Video: Brage Vestavik Reflects on His Jaw-Dropping X Games Segment

May 14, 2021 at 13:44
by Alicia Leggett  

In the latest behind-the-scenes of that outrageous edit, Brage lets us in on what was going through his mind on each feature in his X Games Real MTB segment.


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 still think he should've taken home #1, yeah brandon's was immaculate.. but brage brought something that people HAD to see. this segment was the biggest one the xgames had, who brought in all the viewers? brage did. insane work went into this, from the building to the riding i'm still wow-ed
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 Agree. Should have been Gold.
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 If you look at the YouTube view counts as of right now Danny’s video has more than 5 times the views of anyone else at 2.6M. Brage’s video was sick but i don’t see the evidence that he “brought in all the viewers”.
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 Such a rad video. I loved the vibe of it all. I see why Semenuk won based on the criteria and the actual level of riding he does. But even then, it could have been either of them taking the top medal home. Brage's definitely got me more fired up though, and fully deserved the people's choice. I think Danny was the one who brought all the views to the X games real MTbBbecause of his viewership. His video is at just under 2.7m views on youtube, while Brage and Semenuk are almost tied at ~440k views. His had more views than the rest of the videos put together.
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 @MrSweez: because "subscribers" probably?
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 Agreed. Brandons was amazing, but he's been doing the same thing and building on it for a decade now, which is a real devotion to his craft and has evolved the sport and many riders emulate it now. But Brage has burst onto the scene with something new that is also oldschool and raw, its really out of the box from what we have seen.
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 @mi-bike: yeah, exactly. danny might have the youtube followers but how many actually went to the contest and voted for him? brage blew mountain bikers minds, enough that he won viewers choice by almost half of all votes cast.
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 @MrSweez: also Danny is way more famous
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flag cocatellez (May 14, 2021 at 16:36) (Below Threshold)
 Thoughts on this? @brandonsemenuk
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 Brage's edit was the only one I watched more than once
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 @MrSweez: yes but brages final drop got 8 million views on tiktok
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 Clearly the majority of PB'ers liked Brage's edit the best, myself included. But lets not forget that these guys/gals were competing for "REAL MTB" best edit. Of course Semenuk was technical, flawless, and amazing, but when "real" is in the title and you are using hundreds of thousands of dollars of heavy equipment to build, it starts to be less "REAL MTB" and more "MTB Superpark." Production value should not have been the metric. Again, Semenuk is almost on his own level technically and his riding is just about beyond criticism, but for "REAL MTB," it didn't feel as real.

Brage's was the realest to me. Hard ass work, by hand, crashes, hard compressions, broken bones, bad weather, friends and family in the woods hooting and cheering. I think people liked it because it reminded us why we get out there. I have seen a thousand edits and videos going as far back as the late 90s with NWD and Kranked, and that edit was more amazing and inspiring than any others I can remember. It made me want to get on my bike more than any of the others. That is real.
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 Nailed it. Brage's part felt like is was filmed in the woods with friends.

Made me want to get out with my buddies filming in the woods and having fun.

Brandon's part for me my first thought was "sure must be nice to be a millionaire"
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 I don't find Brandon out on his own,he does have a certain cinematic style which is his and his film makers, but... Most of his videos are pretty samey these days.
His suicide no hander, his hands didn't touch behind his back, plus others are now doing that as part of 4 tricks off a jump. Brandon does have the immaculate flow to his stuff but I wouldn't say he is doing the biggest tricks these days, he didn't land backwards in his video either.

How many of Brages stunts would Brandon do? Some of it was Danny meets Brandon stuff. Off skinnies etc. Then a Gee or Zink sized drop to finish. Plus they hand built the stuff in harsh conditions with big consequence for getting it wrong potentially

The noise of his ankle breaking .. ouch
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 Ditto. I can't add anything to that.
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 How does he rotate the bike with balls that big?
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 Best comment! I can hear it in Rob Warner's voice when I read it, just like Danny Hart's Champery run:
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 Get him to Rampage!
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 I feel like he didn't get enough credit from the judges for doing a crank flip onto a round log to 360 out. The whole video is freaking wild.
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 Talking to Brage, he says he doesn't feel like getting 2nd in the judges vote is a loss. Getting 2nd after Semeneuk, one of his all time heroes was a total win in his book. He wasn't expecting anything at all, he was just doing his stuff, having fun with his mates and doing what he loves. He's not about to stop doing that anytime soon. He absolutely doesn't feel like he's been Norbed.
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 This dude is an absolute tank. Breaks his ankle, continually just beats the hell out of himself and just comes back for more. Hell of a line, even better ride and video.
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 Biking Viking!!!
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 ”We really wanted to do it in colder conditions”
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 @Jolinwood: Hahaha I howled when Brage said that. Especially when another jump he'd said "the landing was so hard and frozen, it was painful in the ankles". What an animal.
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 Next video is just gonna be Brages crew screaming at eachother.
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 Everytime I see it I am blown away again. This is the video of the year if not the decade.
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 Reminds me of why I mtb... the winner i watched half then clicked next, as it's how do I put it "manicured" this I have watched 6 times easy and each time froth to pick up my bike. f*cking unreal video brage
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 Brage for people's choice. What he did was nuts and the heart and soul of MTB
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 we realize better the immense work carried out, the number of stunts and the requirement of the figures. Congratulations Brage and your crew !
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 Dude was robbed of the win
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 Good god! Please don't use the clickbait words "jaw-dropping" in any of your intros.
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 Brage’s video to me was the Danny Davis Switch Method of the MTB world. Totally cool, gutsy and raw.
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 It physically hurts to even watch some of these attempts. Absolute beast mode.
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 I'm curious how many of those features they built will get any continued use or if any were integrated into existing trails. That's some beautiful build work.
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 I liked Brages segment the best. Wonder if they all got together and had to ride each others that would be interesting. But wont ever happen.
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 Good guy... Mellow Insane Viking. Still think the contest results were spot on. He's a next level sucker, but Brandon was legendary.
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 my ankles hurt just watching that lol so sick
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 Mental stuff. His body is not going to last if he continues like this.
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 Brage got robbed
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 Old North Shore style with friends in 4K. Jaw dropping stunts that most of us love, still think they got robbed.
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 they are built different in Norway.
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 I'm not.
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 I liked them all....each a different style, sick riding within the same discipline!! All winners!!
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 When I woted. Brandon has about 2000votes. Brage had 10000 votes. Two days after Semenuk won.... Really????
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 Brage got robbed.
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 This guy is amazing....he brought it to a new level
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 This guy's riding is so much more than that.
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 Word that come to my mouth: raw, sketchy, hardcore, determination.
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 how did this guy not win? hes a mentalist,amazing riding.
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 The other videos were impressive, but this one should've taken gold
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 Norbs got robbed... wait no
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 Ragnar on a bike!!!

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