9 2022 Team Changes That Flew Under the Radar

Jan 28, 2022 at 12:22
by Alicia Leggett  
Now that the UCI team lists are officially out in the open and I've woken up to an inbox full of panicked messages from teams that didn't realize their secrets would go public today, we've been able to look at the team changes that flew under the radar this off-season. Some of the listings are non-news news: Miranda Miller is listed as possibly racing downhill for Kona (same with last year) and Dan Atherton is listed as a racer for the Atherton clan. (Again, same with last year, but the more exciting news is that we'll likely see Rachel and Gee return to the race tracks this year.) Still, a few team changes surprised us. Here are the names we saw (or didn't see) on the lists that made us go huh, interesting.

555 Raaw Gravity Racing
Ryan Brannen, Douglas Goodwill, KJ Sharp, & Luke Williamson

What was 555 Gravity Racing has become 555 Raaw Gravity Racing, with the makers of the Madonna and Jibb backing a World Cup gravity team. This, of course, suggests that there may be a Raaw downhill bike in the works. What's more, reigning British downhill national champion KJ Sharp has joined the team, replacing Calum McBain.

Raaw Madonna V2 review
It seems like the makers of this sweet thing will be coming out with a downhill bike soon.

Slawomir Lukasik to Canyon Collective Pirelli... Maybe?
Henri Kiefer, Antoine Pierron, Loris Revelli, Dante Silva... & Slawomir Lukasik?

This one's a bit of a head scratcher, as Canyon and Pirelli announced the Canyon Collective Pirelli team just the other day with no mention of Lukasik, but he's listed with the UCI as part of the team. The best explanation I can come up with is that, since his most impressive results last year were at EWS events, he'll primarily focus on those as part of a different Canyon (and Pirelli?) program, but is nonetheless listed on the UCI roster with this crew just for when he does come race the odd World Cup downhill. Still, since he posted a goodbye to NS Bikes recently and has not yet announced a new sponsor, the news here is that it appears he'll be on Canyon going forward.

Eighth place for Slawomir Lukasik on the battered Italian stages.
Wyn's Privateer of the Week from La Thuile last year seems to have earned himself a team ride.

Jenn Jackson to Canyon MTB Racing
Emily Batty, Laurie Arsenault, & Jennifer Jackson

Jenn Jackson raced as part of the Norco Factory Team for the last two years and has not yet announced her new sponsor, but it appears she'll be joining her fellow Canadians Emily Batty and Laurie Arsenault on Canyon MTB Racing.

Batty Emily Canyon MTB Racing CAN
The 2021 Canyon MTB Racing team edition Lux CFR.

Francescu Camoin, Estelle Charles, Allan Cooke, Kevin Miquel, Charles Murray, Sofia Wiedenroth, & Izabela Yankova

This one could be downright brilliant. I don't know what the big S has up its sleeve, but it appears it has formed a development team of sorts with a collection of up-and-coming gravity riders. While most of the riders on that list are mainly focused on enduro, having them registered as a UCI downhill team bodes well for seeing them take on a variety of races. Allan Cooke is a Specialized marketing guy as well as a great rider - will he be getting out on the race course? And then, of course, there's rising downhill star Izabela Yankova. It's great to see all these riders backed by this support, and it will be exciting to see where this team goes.

A dominating performance all season long for Izabela Yankova.
Izabela Yankova dominated last year.

Jacob Dickson to MS Mondraker
Jacob Dickson, Eleonora Farina, Brook MacDonald, Toby Meek, Oliver Morris, Tuhoto Ariki Pene, & David Trummer

We heard about Tuhoto Ariki Pene and David Trummer being picked up by Mondraker, but Jacob Dickson hasn't yet announced his new team. The fast Irish rider has been part of the Giant Factory Off-Road Team since 2017 and has collected a handful of impressive results since then. Hopefully he can keep that momentum going as he moves forward to ride with MS Mondraker.

David Trummer and his new Mondraker. David Trummer, Tuhoto Ariki Pene, and Jacob Dickson are the three new additions to the MS Mondraker team.

Norco Factory Team
Peter Disera, Sean Fincham, Henry Fitzgerald, Gwendalyn Gibson, Gracey Hemstreet, Elliot Jamieson, Emily Johnston, Sam Blenkinsop, Lucas Cruz & Carter Woods

This team is a bit of a jumble with both the XC and the DH riders listed as a single team this season, but we can see that there's been a bit of reshuffling. Most notably, young BC ripper Gracey Hemstreet has joined the downhill crew, which is fantastic news after some stellar results from Gracey in 2021 at both World Cup races and Crankworx events.

Haley Smith has announced her departure from the team and has yet to announce her next move. She is not listed with any of the UCI teams.

Gracey Hemstreet took the final medal position in the junior women.
Gracey Hemstreet burst onto both the downhill and freeride scenes last year.

Jenna Hastings to Pivot Factory Racing
Morgane Charre, Jenna Hastings, Bernard Kerr, Ed Masters, Emilie Siegenthaler, & Matthew Walker

New Zealand junior rider Jenna Hastings made a splash in 2021 when she earned a series of podiums at Crankworx NZ. Now, she's signed with the Pivot Factory Team to take her skills to the top level alongside Morgane Charre, Bernard Kerr, Ed Masters, and Matt Walker (the southern hemisphere one). Emilie Siegenthaler is still listed on the roster, too, but we don't expect her to race World Cups this year after announcing her retirement from World Cup racing in 2021.

17-year-old Jenna Hastings took her first Crankworx downhill win in November.

Propain Positive Supported by Vee
Phil Atwill, Anthanasios Panagitsas, & Sokratis Zotos

This team is a new addition for Propain, featuring Phil Atwill, who raced as a "free athlete" for Propain last year, plus young Greek shredders Ahthanasios Panagitsas and Sokratis Zotos.

Phil Atwill coming in hot into the lower rock garden
That team name is all smiles.

Ethan Shandro off RockShox Trek Race Team
Tegan Cruz, Jamie Edmondson, & Vali Holl

It's not clear where Ethan Shandro has gone or whether he'll be racing this season. He had a very unfortunate concussion in 2019 that continued to cause lingering symptoms in 2020, so it's concerning to see him off the team and not listed elsewhere. We hope he's healing up all right and able to chase whatever he wants to chase as soon as possible.

All the best to Ethan Shandro.


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 I know what flew under cover, the Pink Bike Christmas calendar winners!
Where are they?
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 And top comments of the year
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 They're waiting for the prizes to be available to give out. ETA - 2025
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 And POTY?
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 @theoskar57: yeah, give us top comment of the year from dick pound
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 I'm enjoying that Stumpy Evo, how about you?
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 I don’t recall any fanfare, but it looks like they're all sorted out and published now:
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 @toooldtodieyoung: I'm not sure why they don't make a bigger deal out of those that win. I'd love to celebrate with them!
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 @toooldtodieyoung: cheers mate
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 Biggest move was Mulally to Mulally.
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 Do you mean to Mulalloy?
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 I've also decided to move from Cannondale to UNO given the new eGravel bike. I'll miss how crisp that lefty is but I'm excited for the future! Be safe be well, Incognito Robin
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flag weebleswobbles (Jan 28, 2022 at 14:23) (Below Threshold)
 Great Scott noone cares -weebleswobbles
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flag weebleswobbles (Jan 28, 2022 at 16:24) (Below Threshold)
 About your e-gravel bike
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 Looking forward to hearing Rob Warner cover Ahthanasios Panagitsas and Sokratis Zotos
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 @socratiszotos: PB doesn’t like emojis I forgot - so :thumbsup:
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 Granted it'll be entertaining but Rob's not as fun as he used to be when he was a party animal. On the other hand the number of "F" Bombs he drops has diminished by at least two orders of magnitude.
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 @Augustus-G: They should let him mix some vodka with his Redbull to liven up the commentary again Big Grin
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 @Augustus-G: my fave was "look at him go, he's more cut than a jewish pe*is"
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 @p0rtal00: It's interesting that Claudio got slaughtered a few years ago despite English not being his first language and Rob got away with that
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 @korev: choice man
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 I would wager that this is the largest number of Junior Women ever supported by teams. Great to see, should be some good racing.
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 More money being thrown at junior women than Prince Andrew
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 Łukasik getting the recognition he deserves would be fuc ‎king great
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 Gutted for Ethan. Hope he makes a full recovery. Such a bummer to have lingering symptoms for so long. Get well soon!
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 J. Dickskin the auctioneer?
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 thats a texas size 10-4. how are ya now?
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 @ampb100: good n’ you?
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 @Bikerguy13: not s'bad
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 Anyone know what happened to the young kiwi rider Sam Gale who was on Pivot last year?
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 Still on Pivot
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 @dne87: so, he didn't Pivot then?
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 I'm so confused by Atwill's contract/status. He was a privateer with a bike sponsor... And now he is on a team? Or he's still a 'privateer'? Does he get any help in the pits? He's so talented and clearly sponsors should be supporting him... Is it just a personal preference that he remains as independent as possible on race days?
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 He was sponsored by Propain last year, but putting together his own thing while living in Greece and seemingly pushing the scene there. Now it looks like they have found a title sponsor to formalize things more. Whether he'll pit with Propain, or show up at the Pinkbike tent saying "Hey guys...." I have no idea.
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 Probably his own team sponsored by Propain and Vee
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 There were rumblings in PB comments when he re-signed with Propain that their team manager did not want to deal with babysitting Atwil again. The Vlogs Phil puts out are pretty much the best evidence in support of this theory I can think of. Talent? Yes. Discipline, focus, professionalism? No.
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 Yo! Pretty sure Phil prefers to be calm and not have the stress-pressure big teams put on athletes, thats why he chose the freedom to run his own program, chose the events he does etc. Last year he was a "privateer"(still had sponsors, mechanic, pits etc) and not registered as part of an official uci team. This year its a bit more formal, having his program as an official uci team with team mates Wink Wink .
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 Where has Bex Baraona ended up? Have I missed it? Seems like she's been on a tear this past year. Hope she's landed somewhere good.
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 Several EWS riders and teams are not mentioned in Pinkbike's UCI list, eg Lapierre Ziipp and Isabeau, Ritchie Rude, Martin Maes, Martha Gill, Rocky Mountain with ALN et al, the other Morgane (not Charre), and Kasper Wooley, to name some who popped into my head. Then again it's pointed out in the comments to the UCI article that the Pinkbike version isn't complete and you have to go to the UCI page for the full story.
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 She hasn’t posted it Yet, I imagine that’s coming soon.
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 Glad I’m not the only one itching to know!
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: I don't think EWS are full UCI teams like xc or DH which is why you don't see most of them listed. It's a diff setup with Enduro to some degree. Can't remember it exactly the setup but they aren't uci trade teams per se.
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 @nozes: she's announced that she has left Ibis.
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 Denim Destroyer?
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 Damn cool of ya Alicia to notice Ethan. Ethan is an awesome human and rider. Signed, salty uncle stik.
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 Anna Newkirk and Abbie Hogie have formed Beyond Racing www.instagram.com/p/CZSHyRvtwkf
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 Our hearts and thoughts to Ethan and Andrew. Complete champs no matter what, and always will be. Life is multifaceted for so many reasons. There is never only one path. We are blessed to be able to dream new dreams every single night that we can wake up and make reality, if we desire. Adventure and achievement awaits no matter what happens with racing bikes.
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 For Ethan Shandro, recovery from "a very unfortunate concussion...and lingering symptoms" is WAY more important than riding for a team in 2022. Best wishes for a full recovery, lad.
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 Hopefully Ethan doesn't have long term issues with the concussion That being said, Trek you can always sign me as a waterboy fulltime.
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 When you get 2nd place on a 3,000$ Giant trail bike in a downhill race. Huge props!
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 Vee tires for Instagram, sharpie Maxxis for the race track, I Phil Atwill be his setup.
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 Were the winners for the Christmas prizes announced? Give a shout out in case you have received a notification to claim your prize.
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 Blenki and Lucas Cruz are listed on the Norco factory team. Weren't earlier when they wrote this I guess, they are now. www.uci.org/team-details/17516
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 What about Cathro/Pinkbike?

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 Man, a RAAW DH bike would probably be nuts, judging by how well the Madoona descents.
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 Never heard about this Canyon Collective team, is it new?
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 Dan Atherton have always been included on the UCI team list, ever since he stopped racing.
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 if Allan Cooke can begin a pro racing career at 40 years old that would be pretty awesome
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 Jill Kintner not listed for Norco !!! Am i the only one who noticed?
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 These are only the UCI Teams. Jill is still very much a part of the Norco squad.
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 You only missed the switch of Joe
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 Slawek Lukasik is de best. Period.
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 I didn’t see Blenki on the list in the previous post??
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 It also seems like he is not on instagram anymore.
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 Πάμε ρε ομαδάρα !!!!!!
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 Would like to see Shania Rawson on WC circuit too.
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 Eeeemmmmm Ángel Suárez to Commencal 100%
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 No worries, it's been all discussed on Vital already! Big Grin
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