Throwback Thursday – Danny Hart's 2011 World Championships Winning Run, Champéry, Switzerland

Jan 11, 2018 at 8:00
by Alex Evans  
<Deleted photo>

Commentators Rob Warner and Nigel Page couldn't contain themselves as they watched the wild Redcar Rocket head down the Champéry World Championships track on one of the most flamboyant runs mountain biking has ever seen. Danny's epic riding was punctuated by all of the screaming and excitement coming from the crowd and the commentators – and it's certainly a performance worthy of the history books. Danny was crowned Downhill World Champion for the first time on September 4th, 2011.

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bigquotesHow does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?Rob Warner


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 "HOW DOES DANNY HART SIT DOWN.. WITH BALLS THAT BIG" -Rob Warner, 2011 . Best. Commentator. Ever.
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 He was until Red Bull stopped letting him drink in the booth...
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 pb powers at be are sneaky bunch. posting this right after rc's article.
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 @millsr4: freecaster were definitely the cool parents. poor Rob Frown
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 I loved how much coverage Freecaster did of each run. Seems like twice as much footage as we get to see now on RBTV. The toned down Rob Warner is not as exciting to listen to as he once was, but at least I can now listen to the whole broadcast without getting a headache from the constant repetitive screaming.
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flag bikegreece (Feb 8, 2018 at 22:11) (Below Threshold)
 I watched this with sound off, screaming was annoying.
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 @bikegreece: Said no one... Ever.
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 @bikegreece: You're annoying! ????
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 Might be the quote of my life. Goose bumps every time watching that
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flag bikegreece (Feb 9, 2018 at 5:27) (Below Threshold)
 @Allen82: ..and you are...?
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 @bikegreece: Someone that more people agree with than you.
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 Perfectly built up with the other announcer screaming "What the hell!" as Danny's time shows up.
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flag bikegreece (Feb 9, 2018 at 8:27) (Below Threshold)
 @Allen82: read some history, the great men in this world usually had different approaches than the masses. I ll take that as a complement!
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 @bikegreece: I wouldn't call Hitler a great man... He had a very different "approach"
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flag bikegreece (Feb 9, 2018 at 13:53) (Below Threshold)
 @Allen82: apologies I thought I was going to exchange a couple of ingenious comments here, but not the case. I'll let my 10yrs old to continue your hitler discussion.
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 @bikegreece: That's probably a good call, it sounds like your 10 year old may be more reasonable than you...
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 @bikegreece: your mom
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 @bikegreece: You're in the Pinkbike comments section. What do you expect.
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flag bikegreece (Feb 10, 2018 at 4:24) (Below Threshold)
 @chriswells: not sure what this means but looks polite... well likewise.
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 NIgel Page did most of the commentating it seems
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 We've seen some pretty epic winning race runs in the wet, winning chainless runs, etc in recent years....but this run was simply next level - on the edge...and then styling the jumps at the end like a young gun who doesn't give a F.... this run had it all!
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 The cream rises to the top on a course like that. Made the lower skill level guys who can just hit stuff hard look like goons. Don't forget Brosnan's run either.
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 That Whip
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 Still brings a wry smile to my face
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 I love that this is the article following RC's. @RichardCunningham, you seen this?
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 This is the PB equivalent of a cute kitten meme. Damage-control at its finest.
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 Kind of underlines his point though, here's a high point of Downhill racing, that happened over half a decade ago at a track we don't go to anymore.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: I think the high point was much longer ago, when network tv covered races and car manufacturers sponsored teams. I see the potential for the sport to get back to that level, between improved coverage and angles, but it’s a shame stops like shaldamig and champrey aren’t on the tour
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 @Fix-the-Spade: I was pointing out that he was saying that DH has no flow...
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 @JVance: or you know, RC’s opinion column contained his opinion.
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 Simply a classic! Motivational. I still put it on from time to time
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 Conveniently posted to divert the hate RC generated in the previous article. Nice!
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 Low Key love seeing RC negged so hard he’s below thresh
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 On 26" WHEELS!
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 I watch this about every 4 or 5 months to make the hair on my arms stand up and to hear Warner yell like a crazed lunatic!! Here's a slightly higher rez version:
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 warner gets all the credit for this. and he is fantastic. but its really page who makes it. iv never heard anyone get so excited over a pull off. greatest video of all time.
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 I don't know.... There was that one time with some goth birds in the toilets of a club when I was 17.... Fond memories.
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 @jay-me: Dude that was gold!
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 Second best muddy run at Champery of all time IMO. Sam Hills 2007 run is just ridiculous.
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 Whoda thought 26" wheels woulda looked so fast?
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 Good show PB. Feature an iconic race run every Thursday. The next generation needs to know why the Legends are so legendary.
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 The version with booth video as well is pretty epic.
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 Thanks for posting that!! I had scene it once before and then couldn't find it!! I love Rob's sneaky steal of Nigel's beer!!
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 That was awesome. Watched that run so many times. It is the commentary that makes it so legendary too. Didn't realize Rob and Nigel were basically getting smashed while commentating!
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 @dr-airtime: The good old days of drunk commentary... I miss them...
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 Still revisit this every now and then.....the go to when people ask me what DH Racing isSmile
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 Dannys video was the thing that got me hooked into MTB. I remember i was searching Youtube and i came across his run. I had never seen MTB riding before that .I thought to myself Look at this guy!! He is Amazing>>.After that i dug deeper into the sport and loving everything about it.
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 Amazing run no doubt about it!!! but, it was a russian roullette... hart was lucky, and it was a bit a question of luck. there were others, who were coming down even faster than hart, with crazy split times... but fell! but, full credit to danny hart, took his chances and was the fastest at the finish line!
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 Incredible run. That, Gwins one from last year (and the chainless win), and Sam Hill's contribution all sit up there as shining examples of what makes the sport so good, and the talent that's involved.

Different sport, but when this happened a few years later, it immediately made me think of Hart!
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 the thing that they all have in common is that they all have exciting commentary
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 best run ever. goosebumps every time.
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 Wow, just wow. As an Aaron Gwin fan boy for years, watching that vid makes me realize just how much talent Danny Hart has. Great, inspirational video to watch. Hope to see you on the top spot of the podium this year Danny.
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 When my non mt biking friends ask me to show them what a DH race looks like, this is the video I show them... After that, head explodes!
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 This reminded me of Senna in Donnington park some time in the early 80's. In the wet. Without all the electronic wizardry of present F1 cars.
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 Still the best commentary of all time. The only video better than this is the one that shows the commentary booth inset with Rob Warner jumping around.
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 It never gets old.
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 Legendary run!!!!
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 here the run from the commentators booth:
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 "This is the guy I think might win here this afternoon"

Rob Warner , hell yess

  • 2 1 here with all the runs AFTER HIM ! Minnaar, atherthon, GWIN ! all crashing ! + another angle of the WHIP !!!
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 oH mY GOd ELeVen pOiNT sIX WhAT tHE hElL
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 Never gets old. Soooo good
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 Watching game of thrones “STAY ON YER DRAGON DANY”
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 that whip is so sick, i'v watched that run so many times and overtime that whip gets me jump out of my sit
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 The only thing that MIGHT be better is the split screen watching Warner and Page while commentating...hahaha It's gold Jerry, GOLD!
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 If only this was as exciting to watch as alpine skiing, right @RichardCunningham?
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 Winning runs are always insane to see live at the events ! everyone gets crazy
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 Wow, that was insane!
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 Back to when Warner was Warner and not the neutered Redbull PC version.
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 Still one of, if not the greatest DH run ever;
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 Got me off the couch this morning to a chilly muddy Revs.Awesome day! Thanks Danny
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 Is that sound available on ITunes? Would definetly pimp my speed listening to Nigel and Rob while riding...
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 i guess 26" wheels work OK
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 some coincidental timing with RC's opinion post today...yewww Dannaaayyyyy
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 This is amazing. Bust out the higher resolution video.
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 Literally looks as though the video is sped up in those conditions!
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 This was the 1st WC I had ever seen!
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 Gets me pumped to ride every time I watch it!
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 And all that on 26" wheels no less
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 get rid of claudio, that guy is a boring asshole
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 POOR TREE...-Rob Wagner Hardline 2017 is not bad too...
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 classy!!!! Big Grin
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