Ibis Introduces Blackbird Send Aluminum Wheels

Feb 2, 2022 at 14:18
by Alicia Leggett  
Photo: Lear Miller

Ibis announced the new Send rims and wheelsets today to introduce its new component brand, Blackbird. The Blackbird Send rims are the evolution of the Ibis S35 rims, and Ibis says they're made to eliminate pinch flats and keep the tires sealed "no matter what you hit."

Available in Send 1 and Send 2 versions, the rims use a patented Stan's Bead Socket Technology design to lock in the tire bead. In the quest to eliminate pinch flats, Ibis widened the bead wall profile to eliminate sharp edges that could cut a tire on impact, adding strength, too. The burlier Send 2 also has extra reinforcement beneath the bead seat where the tire seals, so that in case of a hard impact, the chances of the bead seat being damaged are lessened.

bigquotesOur Enduro World Series Team has been testing the Send 1 on the front and a Send 2 in the rear for the last two years. Four EWS racers, several EWS stage wins, three EWS podiums, one Swedish National Enduro Championship, and we've only had one flat on race day. Mission accomplished.Ibis Cycles

The rims are available in 27.5" and 29" versions and weigh between 543g (27.5" Send 1) and 625g (29" Send 2). The complete wheelsets will use Ibis hubs with SRAM XD or Shimano Microspline drivers. A full specs chart is available here.

Like Ibis's other all-mountain rims, these ones have a 35mm internal width, as Ibis has been a proponent of wide rims for the better part of a decade. The brand has also emphasized making wheels easy to service by using standard J-bend spokes, external square nipples, and nothing proprietary.

Ibis notably introduced Blackbird as a separate component brand, not a wheel line, so we expect to see more Blackbird products in the future.

The Blackbird rims are available now at ibiscycles.com for $99 USD. Wheelsets will begin shipping on complete bike orders mid-February and will sell for $529 USD when they become available for individual sale.


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 Blackbird sending in the dead of night, take these broken rims and learn to ride.
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 He's gonna fly punk-ass fly.
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 All of your life, you were only waiting for your rim replacement to arrive
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 ya beat me to it
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flag stiingya (Feb 3, 2022 at 10:52) (Below Threshold)
 I LOVE Baby Boss... watched with my youngest nephew SO MANY times...
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 The funny thing is, in two comments, all of the lyrics are covered...
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 @NoahColorado is the only reason I come to the comment section anymore
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 @RobertGrainier: Blackbird Down........
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 @ReformedRoadie: You were only waiting for this replacement to be free
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 You stole my thunder, ya big jerk!!
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 Don't you guys know Brids aren't real, they were all replaced by the us government between 1959 and 1971 with surveillance drones.
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 what a wonderful rabbit hole
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 'I’ve encountered a bird in my life. What do I do? Should I be concerned?'
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 @werts: Those T-Shirs are so sick!
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 @werts: thanks for the link. Cool tshirts & socks!
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 @ceecee: run for your life
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 This is like the flat earth theory where it's a funny joke conspiracy theory now, but sooner or later idiots will actually believe it and kill some poor birds.
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 @jwestenhoff: Dude dont you get it. All the birds are extinct. Its time to wake up and realize that you are being watched all the time.
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 Pigeons are liars.
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 Robot chicken tastes delicious
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 @werts: way to stay on message. I'll wait until Branded Product turns up in local thrift. Regards, ccTV

@jwestenhoff: we can only hope the paranoid delusions remain pretend. Currently not working out so well
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 There's a pigeon in Catalonia that's in control of my legs.
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 @werts: That's good to know. I was wondering whether it was a serious movement, given American lack of understanding of irony plus the myriad of genuine nutters out there.
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 @jwestenhoff: if they aren't real birds you can't kill them. They are already dead. Get with the program you round earther.
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 Will the CNN CLLCTV use BLKBRD wheels?
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 They’d use the BLCKBRD EVO Send
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 Only if they partner with Specialized to run BLKDMND tires.
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 Ibis is such a cool boutique brand. They seem to innovate along the lines of a specialize brand not looking to appeal to the masses but the passionate buyer. Good on ya Ibis! Nice to see yet another well thought out product hit the market.
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 Yeah, sure, that's why they sponsor like every kooky rider on YouTube with a few thousand subs.
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 Previous generation of Ibis rims were alarmingly soft/fragile.

Hub driver is also crap. Blew one out in a couple dozen rides.
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 @wyorider: I agree about the S35 alloy rims, they are soft. I've had zero issues with my HG driver that came with them though, two seasons deep.
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flag wyorider (Feb 3, 2022 at 9:51) (Below Threshold)
 What gaper downvoted this?! Ibis wheels are hot garbage. Frames are great, wheels aren’t.

I’ve actually never had a rim dent/fold as easily as an Ibis rim…..and that ride time goes back to 90’s.
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 @wyorider: so accurate. Their hubs also blow, tolerance stack issues all the time. Resulting in hubs that have play out of the box.
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 But then they build bikes with these shitty yoke designs that arnt straight and blow up shocks. I would say the innovate but don’t actually try anything 1st. Plus they need to hire someone who can make a big that isn’t ugly
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 @HB208: Last year I went through ALL my social media accounts and deleted anybody shilling products that wasn't a bike racer. May sound lame but f*ck influencers. The people I want to support are the ones that work hard and train to be the best. Influencers take support from real racers and I'm not going to be a part of it.
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 @OnTheRivet: Yeah, IBIS throws support behind like five enduro riders and then a bunch of influencers. They make good bikes, but I don't want to hear from some old dude that watches BCXC and Hannah and Mo about how they are the best thing since sliced bread.
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 @HB208: *cough* Loam Ranger *cough*
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 @ratedgg13: One of many
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 I’m a pretty big Clyde and my Ibis Al rims have held up for 4 seasons. And the hub driver is just fine. I’ve broken every brand of rim and hub I’ve tried. Even cracked a DT 240 straight across, they were amazing on warranty and haven’t had a problem with DT since. But, my local shop, which is generally #1 or 2 in the country, depending on the quarter, have told me the ibis wheels and hubs are the most reliable ones they sell. Ibis hubs did have some problem years but that was fixed about 5 years ago.
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 @whambat: Like Clyde Donovan from South Park?
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 @whambat: they better hold up well at over 600g per rim(!) and 99$ Big Grin

I would rather go for EX511 or Newman SLA30 /EG30
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 @whambat: I’m 160 pounds-and had the microspline driver grenade in a couple dozen rides. Both rims literally creased/folded.
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 @bonfire: Huh, work at an Ibis dealer that sells a lot (like top 10 in the US) of their bikes and don't think I've every seen one loose out of the box. End caps occasionally backing out after a few rides yes but been less of an issue lately. More often seems like bearings wear out/get grindy sooner then they should but not sure if it's bad tolerances or bad bearing quality (or both). Even with that drivers/pawls seem to hold up well and are light years ahead of the speed tuned hubs that used to come on their wheels (the ones that would just be a countdown until the drive body blew into pieces, maybe or maybe not taking the hubshell with it...).

Maybe different in other countries though
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 @JohSch: I have the previous lighter versions that came to about 1900 grams per wheel set. To be honest, I figured those wheels would have been one of my first upgrades. I never expected a bike brand hub to last me more than a season. I’m not kind to most gear, let alone ones that have to take my 210lbs of abuse as much as wheels. I have gone through several BBs, destroyed pedals, and a couple saddles in that time though.
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 @ratedgg13: might want to get that cough checked out.
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 @evo233: interesting, also worked at an ibis dealer. Every wheelset we had for the two years I was there, we had to put a custom made spacer in the hub. As either they would have bearing play out of the box or after two rides once it all bedded in. Ibis didn’t want to hear about it. Sent videos of the play, the solution we had to come up with. Was a joke.
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 And why do they refer to these as having a 35 internal DIAMETER when it is the internal width?
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 They’re secretly roadie aero rims
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 35mm is the new wheel size
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 @vhdh666: Freeriders rejoice
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 I love Ibis and totally get why they are doing this. But these wheels are "too burly/heavy" for me. My Ibis 738 have been fine for 4 years, except one broken alloy nipple. No issues with the rim. I hope they bring back a lighter version. As a lighter rider at 150#, I'm getting a bit frustrated in over built parts. Yes they add up and 35lb bike is definitely harder to pedal and maneuver than a 30lb bike.
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 Thanks for the feedback! The Send 1 front wheel is virtually the same weight as the previous S35 front wheel. The rear wheel, with the Send 2, is 45g heavier due to the extra reinforcement. Total weight gain over the previous S35 wheelset (with rim tape, driver, and valve core) is only ~50g. In this case, we think it's worth the extra weight.

Our frames are still some of the lightest in the class. For instance, our US made Exie features dw-link suspension, internal cable routing, bearings where it makes sense, and a top guide, yet weighs virtually the same as many flex stay bikes that aren't as easy to maintain.
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 @ibiscycles: let's see that S28 replacement for my ripley though!
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 @ibiscycles: you guys want to trade me an Exie (Large) for a Chamois Hagar? I'll start a YouTube channel that I can guarantee will have ten's of views if so! We can even invent a new sub-sub- category of gravel riding; flat bar full squish fat guy send!
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flag Mntneer (Feb 3, 2022 at 13:24) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe put on some weight and stop eating like a bird
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 @ibiscycles: Did the S35 wheelset have the wrong weight listed? S35 29 shows 1880g and the new is listed at 2060g.
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 Soft ibis 738 survived 4 years. Congratulations Smile
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 Did Ibis just let us know that there Aluminum rims are the ones being raced on the Enduro circuit and not the carbon ones? Not knocking the idea at all, as I’ve been a proponent of AL wheels as, especially with Enduro worthy tires, carbon is a fractional weight saving for a high price.
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 Carbon wheels on their dentist builds fund the Enduro team
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 I figure these OEM wheels are so bike companies can put them on their own bikes for less than buying them from Stans or DT Swiss. I'd probably get the i9 1/1 enduro or trail alloy wheels if I was shopping for an alloy wheelset.
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 I agree with the i9s. The 1/1 offering is probably the best overall rim/hub combo for the price. But, that price is a bit higher than these. In the under $600 club, you are searching for an entry level, budget wheel set. Of course the long term viability is likely in line with the price.

I'm always a bit leery of house brand items. If i have to get it with the bike...OK, but I would probably never buy a house branded item individually.
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 @Baller7756: At the end of the day, I'd be most interested in having great hubs that I could bring to whatever rim I want.
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 @HB208: Yeah... that's the deal killer here for sure. The carbon offerings from Ibis have some hub options... these are only available with the low end house hubs.
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 @Baller7756: I feel like Hunt wheels are hard to beat in the under $600 club. Only two rides in on mine, but they feel like quality, sturdy kit.
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: Got Hunts on my 161 and they have served me well but I am not the heaviest or hardest rider.
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 Just gonna throw this out there, but the Newmen SL A 30s are absolutely phenomenal wheels. Hard to find in north america, but amazing if you can get them. They do seem to break the "light, strong, affordable" rule somehow, and have excellent (almost silent) hubs with good engagement.
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 @ratedgg13: rims are good except they're not welded like DT EX but just pinned.

their various hub designs, well...better use DT350s
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 @JohSch: DT Swiss non welded rims aren't bad. They are just 20-30g heavier than than welded ones with shims. Had M502 and E512, held up really well, Those rims are so good that what kills them in most cases is dents and welding has nothing to do with resistance to that. I appreciated the eyelets when building a wheel. Have an old wheelset with EX471 and now nipples are dying one by one. Trust me, those shims are pain in the ass in the long run.
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 @JohSch: Interesting, because my Newmens were a replacement for a DT EX series wheelset with 350s. I blew the hub and bent the rim numerous times, while the Newmens have had no similar issues.
  • 1 0
 @ratedgg13: It is weird to imagine why Newmen rims would be stronger than DT Swiss but interesting to hear. You mean same width? Do they come supplied with eyelets or you install nipples directly on the rim? Also which DT350 did you blew - The latest one or some older model with old Freehub? I am genuinely interested, no waki BS poking/ nagging.
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 @calmWAKI: The THEORY according to friends/mechanics is the angle of the rim bead on Newmen being more resistant to bending, despite all their other qualities being very similar (same width). I'm a fairly heavy rider and used to live in a very rocky location so bending dings out of the rim was a fairly regular activity for me and my LBS. The hub was a previous generation 350 - The problem was not driver related, but rather a de-bonding of the internals from the hub shell.
  • 2 0
 @ratedgg13: interesting to hear. I have DT and Spank 350 which are closer to Newmen than DT. I’ll see how they hold up. I noticed that ex471 is ridiculously strong while Ex511 and m502 dent easily. Must be an issue with width. Funny you mention meltdown of 350. At some point I bought a used 350 and when building a wheel I noticed it was… warped! I laced one side with recommended spoke length but the other side got 2mm shorter and 2mm longer than recommended. Then I installed a rotor. It was off by around 1.5mm so I had to use shimano washers to put it straight. It all worked for a year!

In general 240 used to be a better investment. Better bearings and more POE
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 Blackbird sending on Pinkbike’s site
Take those broken rims and learn to ride
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flag Supergirl56 (Feb 3, 2022 at 10:14) (Below Threshold)
 Underrated comment, here have an upvote
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 Does anyone else miss vowels?
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 No mention of spoke count, or even the hub... kinda underwhelming. It's ibis logo hub, so probably formula crap. I'd spend a little more and get with crank bros synthesis wheel set w/ i9 1/1 hub. That hub should be worth relacing.
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 The Ibis hubs are Novatecs, so yeah, about on par with Formula.
  • 3 0
 they're 32h if you count the spokes in the picture. dt350 laced to send2's could be a pretty good budget custom set
  • 1 0
 @whiteranger3: Oh, that comment just gave me ptsd flashbacks to last time I was looking to buy a wheel set. Counting spokes on photos of wheels on the buy and sell on what seemed like 500 postings cause so few people listed spoke count. It got old real quick!
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 @kcy4130: just count 90° and it’s 6/7/8/9 which is 24/28/32/36 spoke count.
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 @melanthius: From someone who had quando, formula and is on a pair of novatec hubs, the novatec blows even shimano hubs out of the water on quality, except for the bearings. I have replaced the bearings once for sfk ones, and flushed new grease in every year. After 3 years of abuse I have absolutely zero issues. Seals are original, pawls are original, everything except for the bearings are original. I also should point that it's the 3 pawl system, on old 135/100mm hubs. 26" for as long as I can find hoops and tires!
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 @kcy4130: If you look at a pair of parallel spokes, then look directly across the hub. If the spokes across the hub are essentially also parallel the. The hub is a 24 or 32 hole. If the spokes across the hub are crossing instead of parallel then the wheels are 28 or 36 hole. You should be able to visually tell the difference between a 24 & 32 or 28 & 36. So with this trick you can take two seconds and make a quick assumption about spoke count.

This obviously only works with traditional lacing patterns.
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 I think Ibis is on to something with wide rims. Not sure most current tires were designed with wider rims in mind though. Would be nice if tires and rims were designed together to make inserts obsolete. Inserts still feel like a patch solution to me
  • 3 1
 It'd be better if they didn't stick the 35mm ID rims on bikes that usually come stock with 2.4" (read: 2.2 actual) Maxxis tires. Terrible tread profile. And if they could find a way to stuff the cheapie DT Ratchet LN in the rear hub, they might make them a bit more popular in the aftermarket.
  • 2 1
 @parkourfan: agreed; i35 should be paired with a 2.5 or 2.6 actual, but 2.6 especially is a lot of tire for a rear wheel
  • 2 1
 @parkourfan: yea agreed that most current thread profiles aren't adapted for the wider rim philosophy. I see PB added a x-section. If I had to guess, the extra bracing of the send 2 is there to accommodate inserts. I've heard quite a few wheel manufacturers are skeptical of inserts for transferring stress from the beads to the the rim bed/bead seat during impacts.
  • 2 0
 @AndrewHornor: 2.6 rekons would be a great fit for the ripley in many locales. It’d also be nice if they were willing to update the carbon molds/tweak the AF frame a bit to update the geometry, and start using grip2 instead of old stock fit4 forks. Times are weird and what’s in stock is weirder, though, so I guess they get a partial pass on some of the weird spec they have this year.

I’m not aware of aluminum wheel manufacturers being vocally against inserts for those reasons, it’s mostly carbon wheel manufacturers who are worried about the stresses going into the center of the rim, when most good carbon wheels have a thick bead to distribute strike forces up into the arch of the rim.
  • 2 2
 @parkourfan: The AF uses a Rhythm Fork with a Grip damper. All the CF bikes use Grip 2 Factory forks.....Fit 4 was phased out as soon as Fox started shipping them.
  • 1 1
2 dealers I’d been to in New England had ‘new’ ones on the floor with fit4 forks in late 2021. Didn’t look closely enough at the spec to see if they were old product being claimed as new MY, but I would have thought ~2019-2020 product would have been sold through long ago.

A quick Google search shows backcountry and competitive currently selling new CF bikes with fit4 both pictured and on the spec sheet, with shimano 12-speed - seemingly the up-to-date spec. Can you confirm that anything pre-ordered to dealers this year will come with the grip2? Is it a model year thing, or is it just online retailers and shops having old stock? I know two people who currently have deposits on ripleys (at dealers) so that’d be nice to know.
  • 3 1
 @parkourfan: backcountry and competitive cyclist are the same company.
  • 4 0
 @Circe: the Ripley AF fork isn’t Rhythm, it’s Performance. So, same uppers as Performance Elite (and same as Factory minus the Kashima) but with Grip instead of Grip2. Takes a Luftkappe just fine.
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 The 'WT' on Maxxis are designed for 35mm+ rims
  • 1 2
 I have 35 internal width rims on a 2.4 tire, I'ts awesome. The tire squirm way less, the side lugs engage earlier, I'ts all around better for me. I', still pondering in a 2.4 front tire with 30mm id at the front and a 2.8 with 40mm id at the back (29 and 27,5).
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 @Notmeatall: why do you want the wider set-up at the back?
  • 8 0
 Ibis frame, Blackbird wheels, Wren forks and components. Featherweight?
  • 9 2
 been on 35mm rims all last season, 2.5 tires, verrrrry niiiice!
  • 4 1
 Just got my new Ibis 2 weeks. Guess I missed out on the BLACKBIRD wheels ! Haha I'm sure the standard 35 mm wheels that came stock are still great. Cool news from Ibis !
  • 8 3
 What's with the pedal paywall article in the feed? That's new?
  • 2 1
 Material? Is 35mm ID a bit too wide for alloy without making heavy rims with super deep walls? My 4 year 30mm ID rims seem fine, but some people I know seem to be breaking 35mm alloy. I understand carbon is stiff enough for wider rims, but I’m not convinced 35mm alloy are? Wonder if IBIS could show some comparative stress analysis models to prove doubters like me wrong?
  • 2 0
 I think that's why they mentioned all the pro race results. However could be very different for a heavier rider so there could still be valid questions. Obviously the pros push harder than the average Joe but the average Joe probably eats more cookies and might weigh 220#.
  • 5 0
 I'm just gonna let my ibis do the work.
  • 1 0
 That's "do the job"! (you had one job!)
  • 3 0
 Did I read that correct 27.5 send 1 in the front and 29 send 2 at the back? Party at the front business at the back. AKA THE TELLUM
  • 1 0
 Not totally sure if my S35s (2021) are related to a Send 1 or 2 (or not at all) but spokes are easily replaced and I've not racked wheel since getting them, which is something (usually destroy 2 rear wheels a year). The asym-groove inisde makes install Cushcore a total ordeal for me - I've even had 2 mechanics give up on them, but my goto for these wheels gets them on just fine. Anyway - have had zero flats in nine months on them, and it sounds like if the Blackbirds are even stronger, an upgrade to those here soon may be warranted, esp as backup / 2nd set of wheels.
  • 1 0
 I’ve been on s35’s for over 2 years and I broke one rim. I had to fix plenty of flat spots on the rear but always held air until I ripped a few spokes out when I caught a branch in my wheel. I’ve had nonissue at all running a 2.4 DHR in the rear. The profile is perfectly fine. The hubs are not great. My front hub has never spun well. The rear was warrantied because the driver kept slipping off. Good rims shit hubs.
  • 2 1
 I wonder if 35 is to wide for a 2.5. I feel you might end up w/ more rim dings when the bikes leaned over through chunk. I've been running some 33mm internals w/ 2.6 and I think that's kinda the sweeet spot myself.
  • 3 0
 I mostly run 2.5 assagai or 2.3-2.6 schwalbe on 34/35mm inner width rims. The 35mm rims support the tire better and minimize tire lateral roll on rim. They are good pairing. Bigger tires keep heavier people from sinking in sorta soft terrain better or pushig thru soft berms/ruts. Probably higher rolling speed on soft surfaces too.
  • 2 0
 I’ve got the 35mm ibis alloy rims with 2.5 assegais and they work really well together.
  • 1 0
 I currently run 2.5 aggressor/2.5 Minion combo on my 35ID rims. No complaints here and I wouldn't go back to the 2.6's I had before.
  • 2 2
 The ibis wheels on my ripmo lasted a few months before the bearings in the front seized and I destroyed the rear rim just riding along ibis did warranty the rim but I don't like them anyway I think 35 is too wide especially for the rear
  • 3 0
 What has happened? Are bead hooks and heavy ass wide alloy rims cool again? Sun Ringle Double Wides making a comeback.......
  • 1 0
 Anyone else making such a wide lip to prevent pinch flats in aluminum? My dts hold up well enough but the side walls just slice thru the bead.
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 Baron.3 is 35mm iw, but 38.4 external. The innovation here is the 4.5mm vs 1.7mm beadwall. Ibis' new rim is also a mm less deep. Fancy extrusion for $99 which seems like it would pair well with a stout casing 2.5" at lower pressures for racing-grip-comfort
  • 1 0
 'Our unique bead wall'--Ibis. Original reply should have said 11mm less deep and been addressed to Hornor, as Stan's has no such rim
  • 1 0
 @ceecee: you right, I did not look closely enough
  • 2 3
 Hey everyone, here’s an idea… how about we do more than complain about the changes to pb? Maybe we can all pick a day a day to not visit pb every week? Maybe throwback Thursday until they at least engage us in a conversation about the planned changes?
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 Guess if I smash my stock s35 I’ll get these as a crash replacement now. Not bad!
  • 8 7
 So these are made of aluminum not papier mache like the previous version?

Are the hub drivers still made of soft cheese?!
  • 13 0
 "Are the hub drivers still made of soft cheese?!"

I hear they've been upgraded to Parmesan.
  • 8 0
 @aka-bigsteve: That could be a significant upgrade depending on how long it's aged
  • 1 0
 I hope not, my mate had to push me back and he's only just recovered from the trauma...
  • 3 0
 @aka-bigsteve: maybe Pecorino??
  • 1 0
 Any photos of the tire-side of the rim? It'd be nice to see that what widened bead wall looks like.
  • 1 0
 I think as a rule bike companies shouldn’t release products with names that rhyme with “bend”.
  • 1 0
 Seems like a good idea with the wide bead thing, wow those are heavy suckers though
  • 1 0
 I'm late but... "May the trail carry you home. Blackbird, ride away. May you never feel broken again."
  • 1 0
 (Deleted- missed a picture)
  • 2 0
 Do you mean BLK BRD?
  • 1 1
 If they dont sell the rims standalone you can bet theyre not that great and are just high margin whitelabels
  • 2 0
 ffs sorry reading comprehension
  • 1 0
 Carbon...taking aluminum rim development to the next level!
  • 1 0
 sit back and let the blackbird do the work
  • 1 0
 S35 wheels are great!
  • 1 3
 Whats the warranty on theses things? They look promising, I need need a solid warranty
  • 1 0
 Alloy wheels basically aren't warrantied for dents.
  • 9 1
 @noakeabean, they have a 7 year warranty. According to Ibis, "Ibis rims are cov­ered from fail­ure due to impact dam­age under nor­mal rid­ing cir­cum­stances for a peri­od of 7 years."
  • 6 2
 @mikekazimer: "ooops, you impacted a rock on a rocky trail. That's not normal riding circumstances."
  • 1 1
 @HB208: Not totally true. Several companies have crash replacement programs for alloy rims, where if you damage them they will sell you a new rim at 50% off. Stan's and Tairiin have crash replacement provisions. Not a bad deal.
  • 9 0
 @HB208: I can vouch that Ibis is really cool about the warranty on their wheels/rims. I reached out after breaking three spokes looking to purchase a rim to re-lace my rear wheel and they sent me a new one free of charge under warranty. Great company to deal with.
  • 2 1
 @privateer-wheels: I think the issue is that you would still need to bring it to a shop to string up the new rim. So even if its 50% off, it ends up costing you like $150-200 every time you need to replace a rim.
  • 10 2
 @HB208, what shop is charging you $200 to re-lace a wheel? That's waay too much. I'd take that as incentive to learn how to do your own rim swaps - it's not that hard at all with a little practice.
  • 4 3
 @mikekazimer: Nah, I am saying $50-75 for the rim plus $50-75 for shop labor. Maybe $200 is a bit high.
  • 1 0

According to the ibis website,

They also have a accident replacement low cost replacement program for these wheels, in addition to the 7 year warranty.
  • 1 0
 @mikekazimer: Silicon valley: $150 labor per wheel. If you want them to remove the old spokes it is another $25 per wheel. I won't mention the name of the shop.
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 @HB208: I think the point that you are getting a reduced cost rim is pretty good, regardless of what it costs to be rebuilt - that is a whole other aspect of things that is beyond the control of IBIS. The fact they and a few others offer a reduced cost replacement plan is pretty awesome. $75 is better than $150! Especially when not comes down to dents and dings which in many cases are inevitable, and more often than not (if not always?), our own fault.
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 @privateer-wheels: I agree, more so what I am getting at is if they are weak rims, you end up paying a ton of cash to shops to always be rebuilding them.
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 They should get working on those cheap hubs they make
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