Update: Queenstown Dirt Jumps Saved from Demolition

Jul 20, 2021 at 17:17
by Alicia Leggett  

The Gorge Road Jump Park has been a battle site since 2018, but it seems the fight is finally over, and the mountain bikers have won this round with some help from New Zealand entrepreneur and billionaire Rod Drury and support from pro mountain bikers around the world.

The land upon which the iconic dirt jump park sits is owned by the Queenstown Lakes District Council and a License to Occupy (LTO) had been granted to the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, but the QLDC decided it wanted the land back when the LTO expired. Instead of being home to arguably the most recognizable dirt jumps on the planet, the council decided, the land would be repurposed for storing construction equipment.

Drury, who said earlier this month that it would be a shame to lose the jumps and reportedly offered to buy the land to give back to the mountain bikers, has struck a deal with Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult, the Otago Daily Times reported. Drury will reportedly help fund a new space for storage and the mountain bikers will get to keep their dirt jumps, though the details of the deal are not yet public.

Additionally, the mountain bikers will now have a new site to develop. When the council intended to destroy the Gorge Road jumps, it granted mountain bikers permission to build on a new site at Kerry Drive, and construction is still expected to start there before the end of the year.

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 Bring back POD and VOD
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 I didn’t even notice they got rid of it!
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 They will not. Pink bike got bought, you will be waiting a long time. Plus, the best add space is on the edges and top.
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 I used to use the POD phone background app, but now it is just random pics off PB, and most are just trash
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 Those will be available to premium users who purchase the combo pack subscriptions to Yoga For Vegan Dogs Magazine and #Vanlife Monthly.
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 @snl1200: lolllll
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 @snl1200: Yoga for vegan dogs is really f*ckng good
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 @Bmxanddie: So good! The article: "10 Best American Cities to buy Avocado Toast for your Terrier" blew my mind. Des Moines...never would have guessed.
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 And the podcast
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 It's a shame but I can see why they axed it. I remember when a POD was getting hundreds of favourites. Some of the recent posts were getting between 5 and 10 favourites, which is crazy.
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 @ogAviJohnson yes ! The only reason I uploaded videos to PB was to get more people stoked. I even got VOD few weeks ago, when it wasn’t on the main page, it is very sad thing. Not exactly sure why they got rid of it
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 Agree. Satellite was on repeat back in '01. You can't deny Alive is a banger. Holds up.
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 @snl1200: dude you really shouldn't be feeding your dog avocado, I overheard a vet say they were bad for dogs at an end capitalism rally a few years ago.

Anyway, I only feed my dog a mix of rare South American berries and vitalizing tonics from the rainforest. What's more, I make money selling these from my own home! Would you be interested in joining my network and making money from your own home?
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 @KUBBY: they didnt they were going to but all the nz senders saved them
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 @petrbasel: POD and VOD are gone because nobody cared or looked at them any more. Before social media, EVERYBODY came to Pinkbike to check POD and VOD. Pictures and videos would rack up 30-50,000 views in a day, and it felt like a community sharing and promoting its most interesting content—and not always from known creators.

Since social media has become a constant stream of generally good quality content, there's no need for POD or VOD to exist. You have instagram, and you scroll all day. Most of what you see is trash, but you also see a lot of pretty amazing content—and POD/VOD are no longer special, because they're effectively the same as what you see scrolling instagram. The only reason anybody cares that they're gone is nostalgia for what they used to be.
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 @PeterWojnar: well explained sir
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 @PeterWojnar: but I still felt kinda special every time I would get VOD. I bet you did as well .. Wink
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 @Bmxanddie: hmm, not without goats and beer it's not.
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 @PeterWojnar: But I want Pinkbike to filter out the shit stuff... Plus, not everyone has an insta account (I don't)
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 @PeterWojnar: what’s happening with photo of the year next year then?
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 @PeterWojnar: So true. 15 years ago I used to check out every POD and VOD. Now, it's been a long time since I've clicked on it. The good old days of pinkbike were certainly something special
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 Yeah I literally just noticed it was gone. Very bummed. And so it begins... the demolition of Pinkbike as we have known and loved it for so many years. I feel like my favorite jump site just got plowed.
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 Every once in a while a dentist ( AKA all “rich” guys per PB) helps out. How about giving the dude the props he deserves? He probably doesn’t even ride their, I know I never will. But I’ll be the first one on here to say thanks for saving something that looks awesome and that I’m sure so many people put in millions of hours of labor to build. You’re the man!!
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 He’s not even a PB ‘PLUS’ member….
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 @rockstar02: some illiterate Neanderthal down voted you. Save the jumps, correct grammar and punctuation!
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flag nvranka (Jul 20, 2021 at 20:05) (Below Threshold)
 @pdxjeremy: hey look, a PHD just downvoted you. The nerve!
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 @pdxjeremy: Don't be subspecieist. I happen to have quite a few Neanderthal markers in my double-helix
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 @suspended-flesh: the paywall made me doit
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 as if a dentist could afford that haha
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 Rod is a keen rider from what I hear. He's given a serious chunk of cash to help develop trails in at least one other place I know of, Makara Peak in Wellington. Well played sir.
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 That billionaire could have gone to space on his own rather than giving back to the community. He is clearly billionairing wrong.
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flag twopoint6khz (Jul 21, 2021 at 2:03) (Below Threshold)
 He isn't 'giving back' since he hasn't 'taken' in the first place. If you think otherwise you have misunderstood voluntary market exchange.
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 @twopoint6khz: I’m a borderline voluntarist, and even I think you’re post was dumb. So many things wrong I don’t know where to start.
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 Not everyone wants to ride a penis to space
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 @Blackhat: I would suggest to start with "your" instead of "you're".
Sorry I couldn't help myself Big Grin

Besides that I fully agree...
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 AMEN to this: New Zealand entrepreneur and billionaire Rod Drury. Now that is a good human being doing good human being stuff right there. Way to go using your money and influence for the betterment of biking, the spot, the jumps and the past and future memories. I commend you, sir. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 These type of places keep youth away from drugs. Wish all the best to this gentleman.
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 He has also put 1 Million NZD into our local trails here in Wellington, which has vastly improved all my local trails. He's an absolute legend!
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 @David8048: does he ride? Or just likes helping out people that ride bikes?
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 @stubs179: I hear that he like to ride a bit so it's not a totally selfless act but still pretty damn awesome nonetheless. Not sure if he's into dirt jumping though, who knows.
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 @stubs179: I understand he just likes the odd E Bike ride. He is investing in MTB because of the tourism it brings to NZ and believes Wellington could also be a hot spot for riding (not just Queenstown and Rotorua).
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 Wow, I have a sudden urge to buy some cloud-based, small business accounting software
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 Yeah I mean fucks sake, store some construction equipment like anywhere else in New Zealand, yall got plenty of space for like 6 million sheep so I gaurantee theres enough space for some equioment somewhere that isn't epic dirt jumps
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 It was for a roading/ bypass construction So they need more space than a garden shed. The traffic in Queenstown is almost as bad as house prices

Glad that there was a happy ending
Link to article from newspaper

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 I prefer these types of billionaires to the ones that take trips to outerspace.
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 Rod Drury is one good bastard....... He is lifting the whole mountain biking game in NZ. When the boarder opens again and Jeff Bezos turns up in his rocket he is going to realise he should have been building mountain bike parks all this time. Go Rod.
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 What is it about billionaires and mountain biking? First the Walmart family decides to turn Bentonville into a mountain biking Mecca, now this. Not that I'm complaining, I've got a few ideas if any other friendly billionaires want to get involved.
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 Don't forget all the PB fools who signed the petition. I'll be taking some credit myself in due time.
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 Don't know a thing about Rob Drury, but seems like one hell of a good human to me. Thank you sir and, from where I sit, you've got a helluva lot of good karma coming your way!
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 Yup, it's nice a bikin' billionaire is backing the not-billionaire bikers....but kind of a shame that it took a random Mr.$$$ parachuting in to save the day, rather than the powers that be recognizing something special and great that shouldn't be f)(*ed with!
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 WHAT!!! good news in the news. Great work QT mtb and Rod Drury and everyone else
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 I heard Outside put up the money to save them, effectively owning them now.
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 Well, that's a relief. Well done to all who signed the petition, and to Mr. Drury for stepping in, couldn't have had a betetr outcome!!

And now instead of it ending like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=2595abcvh2M

It's ending like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJMeTmdfNWk

Cheers to all!!
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 Thank you Rod Drury for using the leverage of your position and wealth for a good cause!! We need more people like him, who use the name and capital they build to do good investments for the society!!
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 Would like to see more people everywhere to take pride in their local communities and work to get these sorts of wins. Love it
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 This is great news - Awesome to see Rod lead the charge! Money well spent.
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 rod has put a LOT of money into the NZ mountain bike community....
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 Best news of 2021! It would be have been a pity to see so much work and dedication reduced to zero. Not a DJ guy but glad for all the locals!
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 Thank you Mr. Drury, you’ re a hero!
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 Best news I've heard in quite some time. Not that I'll ever get to ride there, but I'm pumped for this regardless. Now bring back the post office jumps.
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 NIIIIICE!!! Congrats guys and girls
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 Faith in humanity partially restored
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 Goddammit... This'll do nothing to help the international skinny black jeans draught.
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 Forgot to thank Rod D for his intervention, bloody well done
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 Be a shame to bulldoze the 8th wonder of the world.
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 The world could use more of this kind of thing
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 Rad all around that things worked out.
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 Ahhhhh…..the stars aligned…..momentarily.
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 Queenstown Dirt Jumps Saved from Demolition by Pinkbike Paywall Dividends
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 The world needs more of this fella.... "Yaayyy"
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 Great stuff. I just hope they do t put them behind a paywall.
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 OMG I wish I had dirt jumps like this near me!
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 pure art people! cant destroy beauty!
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 Fantastic news for the locals!
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 Finally, common sense prevails Smile
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 yay thats great
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 There is a god.
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 greaat news!!!
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 Awesome news.
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 Putting the G in G.C. !
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 i make all my decisions based on what woke plutocrats think.
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