Video: At Home in Spain With Andreu Lacondeguy

Apr 29, 2021 at 13:50
by Alicia Leggett  

Unplugged is a series from Fox Clothing that looks behind the scenes at what riders do when they're not traveling to big events.

bigquotesMost can relate, there is always that friend that excels at everything they try meanwhile we all stay focused at one skill to just keep up. For Fox, that friend is Andreu… and those skills we’re referring to are anything freeride be it on a mountain bike or motocross. The latest Unplugged presents an inside look as to what Andreu surrounds himself with at home in Spain. Basically paradise for all things 2-wheels for the sake of fun.Fox


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 Great to see my favourite rider again. Such a cool dude. Guy can freeride moto too...
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 Top notch guy . Always a pleasure to watch !
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 Amazing. Lacondeguy is basically an astronaut
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 Just doing my thing...
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 What happened to the red bull lid?
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 He's too much of a Monster
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 He's no longer listed on the RB bike roster. Probably moving to FOUR LOKO.
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flag PauRexs (Apr 29, 2021 at 17:03) (Below Threshold)
 My 2 cents as catalan an mighty be wrong... but I suspect it could be some revenge from Madrid political-business lobbies for his openness with Catalonia independence process creating even contents with flair of it... Which I applaud but I know in the capital of Spain they do not forgive even for freedom of speech/though.. Which it sucks.. if you are a bad boy towards their Spanish conception they ll try to punish you lobbying as hard as they can... We catched them lobbying as crazy towards Catalonia image/projection... wich it sucks if we post to be the same country..
Now at least his videos promoting Catalonia are not distributed trough Redbull media House everywhere which I suspect quite worried them...
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 @PauRexs: I would not be surprised at all. Absolut Red bull corrupts absolutely.
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 @PauRexs: underrated 2 times your generalized opinion about Madrid people (3 million people city) made my day more fun
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 @eljamaroso: I talk only about small groups of elite which holds power. I love people everywhere, specially in Madrid with some family there...
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 @eljamaroso: +1. These fellas always thinking the whole world revolves around them. “In Madrid they do not forgive even for freedom of speech/though”, dude wtf what are you talking about who told you about Madrid punishing people and being a bad boy towards a “spanish conception”
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 @PauRexs: i am uniformed american and your spanlish is a little tough to follow, so is my understanding correct?

- after some quick reading. andreu supported the Catalonia independence, which it appears the Spanish government did not approve of and took an active approach to stop by arresting leaders. redbull decided they didnt want to support his ideology and they separated ways?
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 @PauRexs: It's sad to see that people have to bring their political views everywhere, even into our amazing sport. Just leave frigging politics out of it, please.
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 @mobil1syn: He is speculating - nothing wrong with that. Politics and money run/ruin the world.
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 @suspended-flesh: Politics does not ruin the world; but greedy, ruthless, bottom feeding, ideological politicians with no term limits do.
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 @mobil1syn: The thing happening in Catalonia is quite simple for people overseas to understand...Imagine you share a flat with 2 cousins. Suddenly one of them starts complaning about how you an the other cousin don't leave him be himself, how you dismiss him without rest, how much hate you show for him... all while you are all peacefuly having dinner, watching TV, sleeping, riding your bike...You and your other cousin are shocked, you can't believe how things are turning out! But it only goes to worse... He also has an unseemly tendency to reproach you once in a while for that one day he paid for the beers as if the rest of you don't invite quite as much as him. He feels he could be more richer, more better and even more handsomer without you and then proposes to divide each room of the flat in 3 equal parts. One part in each room for his exclusive use and administration. As expected, you refuse to do so, it would be so unconvenient: you could have a shower, but you wouldn't be able to poo, yoo could have lunch, but you couldn't cook for it! He want's you to pay a fee to use the WC! Imagine! You say NO! So he starts getting really pissed and starts looking for external support, overacting like a child and accussing you even of racisim when you are all white, all spanish and all relatives. To sum up, I can assure you 99% of the rest of spanish people doesn't give a fffffff on what Catalonians do, feel, like or talk. Even when the majority of Catalonians don't want independency, who cares that much for your identity? Of couse Redbull could have gotten tired of him using part of their resources and projection as an excuse to do political campaign. Would it be strange?
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 @Zeeroone: I doubt it's really that simple.
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 Met him in Chile last year, kayaking of all things. Super chill, stoked on life kind of guy.
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 Lacondaguy should have been on X Games real mtb. Dude is raw
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 Dudes the GOAT!
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 That trail at the beginning looks so surfy and fun
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 Andreu! Are you looking for room mates??
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 Probably the coolest guy on a bike.
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 Dude always seems just so stoked on life. Don't know him at all but seems like one hell of a good human.
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 It is amazing that he is so good on a bike and a moto. Such a talented rider with so much style. Keep it up Andreu.
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 Favourite rider to watch!
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 Pretty inspiring to say the least True Legend
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 casual Vink cameo
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 I love the aggression and style he manages to combine. He is my favorite rider by far.
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 Lacondeguy is King
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 Where the red bull helmet
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 is out off Red Bull ? no more sponsorship ?
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 "It's working pretty good so far". Yes, yes it has.
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 Bad arse on a bike.
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 Rampage was his thing, must be missing it sorely.
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 Dudes riding is sick!
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 So awesome. Low key and just riding because he loves it. More of this

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