Torquato Testa Dislocates & Breaks Hip in Joyride Crash

Jul 30, 2023 at 9:19
by Alicia Leggett  
Torquato Testa, on the ground when we'd all rather him be in the finish corral.

Red Bull Joyride was one for the ages, with the big names throwing down and leaving us impressed, but none made us talk more than Torquato Testa. The rider, who for years has seemed to be just on the cusp of breaking through to serious freeride success, put down what looked like a flawless run with enough tricks to put him seriously in the running. Then, almost at the bottom, he came up short on a jump and slammed onto the ground. He's in stable condition, and thankfully could be seen moving and waving to the crowd as he was moved off the hill, but remains in the hospital at the time of this writing and will undergo surgery. Find his run here.

bigquotesI was 1 trick away from the best run of my life but the day got me… get up at 7, practice in the morning, nerve wrecking all day without knowing if we were dropping or not, just 1 run count at the end of an intense week… This is too much for me, my body gave up completely before the last jump where I couldn’t pedal strong enough to clean the jump, landing basically on the back of the landing… Dislocated and broken hip and I’m in hospital for surgery right now. I learn the lesson another time: feel your body and mind first, contest is not the priority.Torquato Testa

We at Pinkbike have been devastated to see his crash, especially at a moment that had so much potential to show what he's made of in the bike world. We wish him all the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him back on the bike before too long.

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 That crash looked horrendous in the live stream. Healing vibes bro.
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 Looked horrible in person…killed the stoke for sure. Was pretty clear they told the riders they would only get one run but played it like there would be 2 on the broadcast. Should have post poned till Sunday.
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 This happening the day after the nothings for free premiere…
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 It’s time for organizers to consider multi-day event windows for trick/air oriented events subject to the wrath of nature just like with most surfing events, the Freeride World Tour, Natural Selection Tour …
As it is, Crankworks is like a 9 day show, so it’s certainly possible. Almost everyone, including sponsors, benefits from being able to run full events as opposed to shortened events where no one is stoked.
[this would be even more impactful for Rampage]
Get well señor Testa!
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 @snomaster: Since he's Italian I think that'd be "signore", but otherwise you're spot on.
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 riders were not told they were only getting one run
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 I reached out to some friends at the top of the events department during the big delay and they told me it was going to be a 1 and done. The riders knew, the broadcast team knew, everyone but the crowd knew. They should’ve had the live and broadcast announcers inform the audience, I’m really not sure what they gained by keeping everyone in the dark.
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 @ParkerLikesToBike: incorrect. See my other comment.
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 @captaindingus: It looked like the crowd at the finish corral had started to clear out before the broadcast announcement that there would be no second run. So the news must have been getting around by word of mouth somewhat.
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 @barp: either that or people had just put the pieces together. Being in a valley lined by a tall mountain range to the west means we really don’t get much of an extended golden hour down in the valley and by that point it was too dark for everyone to get a second a run. The broadcast cameras would’ve had their ISO’s cranked as there was barely enough light for everyone to get through their first. My point was I think the broadcast and competition in general would’ve had a better atmosphere if the one run winner take all situation would have been communicated to the viewers in person and online.
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 @captaindingus: Makes sense. So lame they didn't just say body hurt the next day standing around in the boneyard for 5 hours.
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 Tanto ammmore a Toto, una run veramente bella. Il finale ha spezzato in due anche noi a casa. Ma che vita sarebbe senza la solita sfiga che ti colpisce mentre stai avendo un meritato successo?
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 I remember just sitting on the couch and cringing last night after watching that crash. They didn’t replay it which indicates a very severe situation. Can just kept talking about how great the Whistler medics are. Much relief to see home waving and to learn that he didn’t suffer a spinal injury. Heal up fast Torquato!
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 "Feel your body and mind first, contest is not the priority." (Torquato) Probably the best piece of advice any of the young riders will get this year. Heal up fast sir!
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 Funny that the Italian version is quite different: la sicurezza degli atleti è sempre al secondo piano, prima lo show.
Translated is like: show first, safety of the athletes is not the priority
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 @Manocai: Thanks, I don't speak Italian but I was pretty sure the last sentence conveyed a different meaning than the English version he posted.
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 @Manocai: Thanks Manocai. I don't speak Italian obviously. Shame if they mistranslated it. Do you think he being critical of the contest for putting safety second, or was he just trying to put on a brave face?
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 Broken hips suck! All the best for a solid recovery.
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 I appreciate the camera crew turning away from the rider to respect his privacy. There were several guys coming up short on the same sections. Wonder if there was a design flaw in the track that they missed? The crash didn’t seem to get in the way of Emil taking the gold again! Can someone please beat Emil? Obviously easier said than done. Speedy recovery to Testa. Congrats to Emil. And thanks to all the other riders who inspire us. Cheers.
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 Not a flaw. They had to land the setup jump and then get in a pedal or two to clear it. Unfortunately Torquato didn't land the setup well and still went for it. I can't recall if he got a pedal in either.
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 @scott-townes: That set up jump Set Him Up for sure......
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 Hope he has intercontinental insurance..that gunna be a hefty doctor bill..I broke my l5 and fractured the facet 7 years ago at mtn creek pro grt race.. I still can't ride a bike in the woods or jumps without serous shocking pain that makes my whole left leg give out ...I hope he can recover from this ... people dont realize u can never come back from certain injuries ..look at Gee the toughest bad to the bone dude and he has a permanent limp in his step
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 Get better soon! Pins and plates and rods and screws all suck, PT isn’t fun either. Get Gee to be your recovery coach, he seems like he knows how to get through this kind of thing.
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 Having dislocated a hip myself, I have deep feels for you. 10:10 on the pain scale achieved. That shit hurts. I wish you the best recovery.
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 That was an awful crash.
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 Heal up quick man. I have talked to Torquato before at Crankworx Whistler Joyride. He is a really nice guy, who seems is just on the edge of consistent podiums.
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 Damn, that’s HARSH! Healing vibes bro, you’ll be back! Like a warrior.
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 This is a serious injury. Hoping for the best for him!
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 Healing vibes - get well soon!
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 Horrendous injury. Grim.
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 It took an eternity for anybody to get up there to help him, i hope in the future they can have a quicker medical response.
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 What? He was on a spineboard in the back of a shuttle within like 10-15 minutes. That was one of the quickest handling of a serious injury I've seen at any Slopestyle event.
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 Yay arthritis!
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 My surgeon told me I’d be able tell when the weather is changing… he wasn’t wrong.
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