YT Shows Off Erik Fedko's Custom Dirt Jump Bike for Crankworx Rotorua

Nov 9, 2022 at 2:13
by YT Industries  

Words: YT

Crankworx Rotorua, the final stop of the year, and a spectacle nonetheless. The venue on New Zealand’s north island plays host to the season finale. In just a few days’ time, we will see Erik Fedko take on the Slopestyle event.

Throughout the Crankworx series, we’ve witnessed Fedko reveal 2 custom colourways on his custom YT Industries Dirt Jump frame. Now it’s time for ‘the best till last’. Each frame tell’s a story, and this one is inspired by the colours and scenery of New Zealand.


bigquotesThe frame design was inspired by ‘Aloha’, which matches the vibe of Rotorua. I love the details of the palm tree’s as well as the colour, it’s definitely different to my other two frames.Erik Fedko

• Frame - YT Custom Dirt Jump
• Fork - RockShox Pike DJ (100mm / 40mm offset)
• Cockpit - Title Form 25mm rise, Title ST1 35mm
• Wheels - Industry Nine 305
• Cranks - SRAM X01 165mm
• Brake - SRAM Level Ultimate
• Gyro - Trickstuff Trixer
• Saddle - Title JS1 / CP1 Seatpost
• Grips - Odi Longeck



Fedko currently sits in 1st position in the Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship, and Sunday will be the decider.

bigquotesI’m feeling good for Sunday. I’ve spent the past few weeks in Australia & New Zealand preparing for my final contest of the year, let’s see what Sunday brings, hopefully some new tricks…Erik Fedko

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 The two large welds behind the headtube (not attached to the headtube in a traditional way) is very interesting to me. Haven't seen a bike welded like that before. Still a great looking frame with an amazing paintjob!
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 They’ve been developing a new aluminum DJ with him this year, I’m betting the exquisite paint jobs are to help hide any new welds and geo changes they are making
  • 4 0
 Absolutely, even hought it was a carbon frame at first. No mention of this being aluminium compared to the current steel one?
  • 2 0
 @trippleacht: read the article on YTs site. His frames have been aluminum all year
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 Specialized Allez Smartweld has a similar headtube arrangement, as far as I can tell given the paint.
  • 2 0
 Take a look at the d'aluisio smartweld process that Specialized has been utilizing on their allez sprint road frame. It appears to be similar in how it moves the welds away from the highest stress areas. I'd imagine this YT frame will raise some eyebrows with the big S's legal team, assuming they haven't licensed the technology.
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 @heatedcheese: Isn´t it just welds in unusual spots? Or am I missing something?
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 We the people had a bmx frame called C.R.E.A.M where all of the major welds were like this. It was chromoly, with investment cast head tube, bb junction, dropouts and seat tube, seatstay, top tube junction, and the welds were about an inch away from where the tube intersections would be The theory was that the frame would take more abuse because the welds were located away from the areas that carried the most stress from riding, and even the welding process itself
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 It’s clearly made of bamboo people
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 @heatedcheese: It does look very similar to the Smartweed process that Specialized have been using for a while but I don't think the process is that unique, I'd be surprised if Specialized were able to patent the process (could be wrong of course as it is the big S).

I'd love more detail on the welds around the headtube, it does look like a headtube lug/piece. Maybe there is some kind of insert in the headtube to help strengthen it as I'd be surprised is the normal smartweld type process would be strong enough for DJ.
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 The dirt jumper available for purchase on YT’s website has more traditional looking top and down tube welded directly to the head tube. This custom frame looks to have a lugged head tube. The rear wheel tensioner also looks different, and I’m sure there are other differences as well.
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 Specialized does something very similar on the Allez Sprint Disc. I believe they've been doing it for a number of years. If you look up "hydroformed head tube" you'll see some other examples.
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 @Bmxtar: Peter Verdone should take note Wink
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 @theronsta: i wonder how much does the frame geometry compear to the old YT Romp dj bike that they used to sell
  • 1 0
 @Snowdog85: I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been many big changes in DJ bike geo for a very long time. Maybe some slight refinements
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 The hydraulic gyro is really neat compared to what they were a couple of years ago. If there were some supposed technical advantages to running through the headset hose routing, they would apply even more to an hydraulic gyro. Those who really fancy not having too many hoses and cables moving around there could get this, wireless gearing and dropper and just be fine. You could maybe even fit a regular (cable) gyro around this one in combination with a regular (cable actuated) derailleur but it may not be sufficiently accurate or smooth. It could work with a dropper though.

Sorry DJ people, I'm talking stuff you don't want to know about. I'll show myself out.
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 Through the headset routing would just move the problem inside of the frame. There's a reason why most bikes with through the headset routing also have an angle limiting headset, to not kink the cables inside the headtube.
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 The paintjob looks good, but much more Aloha than Aotearoa. Those flowers and leaves aren't from here, and the colours don't fit our native flora at all.
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 @Kevinridesfelt Specialized has been doing it with their Alu frames for a few years already.
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 What models? Can't see anything welded like this one on their website.
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 @mafflin: their allez road bike is like that
  • 1 0
 @mafflin: Allez Sprint
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 Never heard of hydraulic gyro before how does that even work?! Also the rear dropouts on that frame a pretty wild too not sure what's going on there eithert.
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 They've been in production for around 10years or so, but have made refinements to this model in the last couple of years: The frame has sliding vertical drop outs. The Trek Ticket, Santa Cruz Jackal, Specialized P3 etc run similar drop out set ups.
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 Sliding thru axle is also found on the Kona Shonky. Works great.
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 @barp: Interesting I see it now. Just used to the ole horizontal dropouts on any jump bike
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 YT has had the sickest custom paint jobs recently.
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 This new paint jobs are great and beautiful,but the one from Maverick brand with the flowers paint job it still is one of my favorites.
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 Good looking bike I like the details
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 It's ever so slightly different, but this looks like a dead on copy on his last by bike by Rose The Bruce. Even the dropouts are identical.
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 Isn’t anyone going to mention the blacked out maxxis ? Come on Conti.. time for a fresh DJ tyre.
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 Nice bike! But it's a shame the Trixer is available in orange only Blank Stare
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 Would be nice if it was available at all…
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 @lukesky: it is available, i used to buy one hand install it on my YT romp
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 @Snowdog85: From Trickstuff‘s website:
-Delivery pause-
The Trixer is simple but it has to be made 100% exactly. Otherwise, it’ll either jam or leak. We can’t guarantee the quality of our Trixer right now and have therefore stopped selling it for now. We will work on a solution as soon as circumstances allow it.

But wait, you bought one in 2013, so it must be available. Let me fire up my time machine real quick!
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 Schau dir mal den Trotor aus Polen an, system sieht besser aus als der Trixxer.
Finde eh den neuen Trixxer schlechter als den alten (wird öfter undicht und dreht schlechter)
Mein uralter Trixxer dreht besser als der von Fedko Wink
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 sold out unavailable ( :
  • 1 0
 Has he moved over to Maxxis tyres?
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 Why mention the fork offset?
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