Social Round Up: Celebrating A Short But Intense Season - Lousa DH World Cup 2020

Nov 2, 2020 at 16:59
by Aidan Oliver  

With the World Cup season finishing with a truly nail-biting doubleheader in Lousa, Portugal we rounded up rider reactions from one of the most unusual seasons yet. Follow @pinkbike on Instagram for more.

Matt Walker:

Safe to say Matt Walker had quite the season in 2020. Matt started 2019 with his first podium, but injury and crashing didn't see him carry on the season the way he started. That all changed in 2020 with two 3rd places, one 4th and one 2nd. Despite not winning a race, Matt clinched the World Cup overall title.

Jamie Edmondson:

What a ride for privateer Jamie Edmonson, 4th place finish in Lousa and his first podium. Big thanks to the Pinkbike Privateer Ben Cathro for helping Jamie out with pit space. Someone get this boy a contract for 2021.

Phil Atwill:

Phil Atwill hasn't stood on a World Cup podium since 2017, but he pulled out all the stops in and looked to be loving the loose track in Lousa. Quite the result for a privateer and the second on the Lousa podium.

Tracey Hannah

Tracey Hannah left it all out on the track in her final World Cup race and we'll be missing her gutsy race runs next year.

Tahnee Seagrave

Tahnee finished off the short season with a podium and she'll be looking to get back on that top spot in 2021.

Loic Bruni

They don't call him Super Bruni for nothing... After losing his World Champion stripes and the World Cup overall, it seemed fitting for Bruni walk away with the final World Cup win.

Myriam Nicole

Myriam Nicole came close to winning the overall this year but it wasn't to be after a crash in her qualifying run left her unwilling to push the limits in the final race of the year...

Marine Cabirou

Marine Cabirou proved she can put down a winning run when it really matters, with a win at the finals in Snowshoe and a win in the final race of the year in Lousa this year. Last year, 200 points didn't get her the win over Tracey Hannah, but this year she had redemption and is your 2020 overall champion.

Greg Minnaar

What more is there to say than G.O.A.T.?

Santa Cruz Syndicate

Not a bad season for the Syndicate, winning three out of four races.

Nina Hoffman

Nina Hoffman making that four World Cup wins for the Santa Cruz V10 this year.

Wyn Masters

Nothing quite like DH is right Wyn!

Thibaut Daprela

A more than impressive season for a first-year Elite...

Dante Silva

A win for the young American is promising for 2021.

Leona Peirrn

The future is bright.

Troy Brosnan

Mr. Consistent finished the season with a podium in Lousa and we're not counting him out for many more of them when racing next returns...

Aaron Gwin

It was great to see Gwin back on the podium at the first round in Lousa. All eyes on 2021 to see if he can break Minnaar's record.

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 Ben Cathro and Jamie Edmondson riding for Team Pinkbike in 2021 on Grim DHonuts. You heard it here first.
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 Sponsored by The Simpsons, they’ll be riding Grim Dohnuts
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 Shut up and take my money!
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 Let's start the crowdfunding now!!!! Or is that market saturated
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 @BamaBiscuits man i hope you are right! hahaha
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 It wasn't the DH season we wanted... But, hot damn! It sure gave us everything it had, left nothing out. Definitely one of the better and more intense seasons, hands down... I really hope the UCI looks into the B2B racing format... I think this style of event, is really enjoyable, and I don't think I'm alone in that. I know its hard for the riders and teams. But it makes for much better racing. Also.... Lousã.... That's the way a DH track should be.... Hard AF. Bring it back in the future.

What a season kids, what a season! Bring on 2021
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 The fact we only have 6 races next year is criminal.
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 I totally agree and I don't' understand why nobody is complaining about that (apart from Eddie Masters who wrote an interesting article about it).
Motocross, Motogp, Superbike, F1, etc. they all have more than ten races a year (and sometimes two races on the same day).
They keep saying that DH is the F1 of mountain biking, but it doesn't seem so.
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 @flowisforpussies: Where is eds articles?
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 @xTwoSnakesx: Pretty sure I can't write the link (it's on another mountain bike website with a green logo), but if you google: "Eddie Master thinks the UCI is suffocating downhill racing" you can easily find it.
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 @flowisforpussies: I love that site. I wish the sites would get along.
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 GOAT. He is the DH Ambassador to the world. What an amazing character.
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 The GOAT had to be the jaw dropper IMO, big motivation for all the entire Mountain bike world, lots to look forward to if you stay in shape and take care of your body.
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 Readers pole: should they just start riding in yoga pants?
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We went through this before.
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 Reader’s poll or rider’s pole?
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 @davechopoptions: why not both?
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 6 round on pretty much they same old tracks come on uci you can do better than this.6 rounds over a whole year bit poor imo
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 This f*cked up 2020 the article should be Social (distance) round up.

Thanks for the coverage PB.
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 so you tell me that XC and DH fantasy are won by the same user?
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 And there is a 7 way tie for DH round 5 points
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 Brendan Fairclough's latest Instagram post shows a prototype Maxxis front tyre...
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