US Open of Mountain Biking Canceled Due to Forest Closures

Sep 3, 2021 at 20:40
by Alicia Leggett  

The Fox US Open of Mountain Biking was canceled today after the Forest Service ordered the closure of California's National Forests until at least September 17. The closure is a response to an ongoing wildfire crisis in the state.

The event was scheduled for September 23-26 at Big Bear Mountain Resort's Summit Bike Park. Although the forests could reopen before the event's scheduled dates, there wouldn't be enough time for the event organizers to prepare after finding out definitively whether it would happen. All the athletes currently registered will have their entry fees refunded.

bigquotesThis is a difficult announcement to make, and we regret the inconvenience it causes. With the limited time left to prepare for the event and no guarantee that the National Forests will be reopened on September 18th, we had to make the responsible decision to give everyone involved with the event as much notification as possible. We were gearing up for a strong turnout, with an amazing list of athletes from around the globe and look to be back bigger and better in 2022. For now, our hearts are with everyone who is being affected by the wildfires and the firefighters on the front lines.Clay Harper, US Open Co-Founder

The event's 2022 dates will be announced in the coming months at


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 People are the planets worst enemy. These closures are to keep people out and reduce the chance of more fires. Most of these fires are either a case of arson or from a from a careless person. I'm ok with these closures. There are still plenty of places in CA to ride.
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 Lightning strikes have been this years primary cause of most fires. The big ones are still under investigation, with power company equipment likely to blame for CA’s biggest this year. But I don’t disagree, no resources to fight another start right now.
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 These fires are the combined result of exceptional dryness (climate change) and human stupidity. Well, both technically are human stupidity.
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 TLDR: f*ck people.
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flag Fishoholics (Sep 4, 2021 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 But golf courses get to stay open. People are still at the mtn. Don’t buy into the bs
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 Majority of firefighters are in Tahoe so no resources available if another were to break out. Hopefully forest management gets better. The Indians used to clear the forest floors near their homes. Hopefully we have a wet winter!
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 While we frequently are, people aren't necessarily the planets worst enemy. Natives in California lived for thousands of years as a part of the ecosystem and performed controlled burns all across the west every few years until California banned it in 1850, turning the state into a tinder box. I think its a cop out and not really fair to the Natives who took great care of the land for thousands of years to say that people are always bad for the planet full stop.
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 @IsaacWislon82: What's interesting is that the state is now looking to the south to study the way places like Florida do controlled burns. But the greatest danger has come from the 100% suppression policies adopted by various agencies.
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 @ian408: the greatest danger is climate change, lets just be clear about this. Controlled burns and better forest management are a part of minimizing the symptoms in 2021, like reducing fuel amounts (e.g. dead trees due to insect infestation = climate change), ultimately slowing the rate of spread of modern fires. The Dixie and Caldor fire are the only 2 fires in the states history that burned across the Sierra Crest, a result of climate change (heat wave = extreme snow melt run off = exceptional dryness above 9,000 ft). Obviously more complex than this, but I hope you get my point.
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flag likeittacky (Sep 4, 2021 at 14:37) (Below Threshold)
 @surfct: what do you drive, how far, you run AC/ heat, fly to us destanations etc, etc, etc... if so SHUT UP!
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 @surfct: because it’s never been this warm before right???
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 @likeittacky: electric (used), I have no AC - I do fly, but do other things to avoid carbon emissions (whole product lifecycle and along the supply chain). So no, I do not shut up, but maybe you should.
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 @Rageingdh: you obviously do not understand global warming - yes it is measured in the global temperature increase and you could argue that a bit warmer every day is not a big deal (also just to take this away, It affects some regions more and some regions less). The ultimate outcome of climate change is the increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events (e.g. heat dome, tornados, flash floods, hurricanes,...) - these events will result in for example more extreme fires in California (heat waves), but ultimately it will catch up with you no matter where you are of if you deny it or ignore it. Just wait for it.
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flag likeittacky (Sep 4, 2021 at 15:02) (Below Threshold)
 @surfct: Thanks I'll remember to burn more energy on your behalf .
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 @surfct: why would say I obviously don’t understand global warming? You know what happens when you assume right?

Here’s an article about a trail that was discovered as a glacier melted away. Can you believe it was warmer than it is right now a long time ago? Maybe that trail got built under the glacier but I don’t think so. Crazy huh???
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 @likeittacky: go for it, the planet will take care of losers like you. If not the planet we are living on, it will be global policy change.
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 @Rageingdh: see my reply to the other guy, it applies to you as well ! (also not sure what this article has to do with the results of human made climate change? feel free to send me more links to things you find via google), but if it makes you happy you found something you think helps you to ignore climate change, then just be happy.
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 @Rageingdh: here you go did the work for you, share with your buddies and have a laugh.
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 @surfct: I’m just wonder what you think humans did to make it warmer than it is now thousands of years ago???
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 @surfct: Every now and then I find someone reasonable who is willing to listen about climate change, not plow headfirst through a bunch of nonsense, science-denying talking points, and winds up changing their mind after presenting them with real data.

Oh wait, no that never happens. Don’t bother with these dudes.
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 @Rageingdh: dude, I don't have time for stuff like this, there are great sources to read up on this, but to summarize it for you: increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels are leading to global warming and climate change = it absorbs and re-emits infrared radiation, and thus makes the planet warmer. If you do not understand how the use of fossil fuels and humans are related feel free to come back to me.
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 @surfct: you did a really good job of not answering my question. So I’ll ask it again. What do you think humans did thousands of years ago to make it warmer than it is now? I’m pretty sure they burning fossil fuels so you can’t use that again.
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 @surfct: * weren’t
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 @Rageingdh: sorry, w/o reading your article....humans did nothing, but various events led to increased CO2 levels in the past on a geological timescale: tectonic plate activity, the build-up and weathering of mountain chains, prolonged volcanic activity, and the emergence of new seafloor at active mid-ocean faults.
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 @surfct: all of that is still happening. That stuff doesn’t just stop ya know???
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 @surfct: "Global Policy Change" is the euphemism for New World Order! Something that losers like myself don't fall for nor propagate.
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 @Rageingdh: again, no time for this - just keep ignoring and denying, I do not have to convince you to accept science/facts/data or agree with my opinion, earth is doing the job for me.
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 @likeittacky: whatever man, just stay stuck in your dream world.
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 @surfct: science/facts/data say that the earth was warmer than it is now thousands of years ago and humans did not burn fossil fuels. I’m glad we can agree on that. Science/facts/data says that the climate changes. That’s true as well. Speculation says that humans cause climate change today. Keeping an open mind is much different than ignoring and denying.
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 @Rageingdh: The difference is that changes in the past took thousands of years, not 100. Human activity has sped up the warming cycle. If you disagree with that, you're in the company of 3% of the world's climate scientists, so at least you have that.
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 @scvkurt03: really? Please tell me where you got that 3% number.
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"Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position. The following is a partial list of these organizations, along with links to their published statements and a selection of related resources."

Goes on to list said organizations. NASA's climate website is a treasure trove of constantly updated information on the topic.
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 @scvkurt03: you forgot the * after the word agree. Let me paste the fine print at the bottom for you.
“ *Technically, a “consensus” is a general agreement of opinion, but the scientific method steers us away from this to an objective framework. In science, facts or observations are explained by a hypothesis (a statement of a possible explanation for some natural phenomenon), which can then be tested and retested until it is refuted (or disproved).

As scientists gather more observations, they will build off one explanation and add details to complete the picture. Eventually, a group of hypotheses might be integrated and generalized into a scientific theory, a scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena.”

So basically what you’re saying is 97% of the worlds climate scientists agree that they can’t prove anything that they’re claiming.
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 @Rageingdh: That’s what you got out of that? Let me rephrase for you: a “consensus” is an agreed upon opinion. In science, we don’t work on opinions, we work on observable facts, then build scientific theories based on those observable facts, then test it until it’s confirmed or it fails.

This theory has been tested over and over and what you wind up with is something more powerful than a mere opinion. Nonetheless, scientists agree on it.

Science always leaves room for unknown variables (very few things are 100%), but even accounting for those, 97+% of scientists agree that it’s 95% likely man is doing this. Again based on a shitload of observation across multiple agencies, across the whole globe. We went to the moon and Mars on far lower odds.
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 @scvkurt03: wouldn’t it be great if we could all go to work and say anything we wanted and not have to prove if it is true or not. Unfortunately that’s not how it works in the real world. Only at places with government funded studies. And if you think that we went to the moon then your credibility is out the window.
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 @Rageingdh: every QC person at every manufacturer does something similar to what you are saying it's only done in the sciences. By testing product in a prescribed way they can figure out that the manufacturing process is working as it should and producing the product correctly. Are they right 100% of the time, no of course not, but using a good method to measure samples they are able to make it so that we get product that works the way it should almost always.
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 @Rageingdh: That’s patently false. There’s a margin for error built into every single endeavor humans take part in. Science isn’t even close to the only field that quantifies it. It is, in fact, exactly how the real world works.
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 @scvkurt03: margin of error and actual proof that something exists are two totally different things. I already said your credibility went out the window but I’ll leave you with this. There’s as much proof that man made global warming is real as there is proof that god is real. It’s like a religion for people. They really want to believe that it’s real with all their heart. They have faith that what their priests are telling them, I mean scientists are telling them is true even though it can’t be proven. It’s quite ironic how many people in the pb community hate religion but believe everything their scientists tell them when it’s basically the same thing these days.
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 @Rageingdh: if you even have to ask this question your ignorance isn't worth answering but for shits and giggles there were no massive coal operations or mass industry thousands of years ago. Yes the world goes through natural warming and cooling trends but ignoring that what we as humans have done and created has no effect on the climate is just ignorant and stupid.
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 @lifeofloon: that’s cute how you use words like ignorant and stupid to insult people but provide zero evidence to back up your statement. Are you a true believer in the man made global warming religion as well???
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 @Rageingdh: go take your Ivermectin and get back to me in a few months. I'm sorry you find the truth insulting but if it's easier for you to live you can keep writing your own narrative about how the Global elite are trying to keep you down as way continue your poor behaviors. Rage some more for us why don't you.
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 @lifeofloon: everything you just said was not mentioned by me or anyone else in this comment thread. That seems really odd to me. It’s like you trying to make me look bad by changing the subject. Maybe you don’t have the mental capacity to actually carry on a real conversation and would rather just insult people you don’t agree with.
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 @surfct: yes the forest service creates controlled burn that most of the time become uncontrollable. So yeah turning the forest into a desert is helping climate change, have you ever been to Nevada? Or the eastern sierras
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 @Rageingdh: you mention no evidence. Would you like the full list of 14,000 scientific studies that the IPCC reviewed to come to the conclusion that the change in climate that we are currently experiencing, is real and definitely caused by humans?

Do you want to read all the research that Exxon did in the 70's and 80's about climate change, that has been driving changes to their infrastructure design to deal with the climate changes?
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 @insertfunusername: I read all 14,000 studies just for you.
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Cool, so did you come to the same conclusion as the IPCC?
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 @insertfunusername: the conclusion I came to is that coming to a conclusion means that you have no way to prove what you are claiming.
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 @Rageingdh: We know how CO2 levels concentrations effect the greenhouse effect. We know how much CO2 we have released into the atmosphere. We know what global temperatures were given different CO2 levels and many other factors.

How again do we have no way of knowing if we are causing or contributing to climate change?
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 @Rageingdh: Guy who doesn’t understand science said my credibility is out the window. I’m heartbroken.

Not gonna argue with you about this, since you’re hellbent on not learning anything about how this works.
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 @scvkurt03: well we can all drive electric vehicles while we wait for the planet to cool down
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 @aratzlaff159: Neither are gonna happen in our lifetime.
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 @scvkurt03: so screw the future generations?
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 @lifeofloon: Absolutely not. Just being cynical about the likelihood of everyone agreeing to make a move that looks that bold, right now. I hope I'm wrong.
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 @scvkurt03: I appreciate your clarification. Here's to hoping things do turn around environmentally so future generations have a chance.
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 @surfct: Your response indicates you missed my point.
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 Why doesn't this industry credit riders and photographers

rider: @DH-Racer-GC
photo: unknown. tag him!
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 @Jared124: Very good point, Jared. Altho, maybe the photog doesn't want to be credited for this particular shot.
It's a bit fuzzy.......
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 And at the start of the racing year!
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 The recent few years of fires is the real deal-- they've demolished countless of my favorite riding spots up north, from Redding to Quincy to Tahoe to Santa Cruz to...... you get the idea. It stings when a whole trail system becomes shut down for Years due to scorched trees/ falling hazards. Unfortunately, it's all much bigger than mountain biking. When people in your own community die, and when you've lost all your stuff and bikes.... trails and bike events become so so far down on the priority list. Here's to quality recovery now and in the future!
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 Just moved to SoCal from the PNW due to work. Can't wait to move back. These fires and drought conditions are a real bummer.
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 You say that, and then feel free to bitch about the even shittier conditions of the trails here due to similar conditions and the lack there of trail maintenance. That goes for local and resort!!! There's a problem everywhere. Unless riders band together and say screw the local government and federal government saying trails have to be maintained by experts and professionals we will have no trails worth riding. By the rider for the rider it needs to be. Take back the trails (Marin County, cough cough) !!! Create ways of hydrating the soil, making berms and corners last longer, let's get creative (no more goddamn pavers, the one exception). Let's save the trail, sport, and stoke for decades to come!!!
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 Wasn't PNW and Canada on fire too
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 @femto505: Not where I moved from (between Bellingham and Seattle); but you're right about Western WA and BC.
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 @BEERandSPOKES: well, he's been riding pnw(loam/canopy/dark chocolate/green) then ya, obviously so cal cant compete with that....but, so cal turns on in the late fall-spring.
Yes, grab a tool and install drainage humps and scallops etc
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 I moved from Vancouver to SoCal in 2014 and I feel your pain. But that said, once you learn how to ride in this anti-traction garbage-dirt it gets more fun. It’s a different type of riding for sure. The weather here allows for year-round riding and the dirt does get good at certain times of year. I have become a better rider just by getting to ride so much more.

I also want to move back but mainly for the closer proximity to good snowboarding in the winters.
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 @tsn73: Vancouver is year around as well....
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 @jaydawg69: you’re right. I would ride in the rain as long as I could handle it but eventually just hang it up and snowboard instead.
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 I hear Mountain Creek is riding really good right now
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 bring it back to killington!
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 Too much Lyme
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 First "Covid", shorter season of riding, forest closure, and now fox us open canceled again for the second year. Whats next???
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 Bummer. Why not just move it to a different venue?
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 these closures are covidlike nonsense
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 Perfect chance to have it back east like it should be
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 Not sure why this is getting down votes. It should definitely come back to the east coast.
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