Elements is a Fanny Pack for your Bike

Aug 9, 2018 at 7:25
by Wild Bike Company  

Press Release: Wild Bike Company

Elements is a new style bike bag that will work on any bike. It was designed to make riding your bike easier and more enjoyable. Using Elements with a water bottle means that you no longer have to bring a pack to carry water, tools, and a spare tube. No more electrical tape securing tubes/tools to the frame. No more loose tools rattling around in a bulky saddlebag that really doesn’t even work with your new dropper post.

Getting that extra weight off your back not only feels great, the resulting lower center of gravity increases performance in cornering and technical manoeuvres. Leave it on your bike so that it's ready to go at a moments notice, the tools & tube are protected from UV rays and dirt/mud.

Elements is made in the USA from high-quality materials and is available now on our website - $35.

Elements Highlights

• Perfectly sized to carry repair essentials
• Easily fits any regular bicycle inner tube (& even some fatbike tubes!)
• Works with any bike (various mounting options)
• Rattle free
• Won't slip/slide around
• Designed to leave on your bike or be easily moved from one bike to another
• Ride hydration pack-free on most rides
• Made in USA!

And here's a very scientific chart for all you bike nerds out there.

Design Details

bigquotesI love riding without my hydration pack - it's a great feeling! I have elements on all of my bikes and this allows me to just fill up a bottle and go ride. I don't have to worry about ride ending flat tires or broken chains.Alex Davies

Elements is simple, yet surprisingly functional. It combines the utility of the enduro strap and protects your tools like a hydration pack or saddle bag. It improves bike handling by lowering the center of gravity because the tube & tools are down low on the bike vs. traditional saddlebags (or even higher on your hips/back).

We evaluated, tested, and refined every detail through multiple prototypes until we were completely satisfied. We use a high-grip tactical fabric on the underneath side of the bag to keep from shifting or sliding during a ride. We made sure that the contents of the bag would be held securely so that they don't rattle around and even added a feature to secure the large zipper handle when the bag is closed to keep it silent during your ride.

We optimized the size to make sure that there was room for the most important items while keeping it as small as possible for a great ratio of functionality to size & weight. We combined all of the features benefits of the other solutions into elements and eliminated their limitations.

Elements is about the size of a regular can of soda (left) and easily fits a regular 29er tube, multi-tool, quick-link, tire lever, spare derailleur hanger, and CO2 (right).

Additional Information From Our Kickstarter Campaign

These videos are from our Kickstarter campaign that funded earlier this spring. Check them out for more information about the design and development of Elements.



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 The whole time scrolling through this ad I couldn’t wait to get to the comments trashing this thing. It’s a “new” style of bag! No. It’s a small frame bag. They’ve been making them for decades. Remember they were triangular for awhile? Any pouch and two ski straps will do the same job as this revolutionary must have product. Thanks for the laugh. Take it to MTBR
  • + 2
 You are correct sir! It is a small frame bag, but one that works really well on any and every bike, (most can't claim this). We're not trying to trick or fool anyone here, just trying to highlight the number of unique details that we were able to build into it and improve on the regular style of frame bag that has been around a long time.

Also very true that if you're handy, you can totally make one yourself. I hand stitched my first prototype and used it for months before deciding to develop it farther, I still have it and it's still 100% functional (just kind of ugly looking).

Elements might not be for everyone, but nothing ever is. Totally cool if it's not your cup of tea, but I'll take it as a win that at least we made you laugh today! Cheers.

Also if MTBR folks want one I'll hook them up too Wink
  • + 1
 @WildBikeCompany: thanks for the reply. I have an idea for another product you can ad to your line up: basically a cooler sleeve with daisy chain webbing going down both sides full length. You strap in under the downtube using removable straps that can be placed wherever bc of the full length of attachment points. The bag itself holds two small water bottles or a large bottle and some gear. It also protects the downtube and keeps weight as low as possible. It’s a little harder to get in and out of but it’s more for things you don’t usually but want to have. Make it durable and use good zippers. $50 price point. Thanks
  • + 9
 New product? I'm pretty sure I had this product, or one dangerously similar, on my Trek Antelope 900, circa 1992. Except that product also had a pad built into it for shouldering the bike on those steep hike-a-bike sections.
  • + 1
 Things come and go, hopefully we thought of some good improvements over the model you had in the early 90's! One thing is for sure though...carrying your bike up the steeps to get to the good downhills never goes out of style!
  • + 11
 Omg its optimized in size? Ladies never believe that line,
  • + 1
 Its all about how you use it!
  • + 9
 Where on the bike is the fanny?
  • + 6
 Two velcro cinch straps and a climbing pouch?
  • + 4
 How can you not like this thing? Its the perfect small size to store your dignity after you've been suckered by the marketing BS.
  • + 1
 It's only BS if it isn't true Wink ...although you are right about it being a form of marketing...can't argue that.
  • + 2
 Hey guys, Alex here from Wild Bike Co.
1. In my defense I never wrote the word "Fanny" anywhere in this article, I am no where near that brave! (it was added by PB staff when they did their final editing). So yes...I'll laugh along with everyone here on that one!
2. I get it that it sounds like a lot of marketing...but it's very difficult to get around this when trying to explain it in words without letting people actually try it. We paid attention to a lot of little details that make this a great bag and talking about those details does sound like a lot of marketing.
3. I totally get that frame bags have been around a long time, but they all have certain things that I don't like about them and that I thought could be improved upon so that's where the "new" comes from. When Maxxis comes out with a "new" tire are they discredited because the tire has already been invented? Our industry is changed by small improvements all the time.

Regardless I appreciate the comments, keep them coming, and keep riding.
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 What’s up with your logo looking like a half baked attempt at ripping off wolf tooth components?
  • + 1
 @speed10: This is actually great news. I'm just pretty stoked you can tell it's a wolf!
Means my art skills have improved tremendously Wink
  • + 2
 Props to you for joining the scrum. It takes a brave company to handle the forum
  • + 5
 definetly profuct of the year!
  • + 4
 Forget about scrolling through the article for the "my take". I just go to the comments. Much more entertaining.
  • + 5
 Is this bikepacking?
  • + 3
 strap it to your frame without a bag.... ENDURO put in a bag and strap it to your frame... LAME its just the way it is!!
  • + 2
 Not new. Here's just one example off the top of my head!: www.bedrockbags.com/gear/edc-frame-bag
  • + 2
 A $70 frame bag! Much better than this $35 one. Thanks!!!
  • + 1
 @whippetbones: Those are nice bags, but they don't work with every bike, and a lot of bikes they do work on, they take up the space for the water bottle, also if they aren't packed full, items in the bag can rattle around. These are just some of the reasons we decided to make our own version of a frame bag.
  • + 2
 @WildBikeCompany: Sorry if my sarcasm wasn't think enough, I will be ordering one of these. There is no reason why a canvas frame bag should be more than 50 bucks, unless it comes with a weed pen
  • + 1
 @whippetbones: Gotcha! I totally agree with you on the price. It was one of our goals to have a quality product MADE IN THE USA that was still competitive in pricing to those made overseas. Thanks for the support!
  • + 3
 A bag... Revolutionary times we live in!
  • + 0
 Perhaps if you market this as an Enduro pack.
Fanny pack? A pack for my fanny?
  • + 1
 Ya, not my doing on the title...thanks go to the PB editors for that one...either way it's a great bag. The straps are pretty long, but I don't think they are quite long enough to be competitive with "real" fanny packs....
  • + 0
 In my experience Kickstarter is a Hail Mary at best...phooey!
  • - 1
 Dakine Hotlaps Gripper Bag
  • + 1
 This is also another great option for ditching the pack. I first noticed it about halfway through the development of Elements. Reviews on it are good and its a fair price. I don't believe it's made in the USA and I did read some reviews that it was hard to fit some 29er tubes and a MTB CO2 both inside...options are a good thing though from a consumer standpoint right? Smile

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