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Cube Issues Statement On Delivery Delays - 'Unlikely to Improve in the Foreseeable Future'

May 5, 2022 at 11:19
by Alicia Leggett  
Fox Float X2

Cube said in a statement on its website that production disruptions in Asia, transport route constraints, and an electronic chip shortage are all hampering the brand's ability to produce and ship bikes at full capacity.

In its explanation, Cube wrote that although it has increased its assembly and logistics capacities substantially over the last two years to meet growing demand, it can only use about 75% of that at the moment. The cumulative effects of several factors has meant that delivery dates to customers have been repeatedly postponed and remain uncertain until very short notice.

Asian suppliers have faced numerous waves of shutdowns, keeping production wildly unpredictable. Many cannot legally return to production at more than 50% capacity. Raw materials and labor are also scarce for many factories, due to the chain effects of the demand increase and illness, respectively.

Even if all the parts can be manufactured, moving them proves just as complicated. Companies have been playing a virtual game of whack-a-mole when it comes to the transport of raw materials, components, and complete bikes. Sea freight capacities have been especially affected, with shipping ports clogged and a resulting shortage of usable ships and containers. For a while, rail freight became a viable workaround when sea freight prices skyrocketed, but the war in Ukraine has halted that. Cube said those recent developments have delayed wait times another six or seven weeks.

bigquotesUnfortunately, the situation is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future. The Ukraine conflict is impacting production capacities further as a result of shortages in essential raw materials.Cube

And then when it comes to e-bikes, the electronic chip shortage isn't helping anything. Cube doesn't receive delivery dates for chips until two to four weeks in advance, which is incredibly short notice for companies that need to plan their future production.

For all the above reasons, Cube - like other brands - has to be more flexible than ever when planning bike production, assembly, and shipping. "A bike model that we could theoretically build over the coming weeks according to our production plan might be missing a part tomorrow that we have to wait eight weeks for," the statement read. "It only takes one lacking component to prevent us from building a bike altogether." Working with long lead times and short notice means that Cube accepts all deliveries of pretty much any parts they can get, even if they won't need those parts for quite some time. In the statement, Cube explained that it has repurposed a storage facility for completed bikes to become a parts warehouse and has started to operate five more regional satellite warehouses, all of that meaning that the company is taking on extra financial risk.

Still, the company said, it is unable to ramp up its capacity utilization by any significant degree.

"We apologise for the lengthy waiting time and the missed rides this has caused. We are doing everything we can to produce your bike and get it delivered as quickly as possible," the statement concluded. "We appreciate your patience, perseverance and understanding at this time!"

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 thought they had the problem 'squared' away... turns out there is 6 sides to the problem Smile
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 You need to think more 3 dimensionally....Smile
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 @RadBartTaylor: Cube ought to think outside the box
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 Too many manufacturers trying to fit a square peg in a round hole
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 global village
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 wait until the tesseract comes along
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 Resistance is futile! You have been assimilated!
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 In other words, there is no better time in history to maintain and fine tune your current bike!
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 Exactly! And brake less so as to save our tyres, pads, trails... while gaining speed and confidence Smile
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 It's a great time to learn independence in general. Learn to fix your own bike, try growing some of your own food, fixing your own home, etc. If anything the last couple years have shown you can't always rely on things being "normal". I really hope the food shortage fears don't come true.
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 @DylanH93: eh Americans could use a good food shortage
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 @mknott9: a little late to the intermittent fasting fad, don’t you think?
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 @DylanH93: was building a victory garden in my front yard right before reading this. scary how people forget the past and repeat it through blind ignorance.
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 @DylanH93: they won't. Inflation is a problem but generally we produce more food than we can eat. We are just shit at distributing. Yeah Ukraine produces a lot of wheat but that will raise the price that's all.
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 @mknott9: aginginplace.org/the-facts-behind-senior-hunger

@DylanH93: tell it to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia

@spaced: priced out of existence
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 @spaced: whats happening at the moment isn't inflation its profiteering. pick any pissy little problem and exaggerate it in order to create fake shortages.
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 @b45her: Evergreen Marine Corp 2021 Q1 year-to-year net income change: 8,271%


Link is from this fine article on ship disposal:

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 First of all, ride the bikes you have. I have a 5 year old SC Bronson and a 4 year old 29er Spec enduro and they are still fast and still ride great. Secondly, I ride my bikes to get away from all the crap in life and that includes electeonics and mico chips etc. 1 cable to the rear mech and 1 to the dropper will do just fine for me.
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 You are wrong. Please go order two new bikes. You need them. Just because you think they are fun and ride fine you are just plain wrong. A new bike will be so much more fun.
Now for the elctronics:
You are wrong again. Electronics will make your new bikes even more fun and more reliable. Sure when you can't ride because your bike is in the shop to get the motor fixed (WTF?) you will still have more fun while waiting for it to be fixed.
Recap: You are wrong, go buy new bikes.
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 @rcrocha: he's obviously not subscribed to the latest news informing him of how to have fun, crazy.
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 Tell me you're working in the industry without telling me you work in the industry:
You need electronics on your bike, it's life changing
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 Wait, chip shortage affecting bikes?? The bike market is broken
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 Are you suggesting a non wireless way of shifting gears? You Luddite
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 you look like a caveman smacking two rocks together
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 I was at the grocery store and there are plenty of chips on the shelves, Cube should get theirs from Save on Foods.
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 @fabwizard: Now that's how to produce a fat bike.
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 Ah yes chip shortage wouldn't be a problem if you didn't produce electric motorbikes
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flag ScandiumRider (May 5, 2022 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 Ah yes, it's ONLY ebikes that are the issue! Surely SRAM's AXS system and Shimano's Di2 system don't use any computer chips at all. Genius! You've solved the problem!
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 @ScandiumRider: I mean those are dumb as well.
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 @team-issue: Are they though? I mean you're allowed to not like them, but just because you think they're dumb doesn't mean they are.
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 @ScandiumRider: good luck with that argument on Pinkbike.
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 @ScandiumRider: Yes, they really are.
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 @ScandiumRider: AXS is all I can find for drivetrain parts at present.
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 The thing is, they probably still would be. They are dragging out every possible excuse for 2 years now, to higher the prices and increase delivery dates. Sure chip shortage in industry where's small percentage of products include any electronics (let's stay away from mopeds) is very viable excuse. I'm sure they wanted to buy multiple super computers to design their new masterpiece but due chip shortage they can't do this now, so they need to use old computers and this means no new bikes for next 15 years. Not to mention ships float completely different nowadays due covid. So yes, perfectly understandable that they can't produce bikes anymore.
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 @primozj: "They are dragging out every possible excuse for 2 years now, to higher the prices and increase delivery dates."

Tell me you know nothing about supply chain management without telling me you know nothing about supply chain management.
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 @ScandiumRider: I believe all 10 people that are able to afford AXS and Di2 equipped bikes have already bought one. For all that is holy, there are $6K bikes sold with SX and NX...
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 My winter rides are motivated by chips. There's only so much beer a man can drink so I'm not sure how this will affect my training. Cake doesn't seem to have been affected yet, but that's always been more of a roadie treat in my opinion, and won't go well with beer at all. Sort it out world.
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 Seems like a lot of people are constantly saying "things should be back to normal in the next six months to a year." Unfortunately I think this is our world now and maybe we'll never be completely back to what things used to be like, certainly on pricing. Welcome to the New Normal. I'm a glass half full type but things could certainly get a lot worse. I used to sell of spare parts after upgrading. Now I'm keeping them around.
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 End the fed
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 I think all the nice parts got sucked up into OEM by the big bike brands going turbo-mode during the pandemic. Now because of supply chain and labor issues there's a ton of half finished bikes awaiting a final piece or an available shipping container to ship out. It seems like at the low-end there's a lot more available currently.
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 Dey're takin' are duhhraillers!
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 supply issues but nobody will buy my stuff on buy/sell. Shimano XT or SLX is like finding a Unicorn, it's either 100 degrees or 0 degrees and raining/snowing, one day it feels like I'm about to lose my job and the next day we have a labor shortage. Not sure about anybody else but I would like to get off this train of anxiety please.
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 Lots of Deore, SLX and XT available here - bikecomponents.ca/collections/groupsets
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 @islandforlife: Those prices are crazy. ~$161 USD for a SLX cassette that usually is ~$105 via US mail order companies. Thanks, but I'll wait for the US mail orders to get them in-stock.
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 @ohbmxer: Cool beans!
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 Just look at how much things that didn't use microchips before, now suddenly need to be "smart"....

I'm pretty sure somewhere out there is a frying pan with a temperature sensor and a bluetooth connection which can be used to display a timer and the current temperature in a app that needs your browser history and your current location to work...
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 @aidy: thanks! Was a great laugh for lunch break!
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 Hey cube! You got any bikes available?
Nah. I can check, but they're all poly-gone.
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 Or you take the Kona approach, throw some Alhongas on there and get the bikes out the door! Time for Cube to start shopping AliExpress!
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 I think the big hit is coming now at full speed...Economy is getting worst and worst every minute. So take care of your bike and stock next tire,pads,disc,chain,cassette and other consumables with some time ahead,so no time waiting for new parts.
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 i'd buy a bike with a couple missing parts and then install my own that I can actually source. there are parts out there like on the buysell forum and from local bike shops. if a bike is nearly complete, just let me buy the bike in the state that it's in and then i'll finish the build myself. that way people can at least GET something
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 They could never do it that way because what is acceptable as a missing part to you would not be to another person. This would basically end up being a system where everybody orders a completely custom specd bike based on what they are comfortable acquiring on their own. The bike companies simply would be able to accomodate this system.
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 Yeah I tried that with my ‘22 Trek Slash project1. Factory were short of XT rotors and yet the ordering/pickup bike shop had the correct new rotors on the shelf. So I waited another 4 months.
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 I’d like to know from @pinkike if the classifieds are seeing a contrast in listings from the two years before the pandy to two years after the pandy. Once that dude ate a raw bat and sneezed on the salad bar it has become so difficult to get bike things. Are people holding on to their parts owing to this or selling them in hopes to get some income towards a new bike.
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 It would be good for customers AND manufacturers if there would be an information about WHAT part(s) is missing.
Example: if the delivery of my bike hangs on a missing saddle, stem or bar, I would say: "ship it as is - I have the parts in my garage" and I guess a number among us would go that way, too.

Now I see that this could be difficult to manage for the manufacturer (client A accepts without saddle and stem, client bB accepts without a chain, client C .....), but you could get bikes out to the clients.

I am lucky, though: no new purchase envisioned before 2025. I just saw what you get for 3k+ today and look at my 2020 YT Jeffsy (budget bike field test 2020) - SRAM guide 4-piston brakes, RF cockpit, DT-Swiss wheels - for just over 2k. I guess I could still sell it for the price I bought it. Crazy times.
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 sad, that a brand, that presents itself as beeing local and stuff has to produce so far away, had a Stereo 150 for the last two seasons and the quality of their carbon frames is more than questionable…broke it two times, after a long time of not beeing able to reach out to anyone in the Cube Customer Service, they told me, that the bearings for the rear suspension are slightly to thin, so the damper has space for non intended flex… they said, its a construction issue, known for longer but obviously they couldnt fix it… i sold my bike and wont ever recommend this brand to anyone (except to a 80 year old guy looking for a city bike)… sad story, thats what u get, when u try to buy „locally“
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 Interesting, there are a lot of bike companies that are getting bikes out the door in a reasonable timeframe now. Not sure why/how they can't do it.
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 I'm curious on who is filling orders on time? My understanding is that basically every company is suffering delays.
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 @ScandiumRider: Guerilla Gravity is... Other brands in the USA seem to have stock.

But, Cube is one of the largest, if not the largest European bike manufacturer... I presume their supply chain issues are a bit more in-depth and complex than GG's or smaller domestic brands.
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 Cube does have stock, they are all over the showrooms around here. But you are limited in terms of color/spec/size combinations if you want your bike in a timely fashion. I'd imagine that is the same for most brands.
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 @ScandiumRider: got a Status 140 exactly 8 days from ordering
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 There was a picture of a Shanghai port and all the ships waiting to load and unload... hundreds of miles of container ships. As long as China is still having problems we are all still having problems. Shipping logistics is no joke.
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 @ScandiumRider: i got my propain in about 3-4 weeks from order date.
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 Seems like they're back to square one.
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 Worked with Cube 4 years together. They couldn't even deliver bikes way before Covid was a thing. I remember ordering my XC C:62 and DH bike from them. Ordered in August - bike came in end of May(especially the XC was the worst) The DH bike i canceled at some point - ETA was June - new bike preview was 4 weeks later!

That was from 2012 to 2016! And every year it was the same - customers were waiting between 6-7 sometimes 8 month for their bikes. They were in Germany just super well priced(good parts for good pricing) for a LBS bike - this is why people sticked with their orders.

Went back to my old shop back in 2019 - and the situation didn't change at all. So when i read Cube can't deliver - thats not new - thats been a 10 year anniversary problem already!
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 Why Cube bikes are not in the US and Canada market like YT and Canyon? I bought mine through Chain Reaction but always wondering why they are not for sale in US
  • 1 0
 Years ago, I heard there were some trademark issues between Cube and held patents in the US. Not sure if that is still the case.
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 I worked at a bike shop in California and we sold a ton of Cubes. They have such a big following overseas they might just not have scaled to the US market yet
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 Did we not all started from nothing, “shortages” or not we now have way too much. Ask the guy with 20 bikes/cars he knows the wet basement theory
  • 1 0
 World is coming to a halt!!! On the positive side it will give me more time to ride my bike.
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 I odered a CUBE stereo one77 last November, still haven't received it till today. It's been six months...
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 What does electric chips have to do with anything mtb..there's no electronics on a mountain bike.
  • 1 0
 Welcome to the "Mad Max" era of MTB!
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 No chips on ships.
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 Speed and Power

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