Canyon & Pirelli Announce Another CLLCTV Team

Jan 25, 2022 at 13:33
by Alicia Leggett  

Canyon and Pirelli announced today that they've teamed up to create the Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli DH Team, which will race World Cups alongside the existing Canyon CLLCTV Factory Team and Canyon CLLCTC FMD Team.

Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli will focus on developing up-and-coming talent, signing Loris Revelli, Dante Silva, Antoine Pierron, and Henri Kiefer for the 2022 season under team manager Roberto Vernassa. Fabien Barel is also on board as a mentor.

The team will race on Canyon Sender CFR frames and will work with Pirelli to develop the tire brand's Scorpion downhill range. Dainese will provide clothing and protection.

bigquotesThe new team is the result of an ambitious project to find the next generation of top-level racers. I believe we have put together a team of athletes with great prospects and skills. It's exciting to see these self-supported riders who, today, thanks to Pirelli, Canyon and Dainese, are making an important leap into professional racing. In my opinion, many of them will soon be climbing the top ranks.Fabien Barel


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 Canyon doing a Commencal and building up their empire of teams! In all seriousness though, great to see another team giving some young guns a shot at the big time.
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 This much interest in DH racing sure is refreshing to see for a big fan like myself after all the years were enduro took a lot of attention and money from DH (no hate). Canyon and Commencal sure want to establish themselves as the big players in a srinking market and they are pushing a lot in that direction. I bet it will pay off
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 @ORTOGONAL555: is that really the case? I'm rather new to the scene, but I always had the impression that enduro has always been much more niche than worldcup downhill
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 @hardtailpunter: I would agree with ORTOGONAL, I think DH was "bigger" in the earl 2010's but from about 2015-present enduro has been stealing (also no hate) the stage light.
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 DH world cup 2030. 5 teams each for Commencal and Canyon. And aaron gwin on his own program with the latest tech coming out of sub-Saharan Africa, the new hotspot for mtb manufacturing.
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 And he still will not have won a race since he went from big teams to scratching together his own team with parts nobody's heard of or has any plans on ever riding.
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 Good guy Aaron promoting Sahel region to the world, what a time to be alive!
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 And Minnaar wins the WC on his V10.
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 He will be riding for Neko by then.
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 And they still don't have a budget for vowels. Cool to see Pirelli getting into DH though!
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 let's see if we go full F1. All teams required to run the same pirelli tires
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 How long till they make DH tyres available at retail? (Looking at Michelin)
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 @adrennan: Imagine it: 10% of the top 20 end up with punctures in every race. Pirelli blame "low pressures" or "debris on the track". Meanwhile the riders are all under a gagging over that means they legally can't say anything bad about Pirelli until they're done with them and out of the sport.

Let's all hope this doesn't happen. The F1 boys absolutely despise those tyres.
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 @adrennan: I'm surprised teams aren't already heating up Maxxis tires at the start gate of world cups in the colder months.
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 Pirelli took all the vowels. They could have shared them fairly. Cllectiv Prlli. Either they're pretty dominant, or this relation will break up sooner or later. Chances are the Cllctv will secretly steal some vowels from Pirelli. Cillctv Prelli. Or they really like each other and get intimate. Sunday morning after a successful qualification round: Cillectvi Porrelle. "Oh shit, these are your pants I'm wearing. Where are mine?"
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 Canyon creates whole new team so they can take the sponsor ship dollars from Pirelli without handicapping their existing athletes.
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 Golden comment
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 CNN n Prll
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 It's like trying to understand my kids texts....can you maybe use an emoji? Dont bother I dont get most emojis either. sad face pile of shit ruby banana....
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 @pink505: Pinkbike used to have a bunch of emojis, I think they don't work anymore...

This one still lives:

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 They need to make wheels to throwback to the late 80s gold BBS for the Pirelli tires. Match made in heaven Gold hubs and spokes with silver rims and black wall tires. Would look so sick
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 Missed opportunity for “Canyon OEIE Pirelli”
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 dont take those to Silverstone!
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 You get a Canyon! You get a Canyon! You get a Canyon! You get a Canyon! Everybody gets a Canyon!!!
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 cool stuff, except from one thing: where are the girls?? surely there must be promising girls climbing up the ranks too - why don‘t they get more support?
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 It looks like they've taken tanning to a whole new level. Or is it just my monitor?
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 No fox actually makes an orange fork on purpose. So bizarre
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 @jrocksdh: Seems like my monitor is messed up too then. Orange lowers, Kashima stanchions, it is almost like this fork is from Fox' biggest competitor.
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 @vinay: trump edition. Orange & Gold.
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 This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them
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 Nice to see Dante get on a good team.
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 Now they're just trying to keep up with Commencal.
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 Imho, a few successful teams is enough.. remaining budget could be spent on making better and more affordable bikes. :/
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 Glad to see Roberto back managing a WC Team
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 Yeaaah Dante !!
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 There is some bad posture in that photo lol
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 guy on the right looks like cardboard
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 Is this a cycling limited liability company television channel?
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 Shouldn´t this one be called "OEIE"?
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 Pinkbike emojis work! Dead Horse
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 Pro tip - April fools is April 1 Canyon.
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 can't lose the race if only your bikes are in it
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 Loris Revelli riding on Pirelli
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 Coming up next: YT joins Walmart.
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 So many consonants...
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 PIRELLI what a surprise

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