Velouria Cycles Announces New Line of Titanium Bikes

Oct 10, 2022 at 13:06
by Velouria Cycles  

PRESS RELEASE: Velouria Cycles Titanium Bikes

Velouria Cycles was founded by a team of cycling professionals and enthusiasts with several years of experience. We are from Alicante, Spain, known as the “Mediterranean mecca of cycling” due to its mountainous topography and pleasant weather throughout the year.


We think long-term…

At Velouria Cycles, we aim for much more than immediate satisfaction. We seek mechanical perfection and a timeless design that does not fall prey to passing trends. We only use titanium in our bikes production, not just for its durability, but also because it can be recycled over and over again.

Now we start selling our frames: Sober (trail/enduro hardtail) and Far Away (gravel and bikepacking) on our website: Soon we will put the Even Flow on sale, one of the few full-suspension trail/enduro bike models made of titanium in the world.


Titanium Trail / Enduro Hardtail

Sober is our 29er rigid Trail / Enduro model, the essence of the mountain bike adapted to our times. Based on our long experience with all types of mountain bikes, and after producing several prototypes with differing geometries, we have developed a bike with a low geometry—but not too extreme—that is suited for pedalling over long mountainside stretches. This bike is good for a trail center day, a bikepark session or taking a long trip.

Details are of the utmost importance on a mountain bike which is usually subjected to the most demanding conditions.

-The frame is made out of highly shock-absorbent, butted 3Al 2.5V titanium with great resistance to use.

-ISCG05 fixing.

-73mm BSA threaded bottom bracket to prevent noise and malfunctions.

-Internal cable routing to protect against possible wear from friction or snagging.

-Very short seat tubes for installing longer dropper posts.

-Interchangeable titanium derailleur hanger for better reliability.

-For use with 140-160mm forks.

-Five-year warranty for the original buyer.

-Price: 1,695€ VAT included, frame only.



Combining titanium with technology and greatest crafmanship

-Stable and reliable.

We designed our Even Flow model to have a long, low geometry with a low head tube angle, but nothing too extreme. We used a 4-bar link progressive suspension system with high sensitivity at the beginning of the stroke that gets progressively stronger at the end to avoid unwanted bottom outs on higher jumps.

-Highly efficient on climbing.

With a nearly vertical seat tube angle, excellent anti-squat values, and 29-inch wheels, it offers top pedalling efficiency and a high climbing capacity. Even Flow is ideal for both wild bike park days and an epic trip up the mountainside.


The rear stroke can be adjusted between 160 and 145mm, depending on which kind of shock is used. Suspension forks can vary between 150 and 170mm in stroke. This kind of multivalent assembly grants Even Flow the ability to adapt to different terrains or user preferences.

-User Friendly.

We want any user with a basic knowledge of mechanics to be able to maintain their Even Flow, so we use standard components that do not require special tools: BSA threaded bottom bracket, ZS44-ES44 steerer, industrial bearings, removable coverings to easily replace cables and hoses...


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 Titanium Titanium so light so strong
Titanium Titanium you can't go wrong
Titanium Titanium atomic number 22!
Titanium Titanium we make mountain bikes out of you!
I wrote that over 25yrs ago for a chemistry class in middle school
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 Titanium derailleur hangers, are you kidding me? Have manufacturers finally lost the plot making the most compromised, unique and a consumable item on a frame out of a incredibly expensive, difficult to machine and bendy material?

Whoever thought of this deserves a spot in bicycle hell alongside everybody who works in trek R&D, the guy who designed sram sx and the monster who thought of integrated handlebars.
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 Ti hangers are actually pretty cool for the fact that you can bend them back into alignment many times without fatiguing the material like aluminum.

However I’d still prefer Sram UDH.
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 Whats wrong with Trek r and d?
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 @bmied31: I imagine thrushaft shocks ?
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 @bmied31: oh I can have a field day. As mentioned below thrushaft shocks, unique headset bearings, abp pivot bearings work themselves out, knock block, hubs that tear apart, BBs that ovalise frames the list goes on and on.
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 Fact check this one please......I'd love to see the data sheets where you got the heat treatment, hardness test and machinability study data from......
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 @plustiresaintdead: udh is great but they are designed purely for full suspension bikes as the hanger will pivot on the axle when knocked clockwise

It is convenient that in theory you have a better chance at bending it back if it does not break, but at what point does cost outweigh quality.we should all have a spare hanger right?
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 @plustiresaintdead: I stand correct udh is on hardtails actually.
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 @plustiresaintdead: Wow, much sophisticated and precise alignment checking and aligning tools you must have.
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 And cable port head sets - don't forget that roadie inspired abomination!
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 @darkstar66: Beats every method I have tried for a mile and it's a solution I did not imagine existed, although fixing aluminium derailleur hangers seems like a losing battle, and you end up with a brittle and fragile hanger that's going to snap at the next impact for the price of eight brand new replacements.
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 @DavidGuerra: I worked 2 seasons maintaining a hire fleet of bikes, from hardtails to full suss ebikes, from 8 to 12 speed, probably straightened hundreds of hangers, even straight out of the bike box, zero issues. For individuals it may not be an option for T6 or harder aluminium hangers but for T3 T4 hangers it's pretty good, as well as permanent steel and titanium hangars on older bikes
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 The one thing I learned from Game of Thrones is that Velourian steel is the best steel. I have to assume Velourian titanium is even better.
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 Bumper? I hardly even know 'er.
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 Hopefully you don't catch velouria. Sounds like it itches.
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 i dont understand WHO buys this ? how many will they sell.... 35 worldwide ?
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 The risk you run when you don't ride Sober.
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 @RedBurn: You'd be surprised.

They don't have price listed, but thats probably because its not low haha.
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 @hamncheez: Only the geometry is low.
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 "Sober" yes this world will make you to be sober or not ...
"Alcohol" means solvent of the soul is arabic.
Stay well YOU all the souls.
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 @RedBurn: They probably sell enough to pay for the free bikes for the owners and that's it. Seems like a pet project.
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 @RedBurn: it's enough to make a living
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 @greg390: what is the effect of the solvent on the soul?
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 @RedBurn: When You are dentist boring of your cannondale.
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 @hamncheez: For the HT Sober it's showing 1.695€ VAT incl. (Only Frame)

Which for a Ti frame and built nicely, isn't unreasonable at all.

If you think that probably puts the FS frame at say 2.695€ VAT incl. (Only Frame) then that would be far from terrible when you consider it.
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 @hamncheez: thought it said 1700 for frame.. but that is probably the hardtail
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 @weeksy59: Agree, the pricing is not terrible compared to similar options.

However, for all the talk of recycling, sustainability and looking after the planet, I would have expected the frames to be made in Spain. Nothing to that extent is mentioned here in the article nor anywhere on their website so I would expect that their frames are made in Taiwan or China and then shipped to Europe and then on to where ever you are buying it from.

Nothing wrong with that, just don't lead your marketing reasoning with the green arguments of Titanium.
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 @pensamtb: I completely missed the claims about recycling, sustainability and looking after the planet. Is it in the article or on their website? I scrolled back but still didn't find it, didn't check their website though. Either way, the most sustainable bike is the bike you hold onto the longest. Somehow I do have the impression that people hold longer onto their steel and titanium bikes than they do onto aluminium and carbon bikes, but I can't back up that claim at all.
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 better headbadge than ibis lol
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 Nice bike, but now my neighbours are listening to Pearl Jam with me.
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 I'm hearing Pixies.
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 shame he wasn't doing a tuck no hander with his arms raised in a V
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 Does "excellent anti-squad values" mean I can only take this on solo journeys? Or maybe I can ride with friends but I'll never reach those epic squad goals?
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 Maybe it can call for artillery support?
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 Pixies, anyone?
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flag jokermtb (Oct 10, 2022 at 15:40) (Below Threshold)
 that makes up for calling the boinger bike after a horrible Pearl Jam song....
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 Totally! I thought the frame model was going to be named Bossanova.
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 @goldmund: Bone Machine would be a cool name for a bike
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 @HankHank: I think magna or Royce union has that name for a bike you can get at Wal-Mart. It'll have to be either 'broken face', or ' break my body'...somebody already took gigantic (shortened to giant)
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 Pixies, Tool and Pearl Jam. Not bad
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 @zabala: Yeeeaaahhhh!!!! 14 hours later, finally someone has said it!!!
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 Thank you for the low seat tubes on the HTs. Leg travel is crucial on them.
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 The longer the stroke, the better
  • 4 0
 Ti bikes end up being so generic so often because Ti is really tough to work with - hard to cut, hard to form, hard to weld - so doing anything really different/exciting from a tubeset perspective is tough. That leads to fewer major OEMs working with it, further constraining diversity. Then you get the exotic appeal, which attracts fly by night, nobody brands that think they can cash in on Ti and put their headtube badges on a Ti catalogue bike...

I don't hate titanium, but there are a lot of easy passes.
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 No headset cable routing!? I'll take two.
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 am riding a Velouria Sober since May, one of the very first frames they had available. It's actually the one pictured in the above announcement...
Couldn't be happier - it does exactly what these dudes are saying. Built it up with a 150mm Lyrik (tuned Yari) and parts from my previous hardtail (Last Fastforward steel) this bike is kind of "my perfect hardtail".
Simply a do-it-all thing, has seen some park sessions, tons of spicy Czech trails, many miles and has already taken quite some beating.
Seriously, would buy it again and yes - am very biased, I really like this bike.
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 Hallo ich finde das Bike auch interessant evtl als Ersatz für ein cotic Solaris Max. Wie würdest du die Steifigkeit des Rahmens im Vergleich zu deinem vorigen Stahl HT einschätzen?

VG Nils
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 Sorry about off language reply. I meant to PM..
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 @nbbb: also das FFWD war schon recht straff, keinesfalls eine Nudel trotz moderaten 2600g.
Das Sober hat imho keinerlei Flex oder Verwindung, fährt sich/ fühlt sich beinahe identisch an. Halt ca 800g leichter und genauso robust.
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 @singlespeedman @nbbb: Holen Sie sich ein Zimmer
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 Why build bikes from titanium, but then not include the weight of the bikes anywhere in the articles?
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 I was thinking exactly that. The main information is not shown ¬¬
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 Thank you to all the folks with a bike stand in their garage that suddenly become bike builders when a hot-button issue arises. This question is not for you though- can someone who actually builds/ tests frames tell me what the pro/con list would be if the Atherton AM.150.FRAME were to use Ti tubing rather than carbon?
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 What's a bumper? "We used a 4-bar link progressive suspension system with high sensitivity at the beginning of the stroke that gets progressively stronger at the end to avoid unwanted bumpers on higher jumps."
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 Hope PB reviews the Even Flow when it's ready, I'm definitely curious.
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 Nice ti Cotic frames …
  • 3 0
 Interested in a Ti hardtail. Shipping available to US?
  • 11 6
 there are titanium frame builders in the US, why not pick one of them?
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 I love my Ti hard tail, and the price isn't outrageous (for titanium)
  • 2 3
 @adrennan: definitely worth another look, but when I've looked before I remember the geo being too conservative - I wouldn't buy above a 64HTA on a hardtail. Also want 470-480 reach w/o a way-too-tall seattube. Any recommendations?
  • 2 0
 @Chippps: take a look at and what he does. I know his Solstice frame is in the realm geometry wise and he can build in Ti
  • 2 0
 @Chippps: $age has a nice flow motion
64 Ha
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 @adrennan: any that build full suspension though? Genuinely curious
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 Check out Stanton Switch9er. Affordable, correct geo, great group of guys in the UK that had no problem getting me a frame in the USA.

(Note their HTA angle is listed with a 140mm fork at 25% sag so it's equivalent to about a 64-degree static HTA).
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 Hell yeah! Thanks homies!!! @flowfiend, @Ososmash, @adrennan, @shaheeb, @bishopsmike

Will check those out. Last time I looked into it nothing was in stock or geo was too conservative...
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 @Keegansamonster: TI FS usually doesn't make sense except to say it's TI FS. You can build steel and TI hardtails so they are supple. Typically don't want that with a FS.

However, I think Reeb makes a steel FS and Moots makes an elastomer squish bike (I think).

TI is just a bad choice for a FS.
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 Just get a Kingdom Vendetta! It’s really good
  • 3 0
 @flowfiend: Stanton is beautiful but bottom bracket drop can be a deal killer. There aren’t cranks short enough for East coast pedal over rocks/roots unless you jib like Jeff Lenosky.
  • 1 0
 @gbcarmona: well said!
  • 1 0
 @Ososmash: have you ever ridden a full suspension Ti?
  • 1 0
 @hamncheez: I have not. Given the right tube diameters anything is possible. So obviously I am missing out on personal experience. But, I just cannot see why anyone would choose it for its $$$$$
  • 1 0
 @Ososmash: A Yeti sb150 frame only is $4700. A Santa Cruz Hightower frame only is $4000. If its less than those, then its not overpriced haha.
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 Came for the welding porn, not disappointed.
  • 3 0
 Congrats!. Not too much bikes like these out there. Metal beauty.
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 Check out Turner Bikes ti hardtail! Excellent bike and great prices.
  • 3 0
 But flat mount rear brake? Yech!
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 Titanium is still a thing?
  • 2 0
 Sober. I am not.
  • 1 0
 Nice! but, now I've got Pearl Jam as an ear worm...........
  • 2 0 TI bikes
  • 1 0
 No shipping option to US…RIP
  • 2 0
 ask them...
  • 2 0
 Yes we ship to USA and Canada, we will update the website soon
  • 1 0
 Shipping to the USA and Canada is now available on our website!!!
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 Where does the water bottle go?
  • 2 2
 I'm missing the 4th bar. Looks like a linkage-driven single pivot to me.
  • 2 0
 There are small pivots on the chainstays, possibly with bushings instead of ball bearings judgin by the size of them.
  • 1 0
 Dur, nvm. Just saw the pivot on the chainstay right in front of the bridge with the seatstay.
  • 1 0
 Tricked me too, the chainstay is perfectly aligned in the picture.
  • 3 3
 Nearly vertical seat tube angle!! Grim Doughnut 3.
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 are your bikes manufactured in Asia?
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