Check Out: It's Raining Purple with Leatt's Spring 2022 Apparel

May 5, 2022 at 13:36
by Alicia Leggett  

Leatt's new Spring 2022 clothing has been released, and I've had the chance to try a mix of women's and unisex pieces. While on the surface it might just look like I'm living out the dream of becoming a grape, there's a little more to some of this stuff than meets the eye. To start, all of these pieces arrived in compostable, plastic-free packaging printed with soy ink, which Leatt has begun using this year to ship all its moto and mountain bike products. As for what's inside the packaging? Here's the rundown.

MTB AllMtn 2.0 Jersey (Women's)

I quite like this jersey.

Mountains, cassettes, and - I think - biker skulls?
There's a hidden microfiber goggle wipe.


• TENCEL fabric, made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp
• Women's XS-XXL
• $50 USD
• Two color options
• Relaxed, comfortable fit

bigquotesThe Leatt MTB AllMtn 2.0 Jersey hits the nail on the head. It's incredibly soft, it fits nicely in my women's medium, and it uses sustainably-sourced lyocell fabric and recycled yarn, which is a step in the right direction in terms of materials usage within the bike industry. It's hard to find any faults at all with this jersey.

MTB Trail 3.0 Jersey (Unisex)

Is this a cross country or trail jersey?

Ventilation under the arms, plus a stylish pocket.
In addition to the standard three-pocket setup, there's a bonus zip pocket for valuables.


• MoistureCool 360° stretch fabric
• XS-3XL unisex / men's sizing
• $60 USD
• Three color options
• Three cargo pockets and one zip pocket
• Relaxed fit

bigquotesThe MTB Trail 2.0 Jersey brings some cross country features to a trail jersey, with a partial zip in front and three pockets in the back. The unisex small size is a bit tight in the hips for me - which is to be expected with clothing cut for men - so I'd recommend that women either size up if they'd prefer a looser fit or go with the above women's jersey, which has an excellent fit. Cut aside, the fabric is moisture-wicking and stretchy, and the pockets are nicely sized and functional. The back and underarms are perforated for ventilation, and there's also a silicone grip strip along the back hem to keep the jersey in place.

MTB AllMtn 2.0 Shorts (Women's)

If you missed the low-waisted early 2000s, I have just the thing for you.

There are two zippered pockets, one on each hip, and there's a hook-and-loop waist adjustment.
The pockets are deep and lined with patterned mesh.

There's ventilation on the inner thighs and triple-stitched seams for longevity.
The length here is perfect. These shorts are plenty long to cover the tops of knee pads.


• Zippered hip pockets
• Women's XS-XXL
• $80 USD
• Hook-and-loop adjustment
• Ventilation perforation
• Available in black and "Dusk"

bigquotesThe MTB AllMtn 2.0 Shorts are lightweight and make a whole lot of sense as a short, but they're extremely low cut on me. That's all well and good for when I want to channel my inner 2002 diva, but I'd appreciate a little more coverage when it comes to riding bikes. To be fair, human bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and even though I'm wearing the right size shorts according to the size chart, I just want the waist to come up a little higher. However, I do appreciate the length and cut of the legs. Smaller women than me may find that the shorts fit just right, but the low waist is something to keep in mind when shopping.

MTB Trail 3.0 Jacket (Unisex)

The anti-flap strap, should you want to unzip the jacket for ventilation.
A silicone grip strip keeps the rear hem from moving.

The hood is what Leatt calls its Ride Adaptive Hood, or RAhD, which can fit over a helmet and is adjustable.
The hood also uses magnets to keep it from flapping around, either on the rider's back or over a helmet using the included helmet magnet.


• 5.000mm/5.000g/m² water-resistant and breathable shell
• Unisex sizes XS-3XL
• $150 USD
• Adjustable, helmet-compatible hood with magnets
• Three color options
• Insulated front, uninsulated back and arms

bigquotesThe Trail 3.0 Jacket is a solid garment. Although hoods on riding gear can be annoying, Leatt seems to have found a good workaround with the magnets to keep the hood from flapping around. Speaking of flapping around, there's a strap in front that Leatt says holds the jacket in place if riders want to ride with it unzipped for ventilation. In my opinion, the jacket looks great and will be a great around-town and multisport piece for when it's not quite cold enough to wear a puffy jacket out riding. The unisex small was roomy on me, so smaller women might have trouble with the sizing, and anyone under 5'10" / 150lb might want to opt for an extra small.

MTB AllMtn 2.0 Jacket (Women's)

This one comes in a women's version, and the medium fits me well.

It also has an anti-flap strap.
There's reflective printing on the lower back and elastic around the cuffs and hem.


• 5.000mm/5.000g/m² water-resistant and breathable shell with mesh lining
• Women's sizes XS-XXL
• $130 USD
• Folds into its chest pocket
• Adjustable, helmet-compatible hood with magnets
• Two pockets in front

bigquotesThe MTB AllMtn 2.0 Jacket is Leatt's version of the lightweight, stowable trail jacket, but this one is more water-resistant than most and offers a robust amount of protection while remaining packable. Like the MTB Trail 3.0 Jacket above, it has a chest strap that can be fastened to ride with the jacket unzipped and a magnetic, helmet-compatible hood. The comfortable mesh lining makes sure that it doesn't feel too much like a plastic bag, and the two pockets in front are a nice touch for cold hands, though they don't zip shut.

MTB Trail 2.0 Helmet (Unisex)

20 vents provide airflow all around the helmet.

The visor has a breakaway function in case of an impact.

360° Turbine Technology is Leatt's version of rotational impact protection.


• 360° Turbine Technology
• Sizes S, M, L
• $100 USD
• Breakaway visor
• Weight from 300g
• Dri-Lex moisture-wicking, anti-odor, washable liner

bigquotesThe MTB Trail 2.0 Helmet is an all-around, lightweight trail helmet with moderate coverage and 20 vents. It is adjusted by a dial in the back and secured with a standard clip. The fit feels good, though the medium size seems a tiny bit smaller on top of my head than some other, similar helmets. Available in three sizes, it uses Leatt's 360° Turbine Technology to absorb impacts and manage rotational forces, and there's a removable, washable liner for comfort and odor control.

6.0 Clip Shoe (Unisex)

Closure and adjustment is handled by an ATOP dial on each shoe.
The cleat channel is on the longer side.


• ClipGrip SPD Channel offers all-pedal compatibility, Leatt says
• Sizes EU 38.5-47
• $150 USD
• Aggressive lug tread design
• Semi-rigid shank, EVA midsole/insole, and moisture-wicking liner
• 920g (US 9.5)

bigquotesThe 6.0 Clip Shoes find a nice balance between being aggressive and being streamlined. The lugged sole is grippy enough to be functional off the bike, and the shoes feel stiff but not too stiff. The dial closures took me some playing around to figure out. They spin in opposite directions, i.e. you're turning them either toward or away from your foot, not left or right to tighten and loosen them. While mildly confusing at first, I think that's something I could get used to, and the symmetry is satisfying. The fit feels true to size.

3.0 Flat Shoe (Women's)

Nice and simple.
There's a waffle design in the pedal region and Leatt's own rubber compound.


• Lace closures
• Sizes EU 38.5-47
• $120 USD
• Leatt's own rubber compound with waffle pattern, mud channels on heel and toe
• Medium stiffness shank and moisture-wicking, anti-microbial liner
• Mid-height protection on inner ankle

bigquotesThese flat pedal shoes seem like nice all-rounders, with water-resistant but breathable faux leather uppers and waffle-patterned soles. The fairly firm rubber seems like it'll take a while to wear out, even if that means it sacrifices some stickiness, though Leatt says it's the Sticky Leatt Lab formula that is apparently "better than anyone else's." The shoes also sport secure laces that stay nicely in place, a shank that feels firm but not too stiff, an antimicrobial liner, and inner ankle protection. The fit feels a little snug.

MTB 1.0 GripR Glove (Women's)


• 360° stretch upper hand and faux suede palm
• Women's sizes XS-L, available in men's version too
• $30 USD
• Thumb patch
• Available in black or "Dusk"
• Stretchy, secure cuff

bigquotesThese MTB 1.0 GripR gloves are low-profile enough to make them an everyday go-to, without any palm padding (thankfully) or bulky closures. They use a grippy suede-like material on the palm that is meant to provide grip in wet and dry conditions, have a thumb patch wipe, and come in at a reasonable price. Since I have large hands for a woman, I'd recommend that those between sizes drop down a size, as my women's medium fit just right.

Full grape mode. All the purple, all the time.


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 A soft palate cleanser after the Pit Viper x MGK/"wannabe 80s metal" collab
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 Black raspberry is my favorite ice cream flavor, just so you know that about me
  • 9 1
 @sjma: now we know that about you
  • 12 1
 Barney on a mountain bike!
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 Those shoes are absolute fire.
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 How dare you ;-)
  • 40 2
 Have Leatt employed Gogol Bordello?
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 I like this reference well done you.
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 @fatduke: They opened for QOTSA one time at Red Rocks and I'd never heard the name - definitely a blast to find. Queens always gets some weird/funky lesser-known acts in my purview.
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 @rocky-x: that to me is a weird opening act before QOTSA
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 @fatduke: Totally but I think Josh likes to keep it strange and explore different styles so a gyspie/flamenco opener isn't too far off. By the way, had to look it up to make sure I wasn't crazy and the show was Aug 2013 @ Red Rocks.
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 Now I MUST hear that song (which will then be stuck in my head for the rest of the day)!
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 @fatduke: Dude, I saw Peaches open for QOTSA
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 @derekbnorakim: that one doesn't seem so weird to me but I've probably listened to more peaches than bordello
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 Is the MTB apparel industry picking on-trend colors based on characters from the game Clue?

2021: Colonel Mustard
2022: Professor Plum
2023: Mr. Green?
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 careful, you might give them (and me) ideas.
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 2023 is only allowed to happen if it's a nice sage green.
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 Presenting Leatt's spring collection! Riding gear designed for those who ride until 1:00, before their nursing shift at 2:00
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 Sugar, Water, Purple.
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 Purple drink!
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 @TannerValhouli: *draaaaank
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 @pmhobson: Sizzzurp?
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 I want that purple stuff...
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 @mior: lean wit it then rock wit it
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 Doves will cry about this article.
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 Where is the men’s purple? Please will someone design something other than black!
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 Don't feel the appeal of Unisex?
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 Its rained in Utah before. Should I get a $130 raincoat?
  • 4 0
 It's only 5k/5k, so chances are this jacket will hold up to a Utah rain.
  • 2 1
 @cgreaseman: 5k? thats horrendous. yikes. I wish anything MTB would use better membranes and fabrics
  • 6 0
 @andraperrella27: A thin cotton mesh would be enough for the rain Utah gets
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 Purple and Rain go very well together
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 @andraperrella27: They have a 30K Jacket the 5.0
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 Attention men: order at least a size up compared to other MTB brands when you’re ordering Leatt jerseys or pants.

I’m 6’0” and 190 lbs. I’m a large or occasionally medium in every other mountain bike and outdoor brand in North America.

Leatt Large is super-duper tight on me.

I ordered the black version of that MTB Trail 3.0 Jersey, and it was laughably tight. Even the XL I replaced it with is snug. I expect an XXL would fit like most of the other side L jerseys I own.

Order at least a size up from your normal.

Weirdly, Leatt gloves and helmets seem to be the same size as their North American competitors.
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 Tippie is going to look like BARNEY!
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 Look at that, reasonable prices for their clothing. Definitely going to have my girl check these out.

Good job, Leatt on not pricing your shorts and jerseys at $150.
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 Def one of the coolest models PB has ever employed
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 i'm defo down with the purple....
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 Anti-flap strap is the MTB equivalent of a powder skirt. I'm distrustful.
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 When I imagine myself trying to ride in an insulated 5k "breathable" jacket it begins to make sense
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 I feel like this is riding kit for "The Artist". A raspberry beret for the apres would really set it off.
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 I like purple rain gear.
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 Great for those people who stick random anodized purple parts on their bikes!
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 What do you put in the front pocket of the jersey, a pointy metal tool?or a joint?
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 Great product. I have the 4.0 jacket & pant from last season. Very good fitting & durable.
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 The Purple People Eater.
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 Beautiful product! Dope color.
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 So next season will be ... YELLOW, RED, and BLUE!!!
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 Where is something to cover the knees when it gets cold?
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 @alicialeggett did you find that the 6.0 shoe fit true to size?
  • 3 0
 Hey there, yes it did! It feels on the narrow side, so that's something to consider if you have wide feet, but it was spot-on for me. The 3.0 Flat Shoe was a little tighter.
  • 2 0
 @gdv72 I have bought 3 pairs of shoes in the last 6 months, Crocs, Chaco sandals, and the MTB 6.0 shoes. All size 8, they seem true to size to me
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 Purple is my favourite colour! I like!
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 Purple Rain... Purple Rain... You're welcome
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 Wait? Low waist pants were gone?
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 i have an older leatt helmet. one of the plastic parts that sits snug around my noggin popped out of the styrofoam stuff at the front. so i popped it back in, but it keeps coming out. guess super glue is next?
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 Great story
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 @radgetzoff: i can tell it again if you want
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 Too matchy matchy.
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 It will be double extra matchy match with my purple Chromag
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 Still no riding glasses!
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