by Transition Bikes  

Words: Transition Bikes

Squamish local, Matt Bolton, spends a day riding his hometown favorites!

Squamish, BC, is home to TR athlete Matt Bolton and also happens to be an adults version of a full blown playground. In this film Matt spends his "recess" wisely, riding a variety of trail that Squamish is known for.

bigquotesWe wanted to show some of my favorite Squamish trail sections by showcasing everything from wooden freeride lines, loamers and iconic Squamish slabs. My buddy Curtis had put a lot of work into rebuilding his wooden freeride line on Hot Tuna. Normally I'd only get a chance to get up there on weekends or days off, so we wanted to show how the Relay can help access trails that are further out.Matt Bolton


While Matt isn't going to get rid of his regular muscle bike any time soon, he's excited at the options the the Relay has opened up "It has really helped me have as much fun as possible on my bike, focusing less on the up's/access and just spending more time ripping the downs. I've been blown away at the capability of it and I still haven't found any line I don't feel comfortable riding with it. The Relay feels a lot closer to my Patrol then my previous e-bikes, with a smaller motor the bike feels a lot more balanced and nimbler."

Whether it's riding slabs, lugging tools, or popping jumps, the Relay is up for anything.

Video | Robin Munshaw
Photo | Damon Berryman


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 Truly amazing that every single trail in the sea to sky was Built By Boltz
  • 16 1
 Stoked on this one!
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 The feature at 2:20 is so intimidating in person. I'm genuinely shocked that people are able to ride it safely - mainly because of the unforgiving run-out.
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 legit the scariest feature in Squamish imo
  • 1 0
 looks like Reece Wallace's rampage edit slab
  • 2 0
 @slayerdegnar: Yep, it is. I hadn't seen Reece's edit before, but it shows how absurdly terrible the runout is when someone of his skill level had a hard time controlling it. In person, the second part of the slab is as steep as most of the 'normal' slabs in Squamish, which makes controlling speed after the first part a real challenge.
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 I got my hands on one for the day, and the thing rips. Felt right at home immediately almost as if I were on my Spire. Also, Matt is so gnarly.
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 Just wish they would have put a tried and true Shimano or Bosch motor in it. I've heard nothing but bad things about the Fazua, and saving a few grams isn't worth lack of reliability imo. My Shimano E8000 has 2,500 hard miles on it with zero issues and you can pry it from my cold dead hands haha.
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 @succulentsausage: They did,
its called the Repeater. This is the Relay, meant to be the "lightweight hybrid" e-bike.
I can give you a list of people whos have experienced issues with all sorts of things, especially e-bike motors.
Its almost like youre repeating something that you havent experienced, and are now adding to "heard nothing but bad things about..."
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 @succulentsausage: I've put a ton of miles on my Fazua this summer and so far zero issues. I've found the motor has performed better then my Shiamno and it's way quieter! The whole point of the Relay is a lighter weight E-Bike, the Repeater has the larger motor. Thanks for checking out the video!
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 I love the look of Squamish slabs.
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 Beautifully shot!
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 Yeee Boltz!
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 This guy sure uses a lot of batteries.
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 Didn't know anybody was still filming Governator. Thought it would be off limits.
  • 3 1
 why is that because of the accident ? the tree that she hit is long gone . its a safe line meow .
  • 2 0
 @DHsender4life: No, I think he means because it's in the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park and illegal.
  • 2 0
 @peytodog: lol no people are allowed to film in this area . It's because of mikayla dying riding the governator rock roll 4 years ago.
  • 2 0
 @DHsender4life: No, that's incorrect about being a legal area to ride/film.
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 @peytodog: it's a very popular area you realize. Has been for years with a trails zone as well. I've never heard of any enforcement done to stop people from accessing this area. Have you heard of anything?
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 Hiking an e-bike uphill on my shoulders? Oh hell no!!!
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 Hard to show in the video but the battery was out for that shot, it's only a few pounds heavier than my patrol without the battery!
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 Yeah Matt I gotta get one of those!!
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 Loved the music. Anyone know who it is?
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 fuckin Squampton!
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