Mavic Introduces Lifetime Warranty for 2021 Carbon Wheels

Feb 23, 2021 at 10:59
by Alicia Leggett  
Mavic test lab

Mavic has announced a new lifetime warranty on all its 2021 carbon wheels and appears to be regaining its feet after a turbulent 2020.

The French brand has shifted its focus back to its wheels after branching out to shoes, apparel, and pedals and running into deep financial trouble. When it was supposed that Mavic couldn’t pay its debts last spring, a French Commercial Court placed it into receivership, which puts the company’s assets and work under the control of a receiver to avoid liquidation.

After a period of struggle and ambiguous rumors about the company’s possible sale to a number of firms, Mavic found deliverance when it was sold to Bourellier Group. About half the jobs at Mavic were lost in the transition, but the company survived and appears reenergized.

The lifetime warranty will apply to all 2021 carbon wheel models, which were released in September 2020. The two-year warranty on aluminum wheels has also been extended to three years, but it’s worth noting these warranties on both carbon and aluminum wheels are only offered if the products are registered on within two months of purchase.

Mavic will also continue to uphold its crash replacement policy, which also requires product registration and covers a percentage of a product’s value on a sliding scale based on how long the product has been used before the damage.

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 Lifetime of the wheel or lifetime of Mavic?
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 Smart warranty that is. Sell all the wheels, go bust. Don't have to give people replacements if you go bankrupt.
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 @codfather1234: I'm not an expert warranty and bankruptcy but I did work in a quality/warranty for a big HVAC equipment company that was "struggling". I know if we filed bankruptcy that part of the agreement is setting aside money to continue to honoring warranty issues. We had a plan in place to keep the team together and slowly phase our department out and employees would get bonus if they stayed to the end of their term. I think we could've "bought out" everybody warranty but for some reason they didn't want to do that.

Eventually things turned around and it didn't matter.
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 @rustiegrizwold: not if you drain the bank accounts and escape to South America.

Jk I know this is not how any of this works, but it's funny to laugh at Mavic sometimes.
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 lifetime of the owner!
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 Lifetime warranty means nothing, it's just against manufacturing defects. What people want from carbon manufacturer is simply a no questions asked crash replacement.
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 @lkubica: then they’ll definitely go bust !
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 Boom, roasted.
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 Dentistry equals viable carbon Mavic should be okay for a bit.
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 @lkubica: Hit the nail in the head my friend!!!
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 Came here to make this exact comment.
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 Public phone number and customer service might help.
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 Great one, thanks :-)
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 @lkubica: You're not wrong. Quite often 'Lifetime Warranty' just means the perceived natural life of a product. To be fair to Mavic in this case there doesn't appear to be a time limit on the carbon rims but it doesn't cover crash or rock strike damage.
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 Isn't that like Saturn saying they offer a lifetime warranty on their cars???
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flag NYShred (Feb 23, 2021 at 13:11) (Below Threshold)
 "no prob, we'll just send you a new set and throw these in the ocean with all the other carbon products this industry pukes each year. Great doing business with you, see you in a couple years when they fail again."

Carbon anything in this industry at the consumer level really needs to stop unless you're a professional racer where materials and weight mean anything. Just watch friday fails. Carbon products are worth shit to the average consumer mountain biker that could barely ride a walmart bike. Enough already with this marketing shit.

Funny how a culture full of crunchy granola eating prius driving nerds can't see what's right in front of their faces.
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 @NYShred: granola eating prius nerds describes zero percent of riders I've met.
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 @RonSauce: He hates capitalism apparently.
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 @NYShred: My Prius is powered by a 7.3 liter diesel.
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If I take the stereotype at face value, then I must conclude that most mountain bikers are burrito eating, Tacoma driving mountain bikers.

Personally I don't drive a Tacoma. But I sure do enjoy burritos (and tacos).
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 @JSTootell: 7.3 . The last workhorse.
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 @ocnlogan: Very accurate stereotype. Don't forget the flannel plumage as well.
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 @timothyjplatt79: I'm literally eating a burrito in flannel as I read this. I spit half the burrito out laughing !

Although I'm too poor to drive a tacoma. I drive a f100
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 @Trls63: I'd take an F-100 over a Taco ANYDAY
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 @timothyjplatt79: yeah she's a '59 . Great old truck man. 302 actually gets better mileage than a taco too when the carb is tuned right !!
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 @ocnlogan: Tacoma drivin' burrito eatin' mountain biker here. 10/10 would recommend.
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 @Trls63: 300,000 miles. At least it is broken in now.
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flag monkeybizz (Feb 23, 2021 at 15:22) (Below Threshold)
 @NYShred: preach. Finally someone in this forum with some sense
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 @JSTootell: yesterday in my friends '00 ext. cab/ lb/ 7.3 , 6" of snow we pulled a fed ex tractor and trailer that jacked up a hill lol
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 I’ll take the 300 inline 6 with a 4 speed with overdrive. Best damn truck I’ve ever driven, 7.3 included.
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 @NYShred: The amount of carbon we throw in the ocean is minuscule compared to everything else that we put in. It’s not about the carbon, it’s about everything else. The amount of junk the US and EU put in the ocean PALES in comparison to what the countries in the Far East put in. Blame our consumerism and their complete disregard for the environment.
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 Dum dum carbon fibre is storing co2 from armosphere
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 @SlodownU: A more accurate phrase would be 'blame our consumerism and complete disregard for the environment and also ours'. Americans pointing fingers at other countries for environmental records is never going to end well.
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 @SlodownU: Never understood the west blaming the far east for emissions and environmental damage, when it's our products that they are making, and we drive down the costs forcing them to manufacture as cheaply as possible.
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 @SlodownU: Just stop buying so much shit you don't need.
We have a very nice environmental policy of paying China to dump our plastic in the ocean for us, we call it "recycling".
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 @Trls63: a '59 F100, that's going to require pictures.
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 @gotohe11carolina: Can't argue with that. I loved the 300, and love a manual transmission.

But it is hard to find a 300 powered anything. Even harder to find one with big ambulance box on the back for me to live in.

For all the downvoters, think about it. I am doing WAY more for the environment than 99% of the environmental hippies. Sure, I drive a big ass diesel, when I drive. I commute to work on my bicycle (the horror, it is carbon fiber!), I don't have heating or air conditioning. I don't buy a shit load of stuff I don't need because I don't have anywhere to put it.

I don't have an Amazon van driving around for me delivering junk so you can feel happy living in your comfy home with the heater cranked up being all smug about how good you are to the environment because you have a fuel efficient car.

Ironically, my fuel efficient car was just totalled by a hybrid who hit me at full speed on the freeway (I was going 0, he was going 65 and never braked).

I hope all you happy mountain biking hippies aren't throwing stones in your glass houses.
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 @ripinitup: lol and an original 4x4. I'll see if I can't upload some to my profile .
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 @JSTootell: when Im driving my '49 or '59 (and the f100 is a daily) I think of of this as true "recycling" . The generations of humans both these vehicles has served is outstanding, and has also negated literally tonnage of manufacturing pollutants.
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 @ripinitup: there we go, it's the "mobile" album
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 @bombdabass: Please, enlighten us as to how they're cleaner than us?
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 @Losvar: Stop buy un-needed shit, and stop sending jobs to a communist country with a deplorable human-rights record. All much easier than it sounds apparently. And its not just the US, its the entire world that needs to walk this walk.
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 @Trls63: my goodness I want that
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 @ocnlogan: One of my co- worker's drives a bmw (with a rack on the roof, of course) but he wears nothing but 5.10's every day, usually in a plaid shirt, and today he had a Clif bar for breakfast. Weird. He must be one of those mountain bikers I have heard about.
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 @SlodownU: Yup.
Reducing consumption is the most important step towards a future that isn't a global garbage dump.
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 @Trls63: OK, that ride is sweet. I might be more than a little jealous, right now.
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 @ripinitup: thanks! I just uploaded some of my car too. Two most reliable shuttle rigs I have lol
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 @Trls63: Is that a club coupe? Dude, that is Bad Azz!!!
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 @ripinitup: thanks! Yep that's my '49 coupe ! She's all original 90k on the clock.
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 This is assuming their customer service department actually responds in less then 6 months to 1 year, and replace your wheels , with the correct wheel set.
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 ^This. The problem Mavic needs to fix is not consumers' lack of trust in carbon, it's our warranted lack of trust in Mavic.
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 Santa Cruz lifetime warranty has set the bar on their carbon reserve wheels. I broke my front rim on a pretty chaotic trail, within a couple days of telling them (this is also during Covid) a new rim was already in the mail and came to me that week.
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 if you buy the complete wheelset, they replace the entire wheel no questions asked. Saves some time on wheel building, not to mention turnaround is so short.
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flag timothyjplatt79 (Feb 23, 2021 at 14:14) (Below Threshold)
 You can also 0% finance , $0 down at signing, a $11,000 car . Prices start at $22,000 at the dealer.
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 I always had luck with mavic products. High quality rims good hubs (although I know some people having problems with croride straight pull hubs).

But all that proprietary stuff really sucked!
Get us all wheels with optional J-bend spokes. STANDARD NIPPLES. And wider rim options and you are back in the game.
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 I still have in the garage (for some reason) a set of Crosslines from my old Pitch. Look great and ride well but it's a shame they decided to make the freehub body out of their breakfast cheese rather than actual metal.
I learned a lot about building wheels and bike shop supply chains trying to keep those running as a poor student.
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 @codfather1234: got some crosstrails still
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 Exactly this
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 Also the propriety axle had to toss a good set of wheels for one of the cheapest hub components, that was unavailable
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 I still don't see the point in carbon wheels or why people buy into this lifetime warranty thing. Carbon breaks, all the time, all of them, if you haven't broken your carbon rims it's just a matter of time. Then what? Great you get a new rim, which you then have build up. Or maybe you get a whole new wheel, while that's great doesn't it tell you something about the insane mark up on the wheel in the first place, or how often these things are breaking that they need such a warranty service? You still have downtime and hassle replacing the wheel, the ride is over. For what? Most of them are too stiff anyway. Just go buy a set of DT Swiss EX-Anything for a fraction of the price and you're done.
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 Carbon isn’t that weak. Aluminum rims will not get replaced for free under normal riding circumstances. If you’re the type of rider who destroys aluminum rims regularly, a stronger carbon rim with free replacement any time is a pretty good deal.
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 The appeal shouldn't necessarily be in the lifetime warranty. It's not a selling point for me, personally. I think most people seek out carbon rims for their ride qualities. Also, the hassle of rebuilding or replacing the wheel is there regardless of rim material. Personally, I've broken/dented the crap out of FAR more alloy DT EX-whatevers than carbon rims. Everyone has different experiences. I opt for whatever keeps my bikes rolling the most...which so far are carbon hoops.
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 The only rims that I've never damaged are my carbon ones. They are still going strong after 6 years.
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 We have carbon rims because we have long-travel 29ers with 1200gram tires (without sealant) that are slacked out and a mile long, to ride super steep and gnarly trails that only 10% actually have access too. If we didn’t have carbon anything, our bikes would weigh 45lbs instead of 35. Everyone wants to pretend they ride like Sam Hill or Richie Rude or like they’re in a free-ride edit, well this is a price
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 @SlodownU: How heavy are your carbon rims? I bet there is a strong AL rim who is around the same weight.
1780g for a good set, I cant see how this is bad. I have the privateer 161 and it weights 36.38 lbs in size large. What monstrosity do you have in mind with more then 40lbs? Sorry to say that but my tires weight 1450g without anything Wink
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 Been riding the same set of carbon rims DH for 5 years. Prior to this I would get through a set of alu rims every year. They have never needed trueing and Ive only broken one spoke. I would have to true the alu ones 4 or 5 times a year and I would break multiple spokes a year. So it doesnt break all of the time, not all of them.
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 I moved to Malaga to ride during winter, and have a friend here(training) that rides WC sometimes. He has carbon wheels (reserve from SC) and rides super fast on sharp rocks, loose terrain and rocks and his rims are fine. This gives me confidence in quality carbon rims and they are not made from cheese as most think.
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 @Serpentras: please stop using facts we are trying to keep this wildly sensationalist.
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 I have seen every single major brands carbon rims broken at some point. If riding forest loam they aren't going to break. If riding rocky, aggressive trails they will. Aluminium also breaks, it's also dents. A decent dent in an aluminium rim is usually a failure on a carbon rim. The major difference is the cost and performance, which are both subjective.
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flag TopperharleyPT1 (Feb 24, 2021 at 4:49) (Below Threshold)
 @MaplePanda: Carbon is very strong in the directions it's built to be strong in. Carbon frames and bars good, wheels bad.
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 @MaplePanda: I just look at all the dents on my £50 alloy rims and think of all the carbon rims that would have cracked or all the tyres it would have killed. They’re completely pointless. They’re worse in every way except they’re lighter but you have to run some kind of insert to make them useable as well as run higher pressures.
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I struggled with making the decision on replacement wheels two years ago.
In a typical year, I replace 10 spokes, and at least 1 rim (usually rear). If I’m paying a bike shop to do this, it adds up, to the tune of $500+ depending on how many times the wheel needs attention. Not boasting about riding prowess, its just rocky here, and my line choices have not really improved in 20 years.
That’s a tonne a waste obviously, whatever material the rim is made from.
Based on the cost of a set of WeAreOne rims, with I9 hubs (locally for $1700), that cost is covered in three years, maybe less, maybe more. But zero downtime, and much less waste.
I stuck with alu wheels, as it was hard to accept the cost of entry. Based on my experience, the carbon wheels should make for less waste, and less overall consumerism.
All evidence I have is anecdotal at best, but those I know on carbon wheels, haven’t had to touch them in two years of riding. I on the other hand have replaced 3 alu rims, and have purchased an extra set of wheels to deal with downtime on my wheels in the same time period.
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 @TopperharleyPT1: Who said you can’t build a carbon rim to be strong?
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 @TopperharleyPT1: Just because you’ve seen a few broken rims doesn’t necessarily mean the concept is bad. Ever seen a broken aluminum rim too?
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 @thenotoriousmic: A carbon rim will shrug off impacts that would slightly dent an aluminum rim. An impact large enough to break a carbon rim would be devastating to an aluminum rim as well, and continuing to ride on an aluminum rim in that condition is a hack that few people would undertake. We’re talking rim sidewall being completely bent over/flattened, not some little ding. Carbon rims usually have thicker sidewalls than aluminums too, so the risk of pinch flatting your tire is even lower. Inserts are not mandatory (where did you get that idea from), and pressure can be same if not lower. Since carbon rims don’t pick up damage progressively like aluminum ones do (at least not to the same extent), it’s more okay to bottom out the rim. Example: Nino rides some crazy low pressures that would likely kill an aluminum rim before finishing the race. The rim material doesn’t change the properties of the air inside the tire...
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 @MaplePanda: no, you cant say that.
I had Carbon rims crack and go down and my trusty Al rim did it for a year. Impact wasn't even noticed by me. I had luck because I stopped before the jumpline to check my new wheel. 5 Minutes after I dropped in it was dead.
You can't say because it is AL or carbon it will be okay. There are differences in rim design and build quality
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 @MaplePanda: that’s not true at all. As the carbon rim won’t dent like you said it will cut through the sidewall of the tyre instead which is why you need to run inserts and it’s not shrugging off impacts it’s slowly weakening and yeah they’ll probably send you a new wheel when it breaks for free but I’ve had a front wheel explode at speed and I’m not up for it again.

I don’t think I know anyone who’s still running carbon rims anymore. Everyone who’s owned them have gone back to alloy.
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 Good luck getting them to answer warranty claims in the US. That place is a black hole unless you are in france.
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 I had a no questions asked warranty once on a set of Mavic crossmax wheels. When I filled a claim through my LBS for a free hub issue that turned into a hubshell issue they denied the claim. Even after escalating to people in the company no dice, not even a refund of the “no questions asked” warranty I paid extra for.
Haven’t purchased a Mavic product since, don’t plan on starting now.
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 Lifetime warranty, I'm sold... Or was mavic sold... Confused
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 confused stonks
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 Mavic I have faith you can turn things around, I will forever be a loyal fan and hold mavic dear to my heart. You've been my go to rim for years and years, and only the past couple season's I've had to choose other directions. I am confident you can turn things around, and I hope you reach the masses in full swing once again. Ride on Mavic.
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 Pepperege farm remembers when Mavic was the go to for rims (their hubs have always been meh IMO). Then they insisted that everyone else was wrong and that rims with inner widths greater than 20mm were just a fad. Whoopsiedoo
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 @freestyIAM: you nailed it 100%. Their hub game was also shit, but 721/729/719 all day long oh man. Last rim I bought from them was the Mavic 831, it was a little narrow for 2.8 tires, but still had that legendary beat down and dont touch strength. was debating XM 1030's for my 29"x2.6 on my enduro bike, but price point is out to lunch.
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 @BoneDog: the 719 will always have a special place in my heart. First rim in idk 5 years of riding up until then that didn't require constant truing or bending the rim bead back with an adjustable crescent wrench. And i to this day still get a thrill when I see a yellow Deemax. Man how times have changed. Hope Mavic pulls it off but it looks like an uphill battle.
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 @freestyIAM: Think you got Podiphilia !
  • 4 0
 @freestyIAM: there really is something special about a yellow deemax.
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 Anytime you see "lifetime warranty" on any product that you are going to beat the shit out of , It cost 6 times more than it needed to. Companies do the math ahead of time. How many times can this be replaced, by us, and we still make 50%
  • 3 0
 True but maybe that is the value here. From the gist of every article I've read about Mavic's financial issues in the past year, they clearly aren't good at doing the math ahead of time.
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 Good luck getting a hold of Mavic for that warranty!
  • 4 0
 What's the point of a warranty when they don't bother answering calls or emails. Just checked my email from them saying they'll get back to me...from June 2020.
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PHILIPPINE RIDERS: What is warranty???
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Posted this on an article about stolen UK bikes. Just gona carry on posting to raise awareness. Please help....

Hey PB how about doing a Weekley post of stolen bikes to help your readers and raise awareness? Had my 7k Ransom stolen and I'm livid Frown The current situation is getting worse and we need to help each other and raise awareness. Anywa, here's a copy of my stolen listing for any UK folk to be aware off. Please like and bump up to the top to help me x

Stolen from Whalley Range Manchester 17.11.20

Scott Ransom 2019 920 heavily modified
Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic after I completed this build. But it was caught in photos of other parts as pictured.
It is the 2019 920 but with the silver/raw finish of the same 2020 one.
I had the horrible sand/brown/orange paint stripped and the bike clear coated.
So it has no branding either but it does have this protective vinyl skin
If anyone has done the same to their ransom, please show me pics that I can use to post.

Look out for any shoddy sprayed ransoms. I imagine they will probably strip and sell the parts and maybe respray the frame to sell later as that’s the most traceable
Serial no GW1805288

Full spec
Large Scott Ransom 920 Bike (acid dipped and clear coated for the raw/silver finish)
FOX Nude T EVOL (I upgraded this to the kashima factory version and removed the branding)
FOX 36 Factory kashima Grip2 170mm black (removed the branding and with a oneup axle and oneup edc steerer tool with threaded steerer)
Hope silver ZS44/56 headset
ULTIMATE USE Vyce 40mm stem
Spank vibrocore bars
Ergon GD1 black grips
Shimano m8120 XT 4pot brakes
Shimano m8000 XT gears with a e13 9-46t cassete
Shimano RT86 203mm rotors with sliver Ti bolts
Race face atlas black 165mm crankset with a 32t chainring
Front wheel: Spank vibrocore 29er rim on a black hope pro 4 boost hub Magic Mary 2.35 soft orange grip
Rear wheel: Spank Vibrocore 650b rim on a spank spike XD hub Rock Razor 2.35 soft orange grip
Oneup V2 210 dropper with the new shimano lever
SDG YT saddle
DMR Vault pedals
Hope pressfit BB

Thanks in advance. Rewards for info btw
  • 2 0
 Wouldn't recommend these. Shop i work at is a Mavic dealer and they have been radio silent since the beginning of 2020. Customers have had to start getting new wheels because we could not get the parts to fix them. Mavic used to be a great company but until they have gone downhill and until they show me they have changed I wont recommend a Mavic wheel to anyone.
  • 5 0
 I remember when no one warrantied carbon.
  • 4 0
 It does not matter how long the warranty is if they don't answer phone calls or emails
  • 4 1
 Pretty sure Mavic has more miles and more wins than any wheel/rim brand in the industry that still has their lights on and I would be shocked to see them go anywhere.
  • 1 0
 Most mountain bikers who have been in the sport a long time respect the brand just for their history of making great rims back when hardly anybody else did.
  • 2 1
 Pinkbike, please specify when you do news about lifetime warranty on wheels (pretty often) if it is a real no questions asked replacement warranty, or a "lifetime against defects and manufacturing" which is mostly bullshit anyway.
  • 1 0
 Once upon a time carbon wheel warranty was taillight warranty. Then WE ARE ONE came out with a wheel that could hold up to a lifetime warranty now even mavic are trying to offer the same. All the wheel companies must hate WAO.
  • 5 2
 Buys Mavic carbon wheels with lifetime warranty. Mavic gets sold, again Warranty no longer applies.
  • 6 0
 Thats not how this works. Thats not how any of this works.
  • 4 0
 Isn't the "life" of a 23mm wide I.D. rim already OVER...? Smile
  • 2 0
 I always wanted a set of the yellow rim and hub mavics... always just out if my reach due to money, even more so now due to boost...
  • 1 0
 I feel that one. I have a set of deemax's with the yellow hub (and single yellow spoke), and the second I can afford to, these wheels are going to be a spare, but mostly decoration, and eventually, hope to buy some of those yellow hubs, yellow rim, Deemax's as they are drop dead gorgeous. But not to use, but to admire, because I don't want to break them.
  • 2 1
 Reynolds/ENVE really forced everyone else's hands. These companies HAVE to offer life time warranties. Smart consumers are buying wheels from china or used instead of paying 200% for these "premium" options.
  • 4 0
 We Are One has an incredible warranty and customer service.
  • 4 1
 Lifetime warranty out of necessity, not generosity.
  • 2 0
 No company in any industry offers any warranty out of "generosity". It's business.
  • 2 1
 Lifetime warranty means dick all if the life of the company ceases and becomes another company after it's been sold, even with the same name.
  • 3 0
 @alicialeggett upping the the vocab levels on pinkbike. Well done.
  • 1 0
 Good observation.
  • 1 0
 It's not usually the rim you worry about with Mavics, it's the easy availability of the spoke and exploding hubs that you gotta look out for,
  • 2 0
 I wish Mavic still made apparel as well, especially their MTB shoes are the best I've ever had.
  • 1 0
 Fuck this. Warranty for life fuck you mate. ive broken countless shit and warranty for life means you are going to be fucked
  • 2 0
 Is lifetime warranty basically a trend at this point?
  • 2 0
 There will be a clause *warranty voided if ridden at Windrock
  • 1 0
 I remember the time when the only rims you'd ever see were Mavic, how the mighty have fallen
  • 1 0
 Man there was a time, not that long ago, when I would not be caught dead riding anything but Mavic 819 or deemax.
  • 1 0
 Loved all my Crossmax wheel sets back in the day. I’d ride Mavics again.
  • 1 0
 I still have an old 231 ceramic in the garage. The ceramic is mostly gone, but it has no flat spots.
  • 2 1
 I thought they just got out of bankruptcy??
  • 1 0
 Was thinking the same thing. Maybe they should start slow...
  • 1 0
 Wonder how they want to replace if they don't answear mails
  • 1 0
 only if warranties are transferable...
  • 1 0
 They have just bankrupted themsleves
  • 1 0
 Sorry Mavic, I can't buy a CrossMax rim to fix my lovely 26'' wheel...
  • 1 0
 Doesn't Mavic go bankrupt at least once a year?
  • 1 1
 Still wouldnt touch anything magic with a shitty stick
  • 1 0
 MAVIC, damn auto correct!
  • 4 7
 FFS just make them out of metal!!! It's the best thing to make all Mountain Bikes and all components out of!! Stop with the plastic!!!!!!!
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