Social Round Up: Practice Hits at Proving Grounds

Sep 10, 2021 at 13:16
by Alicia Leggett  
Carson s flat spin 360s are becoming a trademark for him.

Tires are on the dirt at Proving Grounds. With a full list of both men and women for the Oregon Dirt Park invitational, there will be lots of excitement. This year, the event is not a Red Bull Rampage qualifier and instead aims to expand the DH-bike freeride competition niche and eventually become a full series. Unfortunately several riders couldn't show up due to Covid restrictions and quarantine requirements, but there's still a stacked crew.

Let's take a look at what the riders have shared so far from practice over the last two days. Finals are today, so stay tuned for a full photo epic and other coverage from the photographers on site.

It's great to see Dylan Stark at an event like Proving Grounds

Reed Boggs going huge and making it looks so smooth

Some speed and style, plus a massive case from Nicholi Rogatkin

This is Carson Storch's home event, and he's been prepping on his backyard airbag

Johny Salido is flying high

Harriet Burbidge-Smith earned her Red Bull helmet just last week and is putting it to good use

Jaxson Riddle always impresses

Ethan Nell also making light work of the burly course

A look at the course

Damon Iwanga is on course and ready to rip it

Local ripper Ryan McNulty looks ready to give it his all

The riders have custom number plates from All Mountain Style

It shouldn't be long before Brooke Anderson is a household name

Naturally, photos don't quite do justice to the size of the features

Trevor Lyden is on site capturing all the goods

400 [Failed to load instagram embed]

As well as James Stokoe

Cami Nogueira sent it at Red Bull Formation and Hangtime, and she's sending it again at Proving Grounds

David Lieb is out ticking features off the list

A practice clip mashup


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 What an absolute amazing event. So legend. Dylan was seriously channeling Jordi there at the end, pedaling through saved landings and going hard into all of it. The crowd all gasp when he launched so damn high off the Meg shark fin. Unreal. Everyone was pretty impressive. See Strait lay down such a solid run out of nowhere was pretty wild too. Carson Seems to have hit another level, geez
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 Brooke IS a household name, at least within the women racing / riding community. Been ripping in PDX for a decade! Stoked to see her spread her wings, perfect timing as the venues for female shredded have opened alongside her crazy progression.

Bummed I couldn’t make it to the event, thanks PB for the great coverage of all riders!
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 The NWCUP crew missed Brooke this weekend, super stoked on her progression and happy to see some well deserved recognition!
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 The premade kicker jump looks really sus. Wonder if they adjusted it at all through out the day. Dudes are sending it full speed and sometimes just clearing jumps, and out of nowhere you have a smaller step down with a booty kicker sending you to flat. Not sure why they needed to use a premade thing, particularly if it wasn't pitched the same way as all the other take offs. I guess those last 2 jumps were supposed to be 'trick' jumps or something... I'd prefer a step up to crash on than a step down :/
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 To emulate all the step ups at Rampage??...
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 @takeiteasyridehard: It's a rider built course. There are benched/leveled jumps that are borderline step ups at Rampage. All I'm saying is the jump looked shit. And Proving Grounds has been a weird way to qualify for Rampage. Kaos said as much on the Drop In podcast. It's just not Rampage terrain. He feels like if he ever wants to qualify he's going to go the video entry route, and not do Proving Grounds.
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 @lepigpen: yeah I get what you're saying. I agree it seems wonky and difficult to get the right speed or manage speed for each oddball section, and possibly even dangerous because of that. But, I also wonder if that might be a good thing. Is it more difficult for some athletes than others, and might that be a good evaluation of riders abilities to do well at rampage?
Rampage is wonky and requires a lot of speed management and reading the terrain. The guys who can do that on man made or natural turned man made probably have an edge over slope or dj guys who are so used to perfect flow. It may have even been intentional to weed riders out in that way, or add a less obvious element into the qualifying. Who knows. I wouldn't want to ride any of it...
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 @takeiteasyridehard: Yeah it's not like I was there so I can say how it ran all day. One of my big worries is if it was ever moved during the event. I'd hope not, considering they have 2 diff kickers set kinda differently. Just seemed off pace because the flow line looked fun af if it wasn't terrifyingly huge.

Just pullin for my boi Kaos. Also I don't reckon Kade has ever gone? They really just don't have a precedent for that terrain anywhere they go aside from Darkfest but that just isn't what Rampage is. Not quite sure where else you can go to emulate that terrain, dry rocky cliffs. Spain/Portugal?
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 This is the best shit to happen to MTB in a long minute
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 Shoot dang!
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 Dag nabbit
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 M R ducks
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 What in tarnation?

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